Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara by Tarte

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara


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look: dramatic
Contains Hazardous Ingredients
cruelty-free, luxury, vegan
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staying powerlonglasting
"a great long lasting product"
- Ulta User
"i went to a photo shoot with this mascara on and my lashes stayed flawless all day and all night"
- Sephora User
"lengthens, thickens, curls"
- Ulta User
"i'm not completely unblessed with eyelashes, but this formula is non-clumping, lengthening and volumizing, giving my eyes a major pop factor"
- Tartecosmetics User
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"makes my lashes longer, fuller, more defined and with no clumps, no flaking, no crunchy lashes and no lash fall out"
- Sephora User
"i love how it elongates my lashes"
- Sephora User
smudgingnot smudging
"no flaking no smudging doesn't irratate my eyes and really volumizes and seprates your lashes well"
- Sephora User
"doesn't flake or smudge"
- Ulta User
"love this product have tried several mascaras over the years and this is by far my favorite, love the waterproof one also"
- Ulta User
"bought this for my wedding because it's waterproof, but i fell in love with it and use it for weekends and nights out"
- Ulta User
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Curling, waterproof, longlasting
I received a sample size in the packaging that came along with the eyelash curler. After having tried the product, I cannot even put into words how surprised I was by its quality and results. Skeptical about its staying power, I honestly did not have high hopes for this mascara. I tend to lean more towards waterproof solutions to avoid mid-day smudges in my under eye area and to keep the curl. Not once did I consider this particular Tarte mascara during my research for a higher-end brand. I made the mistake in purchasing a tube of the much-raved "****Show in waterproof" mascara before having tried lights, cameras, lashes! Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed by it and myself for having spent so much money on a useless product. Not many people I know said they tried Tarte mascaras. I was the first, and am completely hooked. It adds volume and length to my lashes. There is NO clumping. The staying power is amazing and keeps my lashes' defined curls. Tip: Use a blow dryer to heat your eyelash curler. Curl lashes. Apply mascara. Voila! Absolutely AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this product. My mom, sister, and 3 of my girlfriends love this product just as much as I do. Thanks, Tarte, for such a great product! « less
Sephora User
Not lengthening, not waterproof, not volumizing
I expected this mascara to be "excellent" as the Sephora's associate would describe it but instead it was a fail in my opinion. For the price, I expected it to be long lasting and perfect - that there wouldn't be much I'd complain about. Three things I don't like: 1. Flakes - leaves black flakes under eye after a couple of hours of using. 2. Not long lasting - by the end of the night, it's not that noticeable, so you have to reapply 3. NOT WATERPROOF - I would expect something that costed me 30$ in store would at least have some waterproof. If I even tear up or get splashed at, the mascara will run/smudge. My positive(s): 1. It does leave my lashes volumized User
Lengthening, dramatic, curling
My medium-length, stick-straight eyelashes just love this stuff! I purchased this mascara after seeing Tarte's ad about it being on sale for $10 at Ulta. The packaging is so eye-catching! I was a little iffy about the brush, normally the "bushy" looking brushes end up loading on way too much product, but this one is just so perfect. It coats my eyelashes evenly from root to tip without any clumps, even my lower! I use a lash primer, allow that to dry and apply this. I end up with long, lush, voluminous, defined lashes that last! I don't have any problem with this flaking on me and it removes easily. My curl lasts, my eyelashes feel soft and I can achieve different levels of drama with this mascara--it has definitely stapled itself into my makeup bag!


Compared to other mascaras, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of hazardous materials.
34 ingredients

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