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ulta.com user
December 22, 2016

Great product but I'm allergic :(

Let me start by saying my whole life I've bought cheaper eyelash curlers. When I realized the rubber pad on mine had a crack in it, I decided to just buy a new higher quality one. This was what I purchased and I loved it! It fit my eye shape so well, provided a great curl and was comfortable to use without any pinching. Not long after the purchase I started to develop a itchy patch of dry cracking skin on my inner left eyelid where the corner of the curler would rest on my skin, which then spread to the other lid in the same area. After some research online it seems to be allergy related contact dermitis from a metal in this eyelash curler. Since I stopped use it has gone away thankfully as it was increadibly itchy and unsightly. I was disappointed to find that I can't find the ingredients of the actual curler anywhere. If I wasn't allergic to it I would use it everyday. I don't even have overly sensitive skin but it seems to be a nickel allergy... fake earrings make my ears inflamed for instance so this is similar. Less

Sephora user
May 17, 2011

Chinese knockoff???

I bought the Sephora Favorites Lash Stash Deluxe last year which had a Tarte curler which I absolutley loved. Best eyelash curler I have ever used and at my age I have used a LOT of them! But my daughter also loved it and eventually "borrowed" it. Permanently.I needed to replace it so ordered this Picture Perfect Duo and this is not the same curler. It's not even the same curler as pictured. This new one is a softer, gold colored metal and is lighter in weight . The handle sticks so it does not open all the way and it is impossible to get my eyelashes in unless I pry the top and bottom of the curler apart. There is such a difference in quality I really have to wonder if this is a knock off.Being a hobby jeweler I have plenty of tools so I thought I could fix it but no matter what I've tried I can not get it to open wider or not stick. I really should not have touched it because now I have a $15 peice of junk that I can't return.I am not really crazy about the mascara either. I have long very hard to curl lashes and there are only a few non waterproof mascaras that will hold a lash for me. This is not one of them.Save your money and buy something else. I will continue my hunt for a replacement curler. « less

Sephora user
November 15, 2010

Two Great Products

I love both products in this set. I think the eyelash curler is excellent quality and really does curls lashes making them look fabulous and gorgeous. The mascara is actually one of my favorite mascaras from Sephora. I love it because it doesn't clump my lashes and it adds a lot of volume to my lashes making them look fuller and more dramatic. The one included in this set is not the full-sized though, it is a mini one like the ones that you find in Sephora's Lash Stash. So if you are thinking about buying the eyelash curler, I'd recommend buying this set, because it is like getting the mini Lights! Camera! Lashes! for free.

ulta user
September 18, 2019

The most fantastic eyelash curler ever!

I've had dozens of curlers of every type made and never thought any of them did a great job: always pinching skin and bending lashes. Also all were uncomfortable as I have very bad arthritis in the joints of my thumb and forefinger. Purchased this one as soon as I saw it because I liked the clamp design thinking it would be easier to use--and it is! Doesn't pinch my skin and gives a very good curl in addition to not hurting my finger and thumb. My lashes are not very long but they look longer and thicker with this than they ever have with any other curler. It is because of the great curl that makes mascara so much easier to apply all the way to the inner and outer edges. I have had it for several years and it is still like new even though I use it every day. The quality and construction is very good. I may get another one just to have in case they stop making it. It is a wonderful product!

Sephora user
September 15, 2018

new tarte user

My little set came with an extra cushion, which was nice (yours probably will too, I'm not familiar with whether or not this little set is a staple for this brand). I don't have any special shape to my eyes that I'm aware of so the overall shape of the curler works great for getting all the lashes at once. I like the paddle-like handles as opposed to my last curler that had the finger holes, makes it easier to use.The mascara is rather nice- it isn't clumpy, I didn't need to put on a lot of layers to look like I was wearing any, and it came off without any fuss.Overall: very satisfied with this purchase. Fair price point for the quality of what I received. Trying to branch out and try new (to me) products, so I can say that it is very probable that I may end up actually purchasing the full size mascara. Eventually. ;) Less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Gabi Ferr
Gabi Ferr
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

does anyone know good eyelash curlers that can go with clear mascara? #seekingadvice

Profile picture of Kaitlyn Cicoria
Kaitlyn Cicoria
Dry Skin IconDry Skin


Profile picture of Stephanie
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Anyone have good eyelash curler recommendations? My lashes are very fine and pin-straight, though they’re pretty long since I’ve been using castor oil.

Profile picture of Anisa Haro
Anisa Haro
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I been using this forever and honestly it’s been working and hasn’t broke on me! My eyelashes are straight too but this helps me alot

Profile picture of shiane
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

eyelash curlers?¿

Profile picture of Alyssa Danielle
Alyssa Danielle
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I know this is the mermaid one, but I use the gold and purple one I believe it’s the original version. I love it so much it is definitely worth the money.