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Cheek Stain by Tarte

Cheek Stain




Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Longlasting
  • Blends Well


Bismuth Oxychloride, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Passiflora Incarnata Fruit Extract, Laureth-23, Propylene Glycol, Nonyl nonoxynol-150, PVP, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Malpighia punicifolia, Punica granatum, Aqua, Mica, Sodium Stearate, Carmine, Glycerin

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4.484% of 1517 reviewers recommend this product

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Sephora user
November 26, 2014

disappoionted :(

I didn't have the luck with this product that other reviewers seem to have had. First, when I opened the item, the entire "tube' of blush came up out of the cylinder. I had to try to get it back in, hitting my counter several times and trying over and over to get it to go back in. An inconvenience, but I was still excited to try the product.When I put it on my cheeks, I noticed it was sticky...and my fingers 'tugged' at my skin when I tried to blend it. Then I looked at the color and thought it would be a nice lip color too. So, I put on my lips. At first I thought it tasted and smelled good, but very quickly it changed and it was horrible. I tried to get it off my tongue, off my lips....thinking that it must be a petrolum based product.Ok...not a product for my lips. Got it. Determined to like it for my cheeks, I tried it several more times. I just don't like the way it feels going on and I don't see it as a 'stain.' It is a beautiful color, but it doesn't seem to stay on any better than any other blush-type product. Sorry to's going back. I wish I thought it was as good as other reviewers. « less user
January 11, 2013

I thought I wrote a review on this product, but I guess I did not. I have used powder blushes for the last 15 years and never thought I would ever switch to anything other. My friend showed me the cheek stain and I was amazed how moist they are. I have scars on my face, so I normally stay away from putting shiny things on my face because they emphasize the scars, but this cheek stain even though very shiny it does not. The colors are wonderful and quite pigmented. My skin feels so smooth after using the stain. Now I have tried other less expensive stains, such as the NYX ones, but there is no comparison. The NYX stain even though less expensive, the quality is far cry from it and it is harder to bland and apply, while the Tarte ones are very easy to apply and blend. If you are prone to break outs, this might be the better choice for you because powder blush dries and most of the times irritates the skin because there is nothing in them to help the nutrition of the skin and feed it with ingredients which will not clog pores. Other stains are not long lasting and they do not nurture the skin as well as this one does. Take it from a person who still has acne in her late 20's and extensive scars, this product will be worth every penny and so much more. Less user
December 3, 2013

Tried a sample of it at Sephora and fell in love. Got it during the cyber Monday sale and am so excited for when it comes in the mail. I got flush and it may seem dark but it goes on very sheer, but well pigmented kind of sheer and can use on the lips too. Long staying power on the cheeks and easy to blend into the skin. Very creamy texture too! user
December 7, 2014

Fair-skinned brunettes w/blue eyes

WHY I BOUGHT: My skin was looking dry this winter and my typical powder blush was not lasting at all. I had heard about these blushes and really like the other gluten free Tarte products I own so decided to give this a try. MY COLORING: I have fair skin with cool/pink undertones that I neutralize with yellow-based Bobbi Brown foundation and dark blue eyes. I typically wear subtle eye makeup with grey-tones or forest greens. My hair is dark brown with natural reddish highlights. RESEARCH: Not currently being able to make it to a store I did a TON of online research to try to figure out which shade(s) would suit me best. Looking at swatches did not help at all as they differ from image to image and are mostly shown on golden skin tones. After watching some video reviews online I purchased 2 shades: 1) True Love and 2) Blissful. STAIN COLORS: The True Love is absolutely stunning on me. It looks like I have naturally flushed skin from blushing or taking a quick run. It really makes my eyes pop and I can wear it with any shade of gloss or lipstick. It literally looks like I'm glowing and doesn't looks heavy or cakey at all like my powder blushes were looking on drier skin. On a white piece of paper it looks very similar to my Bobbie Brown "pale pink" which I can't wear with any staying power this winter because it's powder-based. However Tarte's looks more natural on me, and is buildable in intensity. It last for hours. The Blissful was what I was most excited for. Warm peaches typically look so pretty with my complexion. This looked pretty dreadful on me. It was like putting rosacea on my face. Looked like putting back all the pink undertones that go away with my foundation. On white paper it looks like a pale pink with sparkles. I have no idea why it is described as a warm peach. Perhaps because it's not very pigmented. But there's nothing peachy about it. Maybe on someone with more gold in their skin it would look peach but it was so bad on me I returned it. SCENT: I don't actually get why people like the scent. They're not off-putting but smell like lemon to me. Not vanilla or anything. Goes away very quickly. BLENDING & STAYING POWER: I put this on over foundation and/or Tarte amazonian clay. There's not alot of time to blend it versus wearing it on bare skin, but it's not a big deal because you can start sheer and add pigment after blending if needed. It doesn't remain tacky to the touch on my face for more than a minute. Lasts on me for a minimum of 5-6 hours. SUMMARY: Would absolutely buy more shades once I can get to the store to do color tests! Less

Sephora user
February 16, 2015

Best cream blush I've found

I prefer the more natural look of cream blushes, and I've tried lots of them. It's hard for me to find colors that aren't too blue, too red, or too yellow/orange on my light olive skin. But this comes pretty close to perfect for me. "Exposed" is my ideal everyday color -- it looks opaque and almost brown in the tube, but on my cheeks it's a natural and subtle rosy flush. "Fearless" is more of a gel/sheer formulation and the color is a little brighter -- better for evenings or dimmer light, or for times when I want a little more punch. Both go on easily from the tube to blend with fingers -- but lately I've been using a stipple brush and prefer this type of application. Used over a primer and concealer, these buildable colors last all day on my combination skin. A big thumbs up.

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Stephanie Montero
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

what product is good for redness on cheeks ?

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It really makes you red and yes I have red cheeks BUTT... it really brings out the best shade of red like a pimple