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sephora user
April 13, 2016

The Best! (...For Naturally Accentuating)

This is the best mascara I've ever tried. I have long dense lashes that are also very thin. I always struggle to find a mascara that will define, volumize, and layer naturally without clumping my lashes together, looking like I put on 10 coats w/ only 2-3, or giving a fake/overly dramatic runway look. But this mascara does such a *GREAT* job of defining, volumizing, and naturally layering--- all with a look that is appropriate for the daytime/workplace. It is also lightweight and doesn't pull my lashes down. I don't even have to use a curler, and this mascara keeps my lashes looking curled and perky all day long. HOWEVER, I could also see this project not working well for people who have shorter lashes and are trying to add a lot of length, or get a mega plumped lash look. Instead, I think this is probably best suited for those looking to highlight/accentuating their lashes - with a defined, and naturally fringy look that makes people question whether you are wearing mascara at all.

Sephora user
June 6, 2016

Unlike Any Other Mascara!

I've tried so many mascaras I've lost count. When I got this as part of bundle of samples that I purchased, I was very pleasantly surprised and kept grabbing it. I am now buying the full size. I have pure blonde lashes and this coats them perfectly in the first swipe and with a few more swipes, I get ridiculously long, black and natural lashes. I always curl my lashes before applying and they stay curled. Other mascaras always make my lashes stick together, or make it look like I'm wearing mascara, but this makes my lashes long and black but each lash is completely separated from the other.The brush is special in that it doesn't smudge when applying like others do and it really does get every single lash so you get a very clean application and each and every lash stands out. Basically, I get my lashes but longer and black and they stay soft! I've been using this for about three weeks and recently, I've noticed my lashes are definitely thicker and longer. I know it says it nourishes, so I can only assume that it's from this mascara. If you like long, dark, natural looking lashes, this is a must! « less

tartecosmetics.com user
April 11, 2016

I have to say that this mascara is nothing special. It smudges, takes a few coats to get good coverage and has to be reapplied after 6-8 hours of wear. There is length but very little volume which is important to my thin eyelashes. It stretches out the lashes pretty good and is a nice deep black color but I wish it was waterproof and didn't smudge or fade. I do like the shape and thickness of the brush head and recommend primer first because with primer it goes on easier without making a mess on your eyelids. It doesn't dry very fast but when it does dry your lashes are soft not stiff. Over all, I would not repurchase unless Tarte comes up with a waterproof version, I like Lights, Camera, Flashes much better than this. 

sephora user
April 16, 2016

Best High End Mascara I've Used!!!

Trust me...I've been through a number of high end mascaras (Benefit, NARS, UD, etc.) and this one, hands down, wins over them all. Just a warning though: the full size of this is WAY BETTER than the trial size. I've got two trial sizes and the tube is not constructed well. I hate the trial size tube so I usually just take my full size wherever I go. The actual mascara lengthens and curls my lashes like no one's business. It doesn't flake like Benefit's Roller Curl did on me. This stuff stays put even after 12 hours which is insane! My usual go-to is WnW's MegaLength because that stuff flakes a little but it's indestructible, especially after riding my bike nine miles to and from work. This one rivals my HG mascara (finally!). It's a shame that most high end mascara would clump instantly or flake after 30 minutes when my $3 WnW mascara would be flawless after eight hours. I've finally found the high end mascara that can safely rival my HG mascara. The one caveat to this is that it's not waterproof so I haven't been brave enough to put it on my lower lashes since my eyes do tear up a bit. I hope Tarte releases a waterproof version of this!

Sephora user
November 22, 2018

New holy grail mascara!

So, I'm visiting my mom for Thanksgiving and she had a travel size of this that she gave me. I normally hate mascara with these sorts of rubber spiky brushes because they always clump for me. My eyelashes kind of have cowlicks so they naturally are sort of bent in some places.I gave it a shot and was SO impressed! I actually felt the brush gripping onto each lash and combing them out. It gave me volume, length, separation and was a beautiful glossy black color. Seriously I am blown away and this is my new go to mascara. I had to hop on and write a review, that's how much I love it. Only complaint is that it is a little wet so you do have to give it a second after applying before looking all around, I got a little under my eyes, but was happy that a slightly damp q-tip took it right off without disturbing my under eye makeup (Urban Decay Color Corrector in Peach).Before this, I was using Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara after trying it from the Lashstash and loving it, traded my voucher in for the full size once the mini dried out. I was really happy with it because one coat was perfect for a daytime work look and I could build it for more dramatic effect without it clumping at all, didn't smudge through the day, stuck around through tears (I cry when I laugh) and washed off easily with just Philosophy Purity and water. This has all the same and MORE! Less

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Meg Thompson
Dry Skin

All my lashes wanna do is clump up with mascara! Any clump-free mascaras? high end or drugstore. Thanks!

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this mascara works really well non clumpy the best way to apply is to brush slowly through your lashes with the mascara wand :)

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Rebecca Deckert
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a #mascara ? My eyes tear up with a lot of brands and I’m not sure what I’m allergic to. I’m trying the it cosmetics/blow bar mascara and it’s really bothering my eyes. #recommendation #allnatural #sensitiveeyes

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Katt Shimp
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Have you tried any Tarte mascaras? They are my go-to for sensitive eyes. Here’s my favorite!

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Ashley Salazar
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Any mascara that will “lift” up your eyelashes when they’re not curled?

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This one is awesome !