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Jessie Boyd
dryDry Skin

A lot of the time when I layer skincare products they pill up on my face and idk why. Does anyone else have this issue?

Abia Ailleen
combinationCombination Skin
Yes! So a lot of times it is due to applying the products in the wrong order. For example go from water to oil. Like first toner, then a light gel/ water based moisturizer that soaks it fast. Then add your moisturizer and then your serums. Sunscreen last if you use. :)
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Madyson Moye
sensitiveSensitive Skin

Has anyone tried the freeman black sugar and charcoal scrub? I’ve recently bought it and have been using it and it seems to be doing okay. But I’m not really liking the fact that it’s a scrub

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Sarena Eileen Austin
dryDry Skin

Blood sugar just came in the mail can’t wait to try it! 💉

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