Frxxxtion Stick 3-In-1 Exfoliating Cleanser by Tarte

Frxxxtion Stick 3-In-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

pore minimizing(96)
tarte SEA FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliating Cleanser 1 oz/ 28 g

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if u have more mature skin you’ll like this better

- Sephora User

i would not recommend this product - especially for mature skins

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i originally tried the sample and loved it and am now onto my second tube it’s lasted me a long time too and has such an easy application you can keep it on a little longer and work it into your pores and keeps a breakout under control

- Sephora User

i have tried dozens of pore cleansers and exfoliating cleansers in many price ranges; this is by far is the best

- Sephora User



smooths my skin and helps my makeup apply smoothly, will definitely be purchasing the full size once my sample runs out

- Sephora User

this works so well and my skin feels amazingly smooth and soft and tight after i use this

- Sephora User


good for acne

i’m so in love with this product, my skin is oily and breakouts easily but this product totally help me, my skin is nice and smother, definitely im going tu buy it again

- Sephora User

i have used this exfoliator everyday for a week and it has made substantial difference for my acne prone and hyper pigmented skin

- Sephora User



love love love it absolutely changed my skincare routine and gently exfoliates my face so well and leaves it so soft and used with the moisturizer and cleanser makes for the best skincare routine

- Sephora User

i'm using it as a mask and it really makes my skin thighten and the exfoliation is so gentle for sensible skin

- Sephora User



nothing felt dry or cracked

- Sephora User

great for dry/combo skin

- Sephora User



it truly leaves my skin looking radiante and smooth

- Tartecosmetics User

the acne medication i use works well, but makes my skin so dull looking

- Sephora User


redness relief

this reduces the appearance of my pores, and leaves my skin super smooth and soft

- Sephora User

it has a clarifying cleansing gel and the innovative formula draws out surface oil & reduces shine, while purifying pores for the deepest clean possible

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i use this every day and while i still get breakouts, i noticed my skin became much softer and it evened out my skin tone

- Tartecosmetics User

i don't know what this does to my skin but since i've gotten it nothing but great results, i have acne and i'm very acne prone and i've been using this everyday in the shower and is slowly clearing my skin from dark spots due to acne and i've noticed i'm breaking out way less, definitely going to purchase i love it

- Sephora User
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Sephora userFebruary 17, 2017

Convenient application, not great cleanser

I got this in my Play box and was VERY excited about the formula and application method! It was really convenient to bring on a vacation, and I imagine would be great for post-gym as well. I appreciated that it was gentle, but sadly my skin also did not really feel clean or exfoliated after using it (keep in mind that I used this after removing all makeup with my favorite makeup wipes). After a 4 day vacation using this instead of my normal cream cleanser and Clarisonic my skin was noticeably dull, dry, and had far more blackheads and spots than usual.So basically the application is cool and convenient, but it's not very good at cleansing or exfoliating. I will not be purchasing a full size of it and will probably just toss the rest of the sample in my gym bag to use in a pinch

Sephora userDecember 16, 2016

Love it! Awesome product!

Tarte never fails to amaze me. I was honestly surprised they came out with such an... Interesting product lol. Never really heard of an exfoliating cleanser on a stick (either that or I don't get out much... Probably both). I had just finished my "First Aid Beauty" Daily Cleanser (aka, hated it). And I decided to jump the gun and buy this cleanser. OMG I love it! It has microexfoliants that you can feel on your fingers, which may be a little rougher for individuals with more sensitive skin. But it leaves such a clean finish on the face. My skin is a little more on the drier side, and I use this everyday. It gives such a thorough clean, and my skin never feels dried out after using it. My face truly feels cleansed afterwards, and so much smoother. And it even makes my face brighter too. Highly recommend this as something you should try at least once in your life. :) The only thing I wish Tarte would come out with would be a pen-sized version of this stick so I can get around the corners of my nose better and smaller areas of my face. But not complaining at all! This product is just a tad too pricey for the size that you get, but the quality is amazing. I highly recommend this product. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

sephora userJanuary 17, 2018


This has literally changed my life. I have pretty normal skin, but I’ll still get minor break outs or redness during my time of the month or when I was stressed at University. I have been using this product for about two weeks. When I first started using it, I did it three days in a row after my shower and then toned and moisturized like normal. Right away you will feel the smoothest version of your skin, you think, until you do it the next day. After three days I slowed down to every other day. It has NEVER broken me out or given me dry skin. ALSO for the first time in my entire life I didn’t break out this month from hormone changes or anything. My time snuck up on me without getting oily and red before hand. It honestly freaked me out. I haven’t used it in the shower like a lot of people have, i like to use it after to use less product. I will probably have to buy 3-4 per year. It is worth every penny. If you have acne, scars, or large pores..YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!! Especially with large pores or redness/scarring. I don’t get actual pimples anymore so I can’t really say how it would work on very inflamed skin but I would still try it. It’s extremely gentle. Another note, I let my face be decently wet the first couple times to not have it be as abrasive, and I still was able to get super exfoliated and amazing results! Please never discontinue!!!! userSeptember 9, 2017

Does what it claims and more

So, the packaging is cute and convenient. I love how this has a mild fragrance. As explained you twist the base and start with slightly damp skin. The first contact leaves the child in you smiling with glee, having a black crayon like this to paint your own face. I spread it across my face and wait for a minute, it dries up a little and I take a few drops of water and start massaging gently. It gives a tiny micro bead like texture to rub against which is not at all harsh. Just like how you get a facial, massage it upwards, and concentrate on your problem areas. I like to massage my nose and chin for 30 seconds straight. Once satisfied I splash water over my face and pat dry, should not be over two minutes, I think. It is like a charcoal mask in a stick but has brightening benefits.I absolutely love how it leaves with balanced exfoliation and does not strip me of moisture. I have tried using it as a mask by leaving it on for 10 minutes but that honestly did not make a difference. I have used The Body Shop's Vitamic C Microdermabrasion for two years straight which is an excellect product. However, Tarte's Frxxxtion stick with regular use has better results. It has definitely made my skin softer and less textured. I use this at least thrice a week usually at night or before a date to have smoother skin. « less userJuly 11, 2018

Let your skin enjoy being happy !!

I accidentally received this product in a package from Tarte when it first came out. I figured I’d give it a try and it’s been a part of my skin routine ever since! Great for cleaning out pores and yet not too rough on the skin. I have super sensitive, dry skin and this surprisingly doesn’t rip apart my skin (unlike other similar charcoal based products). I have used many and all the others actually hurt my skin when I rub them in. I’ll use the scrubber with this sometimes. Sometimes I’ll let it sit on while I’m in the shower. It refreshes my face so well. I really like this a lot and I’m really picky about my skin products. I use this along with the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea - face cleanser in my daily routine. Great combination for my skin! I have super dry skin and throughout the day skin oils up. My pores tend to get clogged with the grime of the day and I use both the frixxion stick and rainforest cleanser to clean out all that junk. I don’t wear makeup most of the time so it’s great when I find something like this to help my bare skin. I do get acne still and this has helped greatly to reduce my acne breakouts. I work in an environment that creates a lot of ‘grime’ in the air so getting all that out is so important and this really helps get the job done right. I say go put this in your cart right now if you relate to anything I just said! Let your skin enjoy being happy! <3 « less


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Cocamidopropyl Betainehazard
Sodium Benzoatehazard
Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silanehazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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