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Clarifying Cleanser

tata harper

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redness relief
good for acne
good quality
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natural, organic, luxury

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Good for combination skin

" oily-combination skin has undergone serious transformation..."

- Credobeauty User

"...helps to balance my combination skin..."

- Tataharperskincare User
rednessredness relief
"it does a great job and also helps with any redness i might have"
- Tataharperskincare User
"this cleanser feels like it helps with my general redness and cleans my face without striping it or being too harsh"
- Tataharperskincare User
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acnegood for acne
"i’ve been exapanding my tata harper collection, and my skin is finally healing from acne and hyperpigmentation"
- Sephora User
"while this cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturzing, and glowing it also fights my breakouts (that i no longer have) i highly recommend this product"
- Sephora User
qualitygood quality
"would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality natural cleanser"
- Tataharperskincare User
"i’ve been on the hunt for a good quality cleanser for 10+ years and this stuff is absolutely amazing"
- Tataharperskincare User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"this cleanser really helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and large pores"
- Tataharperskincare User
"now that i’ve used it a few weeks (full disclosure, i also added the clinique acne solutions toner at the same time) my skin is noticably more even, my pores look smaller and my makeup goes on better"
- Sephora User
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Good for acne, hydrating, pore minimizing
I am a 18 year old adolescent with acne prone/combination skin who has been fighting the battle with acne for as long as I can remember. And let me tell you, having acne scared me emotionally. I would cover my face with makeup to hide my skin, look down so I didn’t have to be seen, not go out of the house when it go extremely bad...obviously, it took a hige toll on me through my adolescence. Therefore, in an effort to achieve healthy clear skin I consequently became an expert in skin and skincare; I educated myself on how the skin(pores) work, what causes acne, how to control it, what contributes to it and researched the best products and what to look for and what to avoid in shopping for skincare. I have tried cleansers from La Mer, Is Clinical, Obagi, and Skinceuticals (all for acneic skin) and the Clarifying Cleanser from Tata Harper is by far the best. It dosen’t dry out my skin and it effectively cleared my skin so that even through that time of the month I still maintained a clear complexion . I would recommend this to anyone who is acne prone. It is a great and clean product that also shows results! « less User
Good for acne, drying, good for sensitive skin
This is my third week using the clarifying cleanser and for some reason is not working for me. I haven't see any of the results that it claim to be. My acne is worse and I no brighting effect. I love Tata harper products but I don't know about this cleanser. I do love that is not drying cleanser. I'm going to continue using the product and see but for now is not working for me. Also Im using this cleanser in conjunction with the clarifying moisturizer and no results. User
Good for acne, hydrating, smooth
I’m a month into trying Tata’s products (clarifying cleanser, clarifying moisturizer, retinoic nutrient face oil) and if I could I would have purchased the entire personalized regimen recommend to me, I would have!!! Adding them slowly but 100% surely! I’m 29 and suffer from hormonal/jawline breakouts and combo. skin (oily and flakey dry sometimes). It feels counter initiative at first to layer oils and creamy moisturizer all over acne prone areas, and I think that’s because any advice/product I used before were to dryand dehydrate acne as the solution. So far the three products I have are game changers! My flakey dry skin is hydrated and smooth and the oily areas are more matte and glowy rather than greasy. My acne has significantly improved, it’s not perfection but it’s pretty darn close; I haven’t seen a cystic pimple yet; occasional itty bitty whitehead will pop up but even those are becoming less and less frequent. Also don’t be alarmed when you start Tata’s products and feel your skin is getting worse; it’s not! It’s detoxyfying and adjusting sebum and PH levels and is completely normal so don’t let it frustrate you, power through bc happier, healthy skin is on the other side! I’m awed by these products!! Thank you Tata I LOVE it! « less


Compared to other cleansers, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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