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Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by stila

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

staying power(1047)
chapped lips(1040)
pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: ARIA

Top Reviews

staying power


this is by far the best stay all day lipstick i've tried and would recommend it immensely

- Ulta User

this by far is the best liquid stay all day lipstick i've tried

- Sephora User


precise application

the lipstick goes on wet and takes a couple of minutes to dry, so you have time to use the very precise applicator to its best advantage without smearing

- Sephora User

the lipstick goes on wet and takes a couple of minutes to dry, so you have time to use the very precise applicator to its best advantage without smearing

- Sephora User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

this formula is creamy, non drying, and long wearing

- Sephora User

no wearing, feathering, or weird liquid lipstick dry-clumping whatsoever

- Sephora User



creamy mousse like texture, doesn’t flake, and with a primer isn’t at all drying for me

- Sephora User

the texture is thick and creamy, the color pay off is great, and the longevity is awesome

- Sephora User



these lipsticks look best with a nice thin application; i've found a thicker application makes it look chunky/cracky dry, rather than a soft matte finish

- Ulta User

no drying and very lightweight plus it stays on for hours without smudging or coming off on my drinking cups or my silverware while eating dinner

- Ulta User



it stays on through washing my face and brushing my teeth

- Ulta User

the texture is super smooth and applies flawlessly

- Sephora User



2) i can only speak for beso and patina, these are highly pigmented

- Sephora User

they are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day, and highly pigmented

- Sephora User
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Sephora userSeptember 2, 2012

Totally frustrated

I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's this product, but I've had the hardest time getting it to work. The color goes on super thick and instantly starts to stain so one little misstep means completely starting fresh. Other people who reviewed the product said that it dries and stay forever, but that hasn't been my experience at all. It never really dries and comes off on anything: glasses, food, napkins, clothes. It's a hot mess!I got the color fiery which is beautiful, but looks like a true red in the bottle, but really isn't. It ends up looking more pink on me.I'm really frustrated and am looking for something that will go on opaque, not take an hour to apply, and will stay longer than a moment. Unfortunately, this wasn't it.

- Sephora
ulta.com userMay 17, 2016

Worth every penny!

I use this product it feels all the time. I bought it a few months, around January/Februaryish I think in amalfi and I am just now (May) having to consider getting more. I have found if you put chapstick on rub it in really well and then wipe it off leaving a thin layer underneath it keeps my lips from drying out and helps hold the lipstick in place. If you don't put chapstick under it the lipstick will definitely flake off. I use Bert's Bees Mint/Eucalyptus chapstick. I love how I can eat and drink with this and there has been times when it gets wiped on something accidentally and still stays in place. The color is very opaque and for me will make it through an 8+ hour day with maybe one touch up towards them end and mainly on the more inside part of my lips. I have tried many different brands and kinds of lipsticks trying to find a good long lasting one that is not heavy or sticky and this one definitely is it! I plan to buy this is a red color for my upcoming vacation! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJanuary 27, 2016

The Best So Far

GOODNESSSS! I freaking love this liquid lipstick! My skin tone is light-medium and I love how dark the Ricco liquid lipstick looks on me. Because this shade is so dark, I believe it would look good on anyone! What I do first is to line my lips and lightly go over my whole lips with the lip liner. I do this because I'm trying my best to keep the liquid lipstick from settling into my fine lines. This is pretty much inescapable because ALL matte liquid lipsticks do settle in your lines. I see that this trick does help a little bit. Then, I just apply the product all over my lips. The texture is very creamy and smooth. The color is very pigmented and opaque. There were no patchy areas. The color did dry a little darker than what's on the tube, but that's expected as well. The longevity is literally all day. I have tried many liquid lipsticks, both high end and low, but this has got to be the BEST ONE I've tried so far. Even after 10 hours of wearing this puppy, it still didn't feel as dry as the other brands that I've tried. With the other brands, I just want to scratch my lips off after 10 hours, but this one was pretty comfortable throughout the whole day. This product is a bit pricy, but it is WELL worth it. I so badly want to buy more shades, and I will... soon. « less

- ulta.com
mira userJanuary 28, 2020

I love this lipstick! I wish I could find a good nude, but I own this in two reds and one mauve. It's my absolute favorite lipstick for its staying power and consistency. No weird chemical smell, never gets dry on the applicator.

- mira
ulta.com userJanuary 13, 2014


I currently have this liquid lipstick in Beso, and I must say: IT IS REALLY RED. I got it as a free sample with another Stila purchase, so I didn't choose the color, but it was really worth the risk. It is the reddest red I have ever put on my lips, and honestly, red isn't the best color for my complexion. I have olive-tone skin, so it kinda washes out my face, but it looks really nice on fair or dark skin tones.I have worn this a couple of times, and the color has stayed for at least eight hours each time, and takes awhile and a lot of effort to get it off (which is actually a good thing). The staying-power is INCREDIBLE! It's almost shocking, as I wasn't expecting something this amazing for free (at the time). It doesn't taste bad, the texture is creamy, and it doesn't dry your lips out. A little bit goes a LONG way, so you don't need to use a ton of it. It dries almost instantly (but I still blot, just in case). It is literally perfection.I honestly can't say anything bad about this liquid lipstick, except for the fact that the color isn't good for my skin tone. But if I put together the right outfit, I can definitely pull it off! I'm going to buy a couple other colors as soon as I save up a bit of money. Definitely recommend this!!! « less

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 19140hazard
Persea gratissima oilacne
Red 6acne
Red 7 Lakeacne

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Melissa Vickers
CombinationCombination Skin
Hey ladies hope y’all are having a good day today!!I have a question !what is a good non-smudge proof pretty much stay all day lipstick or liquid lipstick and where should I look I am looking for something for a wedding I am wanting something really shiny I think 🤔 I have tried the Maybelline super stay matte Inc. ones and those are pretty good but I’m looking for something with some really good glitter or shimmer in it but something that will stay all day and not smudge at all kiss proof and all that good stuff LOL like I said it is for a wedding so not sure what I should go with need some advice ladies 🤔🥰🥰☺️☺️ oh and it would be great if the product came with a lip liner that matches as well I know some products come with them and some don’t but I don’t usually use lip liner so I’m pretty new at that and I definitely am more of a pink person when it comes to lip stuff 
Profile picture of Emilie Fisher
Emilie Fisher
CombinationCombination Skin
This is my favorite brand of liquid lip, and they also have a glossy version!
Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
Anybody know some good liquid lipstick that’s lasts a long time with great pigmentation and doesn’t dry out your lips ! I’m used to mattes but I’m not opposed to satins or creams! I’d love to try different !
Profile picture of L. Robinson
L. Robinson
OilyOily Skin
Stila was rated number one in Allure
Profile picture of Dionne Cannon Merritt
Dionne Cannon Merritt
DryDry Skin
Nothing stays on my lips. I have even tried Lip Sense and it came off too. Any suggestions would be welcomed. #lipstick #lipstain
Profile picture of Ashley Esposito Girten
Ashley Esposito Girten
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Stila stay all day liquid lipstick is amazing
Profile picture of Jenny Bach
Jenny Bach
DryDry Skin
I need a super long lasting (like all day) and not drying lip tint or stain. Recommendations?
Profile picture of Angelica Priscella Ramentas
Angelica Priscella Ramentas
DryDry Skin
I used this lipstick from Stila.. it kind of has a matte finish . It lasted a pretty long time but I don’t feel it’s the easiest to put on.. I also tried SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick and I think I liked it a little better than Stila
Profile picture of lei🌻
OilyOily Skin
what’s a good matte/satin transfer proof lipstick? i’m going to an event later this summer and i need something that’ll withstand kisses, food and heat🥰 (on a budget please!)
Profile picture of Ann Lozich
Ann Lozich
SensitiveSensitive Skin
The Stila “Stay All Day” liquid lipsticks do not budge. They also come in a lot of colors and they’re $22.
Profile picture of Ann Lozich
Ann Lozich
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sorry here’s a better link 😬
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Haley Lynn Morris
DryDry Skin
New video is up on my channel over this look right here. Please subscribe to help me reach my goal of 1,000. ♡ YouTube: haleylynn1615
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Favorite nude lip combo ?
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stillia patina