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Sarena Eileen Austin
Dry Skin

Blood sugar just came in the mail can’t wait to try it! 💉

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Luly MUE
Combination Skin

Ugh, I can't wait to get my hands on one! Every time I have the money the palette is always sold out. 😩

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Madyson Moye
Sensitive Skin

Has anyone tried the freeman black sugar and charcoal scrub? I’ve recently bought it and have been using it and it seems to be doing okay. But I’m not really liking the fact that it’s a scrub

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Kassidy Lynn
Sensitive Skin

How often are you using it? Everyday use for exfoliators (especially a physical exfoliators like a scrub) can be way too damaging for your skin. Depending what skin type you have I wouldn’t recommend using an exfoliators more than 3 times a week. The ordinary has great and affordable products you should check out!

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Violet McKeefry
Sensitive Skin

Have any of you guys tried the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette? What are your reviews?

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Tashaa Firbyy
Dry Skin

Absolutely I love it so much ; I bought a back up ! I would highly recommend it or any of his palettes 💜 you can’t do wrong girlie , they are pigmented, they last all day , they blend beautifully and really not overly expensive! The packaging is gorgeous to so that’s a bonus ! #Beautyverse