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The Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lipgloss by Tarte

The Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lipgloss

hydrates lips(234)
pigmentation: sheer

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chapped lips

hydrates lips

love the color range, the lipgloss is not sticky and the lipstick is helping my lips hydratation while long lasting and the smell is so gooodd

- Tartecosmetics User

the lipstick is the smoothest and most moisturizing lipstick i've ever tried

- Ulta User

staying power


when i wore this lip product i was amazed on how my lips felt so soft, it stayed on all day

- Qvc User

i bought the lipstick/lipgloss because i liked the shade and found it worked very well, the lipstick and gloss stays on great and looks amazing

- Tartecosmetics User



the formula of the lipstick is lightweight with a smooth application and a great amount of colour

- Tartecosmetics User

love the color (i got "renegade") great pigmentation, smooth finish, feels super lightweight and hydrating

- Tartecosmetics User



it has a wonderful creamy texture and the gloss is nice aswel

- Tartecosmetics User

the formula is so creamy and hydrating, and i know its said again and again by so many lipstick fanatics but its texture is exactly like butter

- Tartecosmetics User



the gloss was a very nice surprise because it is smooth like a whipped texture when applied

- Ulta User

i am a lip gloss girl all the way, but working in a more corporate environment, the need to have a lipstick look is better so this allows me to have the best of both worlds, both having such a creamy texture that my lips never feel dry

- Tartecosmetics User



you can make your lip look matte, shiny, opaque, sheer, anything you want all with one color

- Tartecosmetics User

the lip gloss was very sheer, but still gorgeous

- Tartecosmetics User
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ulta.com userDecember 10, 2016


Bought this during a sale and liked it so much I bought a few more. I love that the lipstick has a creamy texture and finish (matte gets a little dry for me) and I think it looks different and that a creamy texture is a little hard to find lately. the gloss is the same color and a little less pigmented so if you want a color but a bit less impact you can just use the gloss. I will say it is a bit sticky though (not overpowering but sticky - I mean it is a gloss so it's not the end of the world). It tastes and feels great on your lips and the lipstick side lasts for ages. I also ways get complements when I wear this. I wish they had a full range of colors though as I have very pale skin hat is on the more tan (yellow undertones rather than a fair skin that has pink or red undertones) and these ten to favor the blue purple color pallet so the three I have are the only ones that would really work in me with out a tan. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- ulta.com
QVC userMay 23, 2019

1966 Revisited

I like other Tarte products but this is a miss! “Adore” looks like muddy brownish/mauve; and “Cartwheel” is orangey/white. Reminiscent of the colors Twiggy wore in the 60’s.Texture of lipstick was very creamy; gloss was typical of any others you could buy at the drug store. Back they go. I am giving up on any QVC lipsticks—Gravelle, Mally, Doll, IT—for the money I have spent on return shipping I could have bought stock in L’Oreal! Maybe it is just me.Disappointed. 

tartecosmetics.com userNovember 2, 2019

The Perfect Lipstick

I am an avid lipstick buyer, I love liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks and creamy lipsticks and I ave tried just about every brand.This lipstick from Tarte completely blew my mind, the coverage was completely opaque in one swipe with no dragging on my lips. The formula is so creamy and hydrating, and I know its said again and again by so many lipstick fanatics but its texture is exactly like butter. The oils in the lipstick are so emollient yet don't feel greasy and it doesn't sheer out the pigment at all.The gloss is also beautiful. I have never been a glossy lip girl, I don;t like the stick tackiness and messiness associated with lipgloss however this is much thinner, more like a lip oil or treatment with a hint of colour. Its the perfect gloss to me and I think it is absolutely stunning. Less

- tartecosmetics.com
QVC userFebruary 28, 2019

Best moisturizing lipstick/glosses I’ve tried

My first tarte lip products I tried were these and I don’t regret them one bit. They are great moisturizers, when I have dry lips, I put the gloss on and within an hour they’re moisturized. Just remember to line your lips with these though, especially if you’re going to layer them. My only complaint is that they tend to drift without lined lips, especially the gloss. Be careful when smushing your lips together because that will cause the products to go outside the lines also. The lipstick/gloss lasts a decent amount of time, not as long as a liquid lipstick but good for a moisturizing type of lip product. I didn’t have any drying problems from these, they just glide right on. If you have dry, cracked lips, the lipstick will go on a little bad until you smush your lips together. The gloss is surprisingly pigmented for a gloss. I was expecting a sheer wash of color like most glosses I’ve tried, but I didn’t get that with these, I got pretty much full color, just shiny like a gloss.As for the colors, jam and sangria are my favorites out of all of their colors. I would say sangria is more of a terra-cotta berry color almost, while jam is more of a darker corally nude rose. I’m very pale and both complement my skin nicely. Kind on the other hand was not as complementary, it was a little too pale pink/nude and kind of washed out my skin a little, but my mom liked it so no problems there.I would definitely recommend for someone looking for a well made lip product, plus this is a great selection of colors, especially since most of their colors are nudes for this product. These also have a slight vanilla scent that reminds me of a vanilla cupcake almost, but not overpowering. « less

QVC userSeptember 16, 2018

Feels good on!

I received this lipstick/gloss as part of a package deal from BeautyIQ last Fall (2017) and love it so much that I plan to order more. The texture of the lipstick is creamy and smooth, yet it stays put and does not dry my lips. The gloss is great to use on it's own, but I don't use it over the lipstick because it causes the color will bleed into lip lines. I have the color "Sass" and love it. The product description says this a a "mauve" however, I see no purple at all. It actually is more of an orangey rose and perfect to wear with green or brown outfits!



Overall safe Ingredients

Red 7 Lakeacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard

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