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alice wonderling
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Palette Help Hi, can someone recommend some good eyeshadow palettes? Currently I only have the sweet peach palette from Too Faced. I’m thinking colorful OR neutral. . p. s. Are there beauty deals black friday?

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Angela Shoulders
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This is my fav!

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I have the Colourpop Sweet Talk pallet and i was wondering if the colors came out weird for anyone? When they’re on my lid they become orange-ish and lose pigment. Is this just me? If so does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Kristina Campion
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Do you use an eye primer? If you don’t, that could be why it loses pigment. If you do, it could be the way the shadow and the primer react together. It’s more likely though that the color in the pan just may not translate onto the lid well. I find this happens with peachy shadows a lot. There’s not a lot that you can do if this is the case. But check your eye primer first.

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Haley Dennis
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@alieyana I use ulta shimmer eye primer. I don’t have the exact name since my label has run off but it’s only a few bucks and makes my eyeshadow STICK so good

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@Kristina Campion Im new (sorry) I didn’t know eye primer was a thing? Do you have any recommendations

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Cavanaugh Thuemmel
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First post :)) Okay so my eyelids look normal when I don’t have any product on them, but the moment I have concealer/primer/eyeshadow on them, they look very dry and almost flaky. Any suggestions on how to fix ? (Concealer I normally use is shape tape, primer is elf eyelid primer, and eyeshadow varies but mostly too faced sweet peach) #seekingadvice

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Whitney Hall
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i have this same issue! i’ve figures out that i really can’t use concealer as my eyeshadow primer because the one that i use is a thicker consistency and really meant more for under the eyes or covering smaller imperfections. i started applying a thing layer of vaseline to my eyelids at night after i remove my eye makeup and it’s really kept that from getting dry and flakey when applying eyeshadow.