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BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer SPF 30 by Tarte

BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer SPF 30

finish: demi-matte
Variation: Fair
sephoraBuy ($37)

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i love this product it has a medium coverage and it's so light weight, when i want a light makeup this works amazing

- Sephora User

it is not heavy and is very light and flawless looking, unless you then apply foundation or layers of it

- Sephora User

staying power


i really like this product; it's very natural looking and stays on the whole day

- Ulta User

i get great coverage with this combination and it lasts all day

- Ulta User



i love it because it is mattifying and prevents my face from getting oily throughout the day but is somehow also hydrating and makes my face feel really soft

- Tartecosmetics User

i used the tarte 12-hour tinted primer as my primer (along with cover fx mattifying primer in my t-zone) and i am still completely matte with only one hour to go

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

pros:-oil control: this does a better job of oil control than anything else i've ever tried before-primer: as a primer it's much better than my previous one (too faced primed and poreless) but with the same smooth silky texture, matte finish, and ligthweight feel-light even coverage: i put on a very thin layer for light coverage, which evens out my skin tone but keeps my freckles showing through, as i want them to

- Sephora User

nonetheless, provides great light coverage and smooths my pores and an even base

- Sephora User



it blends seamlessly into my skin, the texture is so soft and almost feels air whipped when it goes on, the colour is bang on and it really made my skin look so smooth

- Tartecosmetics User

the primer alone does well to blur imperfections and smooth out your skin tone as well as hydrate & leave a perfect base

- Tartecosmetics User



i wear it everyday and it feels wonderful, is very hydrating and looks like i am not wearing makeup at all, except that it is hiding imperfections

- Qvc User

by far this has been my favorite brand and product that has kept my acne away and keeps my skin from being oily or too dry

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

is very light and natural with good color correction

- Ulta User

but i like how it gives you a tint that color corrects your skin

- Ulta User



amazing bb cream gives great coverage slides on smoothly gives a demi matte finish stays on long and you can wear it as a primer , or foundation because the coverage it amazing

- Sephora User

amazing bb cream gives great coverage slides on smoothly gives a demi matte finish stays on long and you can wear it as a primer , or foundation because the coverage it amazing

- Sephora User
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Sephora userAugust 28, 2013

The perfect BB Cream

So, I was introduced to BB cream by a friend earlier this year, who bought a different brand- I believe it was Smashbox. I went to Sephora and asked an associate for help based on my skin type and tone, and this is what she showed me, in the lightest shade. I was skeptical at first, because I don't often find a foundation that doesn't end up being orange. I have very fair skin with cool undertones and to be honest, I didn't think the first try would work out, because who's ever that lucky? Well, I was completely wrong!Pros: I absolutely love this product! I use it every single day. It perfectly blends into my skin tone, the texture isn't too runny, and most importantly, you can use as much as you possibly want without it looking like you caked on too much. It will always look natural on your face. I use this cream like a foundation with nothing else on top of it besides eye makeup, and it looks like my natural skin tone, just enhanced and totally evened out. The second it goes onto your skin, it blends in perfectly, smoothing out your pores, but not clogging them. I often go to sleep without washing it off and it never feels like my skin is suffocating, nor does it come off on my pillow. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything! It makes your skin look matte with absolutely no shine, although I have dry skin rather than oily. And here's the best part: IT LASTS FOREVER. I believe I bought this thing in February or March, and it's now almost September. That's 6-7 months for one tube, and still going! A little goes a very long way, as it spreads like butter.Cons: Once you get towards the end of the tube, it does tend to squirt out of the bottle in large amounts, which you can't get back into the tube, so it can be a bit of a waste. The packaging could be better for that reason, but I'm still happy with it. Also, in my experience, it is somewhat drying if you already have dry skin. I have very dry skin on some areas of my face, and it dries them out more, instead of moisturizing, so I still have to use a moisturizer first. So it's not entirely all-in-one, although I honestly would never expect it to be and still want to moisturize separately. I just wish it wasn't as drying.Anyway, I highly recommend this product! Even with the cons, it's very much worth it and I will be buying again once it runs out. Worth the money! Less

- Sephora
ulta.com userJanuary 20, 2013

Not impressed...seems just like a primer

I was so excited to try this product out as I love Tarte products. It is touted as "a primer, moisturizer, light foundation, anti-aging treatment and sunscreen." I thought that it sounded perfect for my needs! Sadly, that wasn't the case.I wore this product for a few hours before returning it. I have combination/fairly decent skin. My problem areas are redness, oily t-zone and I don't like seeing the pores on my nose.I applied this product to a clean face and then used Tarte's smooth operator finishing powder to set it. I have used A LOT of BB creams. This does not seem like a BB cream to me - it seems like a primer as the consistency is silicone. At first it felt heavy on my face (I do not like to feel my makeup), this effect slightly went away. If you are looking for creamy, try something else. I have a few dry patches and this BB cream made those areas stand out.Aside from helping to minimize the pores on my nose, I felt it didn't provide nearly as much coverage as the Tarte smooth operator BB cream/tinted moisurizer. The coverage was very fair/poor. For the price and amount of product you get I was expecting much better. I didn't like that with this product you can really feel the silicone in the consistency of the product.As for the 12 hour claim, I don't think that is accurate. I wore it for a few hours and it was fading from my semi-oily t-zone (mainly noticeable on my nose). For all this product is supposed to do I think it's really only good as a primer.I went with a different BB cream and am now happy! « less

- ulta.com
Sephora userMay 3, 2013

great alternative to tinted moisturizer

I have oily skin -- its not so much greasy as shiny (that might not make sense). no amount of mattifying product can keep my face shine-free the entire day, somehow it just comes through and eats up half the make up on my face. i have largely used liquid foundations because of ease of application and brands from MUFE to CoverFX and have also used some cream foundations though find them too heavy on the face. I have faded discoloration mostly along my chin line and enlarged pores from years of significant acne.I purchased tarte because i was going on vacation and i did not want to be wearing a very heavy foundation but i still need more coverage. last year when i went on vacation i used nars and laura merciers tinted moisturizers. i like the consistency of the laura mercier its thicker and has more coverage but i would still have to ocntinously powder over it as it makes my face quite shiny still. i used the tarte and its alot like the Benefit Pore Minimizer which i have continously repurchased for well over a year and use it as a primer under my foundation i feel like the silicon layer really gives ur foudnation a nice finish esp cuz i have large pores. i have replaced it with tarte however because its got the additional mattifying properties. tarte has that same silicon primer feel to it but it mattifies beautifully. an important qualification however is that i would only recommend if you actually are oily. my sister used it and she returned it because it was too dry for her face (for reference she powders her face maybe once or twice for shine thru-out the day - i blot every 2 hours mostly t-zone area).it was great while on vacation and i have actually incorporated into my daily make up routine since i returned especially since i am tanned and my foundations were not matching. the coverage you get from such a lightweight product is fantastic and yes you can layer it but i wouldn't do that too much. I think once all over and then second time around just your problem areas. i do use a concealer for blemishes and dark spots after. if you do more than that it will end up with a cakey finish. if you need a more full coverage look i would use this as a primer and layer your foudnation over.even though i am applying less make up, i do not feel like it makes me look like like i have less make up on it has a nice velvety finish to it -- if you are more dry or have combination skin it will look cakey in those areas. also i apply with a make up brush (also from sephora).its mattifying qualities are great-- i still compulsively check my face every two hours (10 years of make up melting will do that to you) but find i only have to powder my nose only because its starting to get shiny. the fact that its all natural is a great bonus, its making me rethink my make up philosophies and go with a less is more/organic attitude. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 21, 2013

Love It!

Ok, I’m not a very good writer and I'd rather read reviews than write but I was compelled to share how AMAaazing I think Tarte’s BB is. I've been waiting years for a product like this. And finally Tarte got it right! The texture is light, blends very smoothly, dries to a nice even matte finish, last for hours, and CHEMICAL-FREE SPF. Also, a little goes a looong way. It took me a few times to figure out how much I needed but I was often squeezing out way too much. So now I know all I need is one large pearl size drop. I apply this to the back of my hand and then use a "triangle shape" sponge applicator that I've ripped in half and using the ripped end I dab the sponge on to the BB and then apply on my face. It really helps in getting a nice smooth blend, covering pores and fine lines, and able to get around the curves if my nose and eyes. At first the cream is really slippery and that's scary for someone with oily skin but don't fear, it dries to a nice matte finish, which was very important to me to have a matte coverage . I've tried a few highly rated BB creams and they were all too thick, pearly sheen, and made my face an oily mess within a hour. And finding one to match my skin tone was another dilemma. I'm Asian and live in Hawaii so I have a bit of a warmth undertone. Most of the BB creams I've tried made me look chalky and one toned. I use Tarte's BB in Medium and it blends into my skin tone as if this color was made especially for me! So my skin looks natural and healthy, not ashy and caked up like other BB creams leave me. I also have acne prone skin and this has not made me break at all. I've been using for at least month now...so far so good. Also the key for me is using an AHA cleanser at night, which really helps to break down all the makeup and remove all residue of it. And OMG, this BB is not full of harmful ingredients! Can't get better than that. This is truly the ultimate All-In-One! Ok, have I said enough. Less

- Sephora
Sephora userOctober 16, 2013

Replaces SPF/primer/foundation/concealer/powder!

This is my holy grail product and by far my favorite beauty purchase to date. It’s a sun protectant, primer, foundation, concealer, and powder in one. I have been using it for a month and saw it last all day while maintaining a matte finish. Since I began using this product to replace all my other products, my skin has improved and my acne has gone down drastically, because my skin can actually breathe now.Application & texture – This product is incredibly silky and smooth. The velvety balm spreads out as thin as you want, and layers as thick as you want without becoming cakey. Effortlessly, too!Finish – It finishes matte as if you’ve already powdered. I have normal-combination skin and my t-zone gets dewy in no time. The first time I used this, I was impressed at how matte the finish was. I powdered anyway with the lightest dusting of translucent powder, just out of routine, and realized that I looked cakey in the sun. So powder is not only unnecessary, it doesn’t work well with this product. Touching up mid-day should be fine though.This is the most MATTE cream/liquid product I have ever used. Even more matte than the MUFE HD Mat Velvet foundation which is nowhere as easy to apply.What I love MOST about this product is that it offers a 1-step routine. Before, I would sometimes do bb cream with SPF + powder. However for my problem areas, I would need primer and concealer as well to make sure it’s concealed throughout the day. This product doesn’t budge and can be used as a concealer. The only thing it doesn’t conceal for me is my acne scars, as they’re significantly darker than my natural skin tone. (It would probably work with a thick layer but I think spot concealer would be better for my skin). But since I began using only this product for my face, I have been getting far less pimples because my skin can actually breathe. Before it was an endless cycle of makeup messing up my skin, and using makeup to cover it up.One thing to note is that this product is NOT a tinted moisturizer. Although some bb creams are hydrating, this one is not, and it’s more like foundation. Dry skin women may need to moisturize ahead of time. Just make sure your skin is dry-touch before applying this product.Cheers! Less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Stearic Acidacne

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Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
What are some of the best brands of bb creams out there ? I do have dry skin with red undertones , not sure if that makes a difference!
Profile picture of Celeste Smith
Celeste Smith
CombinationCombination Skin
I absolutely adore this! It’s my holy grail bb cream. It stays on all day, it’s waterproof, lightweight, it covers blemishes but it doesn’t hide my freckles, and it looks and feels clean. This will definitely help with the redness. The one thing that some people don’t like is that it has a silicony feel to it sense it is a primer. Though I honestly don’t mind it you may. If you don’t like that texture Tartes tinted moisturizer is great too.
Profile picture of Nikki Bryant
Nikki Bryant
CombinationCombination Skin
I want a natural look in my makeup. I don’t wanna cover my freckles. What’s the best foundation and in what shade because I don’t know my actual tone or undertone.
Profile picture of Celeste Smith
Celeste Smith
CombinationCombination Skin
I use this everyday for a cleaner look because it covers light blemishes on my skin but never my freckles. Sense it’s a primer it tends to feel more “silicony” than a moisturizer, but I find the primer to be cheaper.
Profile picture of Evelyn Trujillo
Evelyn Trujillo
OilyOily Skin
I have really oily acne prone skin and I’m new to using foundation. Any opinions on this? I’m trying to stay clean and crulty free with all my makeup, and keep it pretty natural looking. Also any opinions on their matt primer as well?
Profile picture of Samantha McGoldrick
Samantha McGoldrick
CombinationCombination Skin
Milk Makeup is cruelty free, vegan, and free of parabens! They have a couple different foundations that are light to full coverage so it’s nice for someone starting out. The brand Tarte is also cruelty free and makes a great BB cream that’s basically a tinted moisturizer @BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer
Profile picture of macie lytle
macie lytle
CombinationCombination Skin
does anybody have a recommendation for a really good bb cream?
Profile picture of Caitlin Kent
Caitlin Kent
CombinationCombination Skin
I really like this bb cream which can also be used as a primer. Makes my skin look so smooth. The only problem is the shade range
Profile picture of Isabel Cardenas
Isabel Cardenas
CombinationCombination Skin
what is a good foundation that’s not to dewy but not so matte and is not so heavy after hours of wearing it?
Profile picture of Hannah Mullinax
Hannah Mullinax
CombinationCombination Skin
I LOVE this bb cream. It’s very lightweight but still has a bit of coverage. Plus, it was SPF which is ALWAYS a must!
Profile picture of Olivia Lotz
Olivia Lotz
DryDry Skin
Any tinted moisturizer, bb or cc cream, or light weight and non cakey looking foundation recommendations?
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This is absolutely amazing!
Profile picture of Paula Mendoza Reducindo
Paula Mendoza Reducindo
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know a good BB cream for combining skin type?? #help
Profile picture of Lexi
CombinationCombination Skin
This gif 😂 BB’s Fuller Coverage: • Cover FX (Satin Finish) • Smashbox BB Cream (Matte Finish) BB’s Sheer Medium Coverage: • Juice Beauty (Luminous/Skin Finish) • Urban Decay BB Beauty Balm • @BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer or @BB Tinted Treatment Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30