Knockout Tingling Treatment Toner by Tarte

Knockout Tingling Treatment Toner

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Knockout Tingle Treatment Toner 5 oz/ 150 mL
 Knockout Tingle Treatment Toner 5 oz/ 150 mLKnockout Tingle Treatment Toner Mini 1.7 oz/ 50 mL

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Key Benefits:

  • Pore Minimizing
  • Smooth
  • Brightening
  • Redness Relief
  • Evens Out Skin
  • Good For Acne
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sephora user
March 23, 2018

My daytime Superhero!

Let me start with some background. I’m 37 years young. I started my skincare journey with oily/dehydrated skin, no sensitivity, no acne and no pores. My issues were fine lines, uneven skin tone and slight texture. I started using acids daily about 5 years ago and am now normal that can lean towards oily. I’ve always used acids at night but I wanted to amp up my daytime routine. I’ve heard amazing things about this product so I decided to give it a go. Now, maybe my skin is extremely used to acids, but I only felt a very slight tingle and had absolutely zero redness which is why I can use it during the day. It does have a vinegar scent that dissipates quickly. It also leaves your skin feeling tacky but can be fixed once you start layering other products. Immediately, I noticed how firm my skin looked. The small pores I did have were now completely gone. With a week of use. My skin tone is more even and texture is even better than before. Overall: I love this. It’s absolutely perfect for daytime and exactly what I needed. It won’t take the place of my Sunday Riley Luna and Good Genes, but it’s a great addition that compliments them well.

Sephora user
July 3, 2018

such a pleasant surprise for my eczema-prone skin

My eczema-prone, ultra-sensitive skin did not want to like this. In fact, I bought it expecting to immediately return after testing it. I could not have been more wrong. This stuff is AMAZING. It does tingle after use but it's nothing unmanageable. I used DE's Babyfacial for half the time that was intended and woke up with angry red, raw patches all over my skin. Almost every AHA/BHA exfoliant has given my skin trouble, causing more harm than good except for this product. I woke up and my hormonal breakouts around my mouth and chin were GONE, but more importantly, my skin felt so soft and smooth and BALANCED. I used Marula oil and TO hyaluronic acid afterwards to seal in moisture. Such an amazing product, highly recommend giving it a try if you are having breakouts but also battle sensitive, dry/combo finnicky skin! This is the first day I have gone barefaced in almost a year. So thankful I gave it a try! « less

Sephora user
January 31, 2018

Good Dupe for the P50 Toner

Ok so I had to buy this toner from Tarte’s website when it dropped, so I’ve been using it for about a month or so now. For reference, I’m 20 with normal and easily dehydrated skin. I bought this after seeing people compare it to Biologique’s P50 toner which I love (but use infrequently due to the price). If you’re interested in the P50 toner, want a slightly milder version if your skin isn’t mature enough for the P60 yet, or you just want a dupe: this is it. It has the same stinging feel to it (beware for anyone with sensitive skin) and the same smell of vinegar (which is an ingredient in the product). It makes my pores look smaller and my skin feels so much softer than normal. My serums sink into the skin much better after this and my overall skintone and texture have made a huge improvement (but I’ve also started using a Kiehl’s oil so it could be that as well). The only thing I would suggest is to use it once a day (either morning or night) as it is FAR too strong for both with all of the acids in it and if you have dry skin, make sure to follow up with a toning water after. Great product as long as you can get over the vinegar scent! « less

Sephora user
February 28, 2018

Not for All Skin Types! BHA

This is incorrect for Oily skin and even combo skin... but I did give it a try anyway. as I asked for it as a gift.If you have DRY to Normal skin this should be fine in resurfacing your cells but those of us who have Combo or Oily skin have to have a BHA Chemical Exfoliator while this is an AHA.It all comes down to PH. Not all skin types have the same PH. In a chemical exfoliator you need what works for your PH. Oily/Combo BHA. Dry/Normal AHA. This is an AHA.Still, I stopped using what I use. I've used many, company doesn't matter much because as long as it's BHA it works for me.I then went to this. For the amount the price is good for you AHA girls.I noticed the exfoliation of my skin stopped. I am really in tune with my skin, I have to be. I'm aging and have adult acne. I gave it 2 full weeks and had to stop as the dullness and everything I buy these things for dealing with was back. I wasn't surprised but I was hopeful in doing this.The purpose for my review, the biggest reason is that I REALLY hate to see people with Oily or Combo skin spending 40 bucks then feel their skin is the problem or think something great is happening when it may just be other benefits of the toner portion of this product with no real chem exfoliation.Or, that they are doing something wrong. You just need the proper BHA that your face requires and there are tons of brands out there. It's no big deal. You will be fine and while I'm not one who's big on doing returns if you are in this category, return it. This description was not your fault. « less

Sephora user
June 14, 2018


I AM A SKIN CARE JUNKY and let me tell you if i had to pick one skin care to use for the rest of my life it would be this product. This IS A GOD SEND PRODUCT!Everything has changed since i started using this product. My skin texture, bounce, scars, acne, pigmentation, dryness/moisture: has changed because of this product. I noticed a difference literally in one day. THE component feels nice, it last about 6 months the price is GREAT especially for how long it lasts. My skin is soft, i barely get any acne, my scars have diminished, my dry skin has finally become balanced i can now say my skin is normal!!!! My pigmintation is almost gone, my pores smaller, i can go on and on.I used this every night after cleansing with Kale cleanser from Youth to the People, i wait for my skin to dry and take a small amount on a cotton pad and swipe across my face from my neck up, wait for it to dry down then spray my rose w/glycerin water or Mario badescu Rose/Aloe herb water spray. Then i top with Rosehip oil from Acure then i lock it all in with my Day « less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Emily Real
Emily Real
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

Struggling over here! I’ve used Tarte Amazonian Clay for quite some time. I love it during the summer but winter not so much.My skin is definitely combo. I get oily in my tzone and top of my nose but am dry around my nose and chin. I have super sensitive/acne prone skin. I just picked up Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer and I’m not impressed as it is super patchy! What foundation should i go to?!

Profile picture of Clarisse Preisner
Clarisse Preisner
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

Try using this toner on the oily parts of your face. Works wonders for acne use it 3 times a week

Profile picture of Kimberly !
Kimberly !
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

what are some good ways to get rid of acne scars? I don’t break out often but when I do it’s so bad and scars :(

Profile picture of Clarisse Preisner
Clarisse Preisner
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

Use tarte tingling treatment every other day

Profile picture of Dianne Garcia
Dianne Garcia
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

What can I use to remove flaky dead skin on my face?

Profile picture of Mallory Livingston
Mallory Livingston
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

You’ll need to exfoliate your skin. There are 2 general categories for exfoliants: physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. For a physical exfoliant, I used the Target brand Exfoliating Cotton Rounds when I wash my face. For Chemical exfoliant, I use the Tarte Tingling Treatment Toner. I don’t know if this will work for your skin type, but it works for mine. This toner is quite strong. I don’t use physical and chemical exfoliants at the same time. I use one or the other. Hope this helps!