Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte

Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette

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Tarteist  PRO Amazonian Clay Palette

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not creasing

the fact that this has sixteen matte shades makes this very work-appropriate, and you can easily transform your day look into a glam smokey eye for night wear by adding some darker shades in the crease

- Sephora User

longing lasting and crease proof

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

this pallet is so pigmented and there’s barely any fallout

- Sephora User

the pigment in the mattes is so smooth its not chalky or excessively powdery and the iridescent metalic blue shade at the bottom is absolutely stunning 10/10 would recommend

- Sephora User

staying power


from the first time use until now, i immediately notice how smooth it was once applied and absolutely loved how it lasted all day long

- Ulta User

so far i love it, stays on and last for a long time, and deep color

- Sephora User


blends well

all colors are very easy to blend and easy to apply, and all the colors are beautiful

- Sephora User

i am amazed at how pigmented this palette is, how easily blendable, and just genuinely pretty it is

- Ulta User



the fragrance is chocolatey yummy and the texture is smooth and creamy

- Sephora User

the shadows themselves are prettier in person and have a smooth, buttery texture that is perfect for blending and single color wear

- Ulta User



there are so many good transition shades that work for different looks, the shadows are smooth and pigmented enough i use them to set my primer, and the glitters are a wonderful sheer shimmer that with my hooded eyes is all i need

- Sephora User

sheer amazing

- Sephora User
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ulta.com userJanuary 15, 2018

One of the best!

This palette is one of my absolute faves! I'm surprised & have been surprised that no one ever really talks about this palette. The packaging is beautiful and heavy, and feel and look high quality! The only downside to this is that if you were to ever drop this product, I'm almost 100% sure that the entire product would be ruined, whether it's the mirror that breaks or the shadows that shatter. Onto the actual product though, these shadows are rather hard/firm than soft like ABH shadows, but they perform VERY well! The shadows to the very right (the shimmers in circular form) are absolutely STUNNING, and have amazing payoff! Unlike the matte shades, the formula is a bit softer and almost feel wet as if they're cream shadows, but they go on and stay on as a powder and can be either applied with a packing brush or your finger! All of these shadows go on and blend like a dream, as well as are pigmented and are true to color, not to mention that all Tarte shadows smell delicious and like vanilla! The only two shades that I've ever had issues with are 'smoked' and 'vamp.' Since they'e darker shades, they tend to go on quite patchy, but it doesn't take a lot to fix them up to look flawlessly blended out! All in all, these shadows are amazing and stay all day (they don't ever fade), are true to color, pigmented, and don't crease whatsoever! I often reach for this palette, and I have a lot of palettes, lol! « less

ulta.com userJanuary 6, 2017

Better than Channel Hand Down!

I am a natural brunette turned sand-blonde with honey low lights with almond shaped brown eyes. I am challenged with deep set eyes and as I have aged my eyelids have become somewhat problematic--with light hair and olive skin I needed makeup that popped without looking harsh but had enough pigment so it didn't make me washed out looking. I have spent over $500 in the past for Channel makeup which is good stuff but cost prohibitive. I did so much looking and decided to buy this product and couldn't be happier! These high performance naturals are perfect--velvety application, perfect for blending and long lasting! You can wear it to work or jazz it up or easily get a smokin hot eye... The "how to" instructions can help you learn to take different looks to the max! Do yourself a favor and buy great quality makeup brushes! Packaging is sturdy, elegant and the mirror is a huge plus. Colors are beautiful. This Christmas and New Year's I got compliments on my makeup from friends, waiters, and someone in an elevator. You might want to purchase heavy metal fine glitter liner for nights out on the town. I can rock these looks and I am 57! No creases, no lizard lids..... I'm sold....:-) « less

ulta.com userJanuary 19, 2017

Never will I waste my money on this brand again

I bought this product believing, for the price of it, that I would be getting high quality. I searched the colors in the store and fell in love. The packaging was beyond beautiful. I used the palette the next day with my mac eye primer. The shades seemed to blend niclely. I wanted to go in with the color "minx" to make the lids pop. It was horrible I add to repeatedly wet my brush to even get it to apply to the lid and it wasn't as pigmented either. (also, don't try to dampen the matte colors for a better pigment, it's like applying water paint to your eyes and will only fade and pick up the layers beneath it) When I finally achieved the look I wanted, I left for school. I was so disappointed upon looking in the mirror three hours later. All of the matte colors we smudged, creasing and fading away. I will say this, the minx color stayed put, but that just made it worse because the other colors were practically smudged together and way faded compared to it. I usually do research and look into numerous reviews on every product I buy because even the greatest brands have their quakes. This was a product that had been raved about and spoken highly of, so I didnt feel the need to look into it more. Since this is my first encounter with this brand it's really set the bar low. Because of the high price tag and very low quality of my first time product with them, I will mostly likely never waste another cent on Tarte's products. « less

ulta userOctober 07, 2018

Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is an amazing investment if you love matte shadows. I have used this every day for two weeks and have not duplicated the same look twice. This is perfect for natural looks, work appropriate smoky eye, and "going out" smoky eye. It is incredibly versatile. The foiled shadows have good pigmentation especially if applied with your finger. They do not crease. The mattes blend very easily with my blending brush and I have not had any fallout whatsoever with this, even the darker purples and black. I have not had to use a ton of product to get good pigmentation either (though for full disclosure I do ALWAYS use an eyeshadow primer as a general rule, either Too Faced or Smashbox), but it is not overly pigmented to the point that it's easily overdone. I routinely use the darker shades as eyeliner on work days and I do not have to wet the brush to get good, longlasting results. The colors suit me very well -- for reference I have fair skin, green eyes, and dark brown almost black hair. Love love love this palette!

ulta userOctober 07, 2018

Love this pallet!

I saw a lot of reviews of people not liking this pallet online, but a friend recommended it to me as a replacement for the Naked Ultimate Basics pallet (which I hated) because this pallet has very similar colors to the Ultimate Basics. I absolutely love this pallet! The colors are very pigmented and for me they blend incredibly well and are long lasting. The only shade that doesn't work well for me is Classic. Not sure if it blends into my skin tone or if it's pigment sucks, but I have to use a lot to get any highlight from it. I had some minor creasing at the end of the day, but it was barely noticeable and significantly better than what I went through with the Ultimate Basics pallet. Also, this pallet has a bit of fallout, but if you're careful with your brush it's not an issue. The last thing I loved about this pallet is the packaging. The mirror is huge and I've been really impressed with how well the case protects everything if dropped. Would definitely recommend this pallet to anyone looking for something you can use everyday.

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Olivia B
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Played around with a new palette. I used the Troiarueke A+ cushion for my base (it wasn’t available as an option to tag) I wanted to enhance the red on my eyes so I added some of the lip tint to them.

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A new video is up on my channel over this look right here! Please subscribe to my channel and help me reach my goal of 1,000 subscribers. YouTube: haleylynn1615 ♡ #makeuptutorial #tutorial #youtubevideo

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This eye look today went rough. I don’t love it.

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