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Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer by stila

Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer


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November 25, 2012

lasts all day and night

I hate and will not use foundation, as my skin is a bit oily and I feel it sitting on my skin and it accentuates my pores. I have only use pressed powder up until now over Too faced Primed and Poreless.That said,I expected this product to sit on my skin, like foundation...WRONG!This dries and does no trub off. I do not feel it at all. Even when I patted on a second coat, it dried down, as the description says.There is a sheer gold sheen on the skin which I know is to reflect light, and I like this but you may not. I am so happy with the way it is a blend of shades as choosing just one is hard for me, living in Florida, where my skin tone can change in a day. I pump once onto the back of my hand, and dip two fingers of the other hand in it and pat until dry.My face looks more even toned, and brighter. My skin is tanner than most as I am outdoors a lot, and this product did not make my face unnaturally paler - it is sheer enough to just brighten. LOVE IT! Less

Sephora user
February 5, 2016


Okay so I was hesitant to try this, I didn't think it would do anything. Boy was I wrong! When I first put it on it was soooo moisturizing I didn't think that my lipstick would stick to it, but after a couple minutes I applied my liquid lipstick and it went on so smoothly and evenly! My lipstick lasted alllll day, and not in the usual "all day" there's still some color on my lips by dinner but it looked like I'd just applied it. But my favorite part was that it kept my lips moisturized ALL DAY even under my most drying lipsticks (ehem, colourpop). Usually after a couple hours I'm debating putting on Chapstick and giving up the luxury of the no transfer lipstick, but not anymore! I will definitely be buying this again. And again! PS I've tried this under The Balm, KVD, colourpop and Stila's liquid lipsticks, it works perfectly with all of them! « less user
September 26, 2017

My skin saviour!

I've been using this product for about a year now and it honestly is a complete game-changer for me. I'm fast approaching 40 and over the past few years, my skin has become more dehydrated and lacks a natural glow and I frequently get spots. This serum has changed all this for me. I apply it in the morning to my face, neck (and chest if I have any left over), being careful to blend in well, as it has a slight tint. I then put my foundation and powder over as normal. It feels lovely and cooling on my skin first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, my skin has a lovely subtle glow and feels perfectly hydrated. I also have sun spots on my forehead that are masked completely with this serum. I have also used the one-step colour corrector, which is probably more suitable for paler skin. I recommend both, but as someone whose skin looks better with a warmer tone, I buy this one more often. I do have one gripe - as I get towards the end of the product, it starts to go strange and leaves bits all over my face. Less

Sephora user
April 26, 2015

Very nice

I have never been a lip primer person because I rarely wear any lipstick. Most of my lip products are super sheer, tinted balm types, barely there sort of things, in nude shades only. The only reason this caught my eye was because I saw "lush" and "water" and something just clicked on the subconscious level. Very glad I got it, have been really enjoying it so far. And what it does personally for me is 1) smooths and plumps the lips just every so slightly so whatever I put over it just looks better and 2) conceals my natural pigmentation, again, ever so slightly, which in my case is an added bonus because while I don't have very pigmented lips I do prefer they look just tiny bit lighter. Please don't let this last part turn you off, I really mean the concealing is just barely noticeable. I did see some reviews about how this makes people's lips ghostly looking and such. While each person will have different results I can tell you that compared to several other lip primers (I have randomly tested others in the store in the past, like Urban Decay's and Benefits both of which were like plaster on my lips!) this just adds a light veil over my lips. Other added bonuses - no tingling, minty sensations, SUPER light feeling, non-drying at all (while I would recommend topping this off at least with a balm, you could comfortably wear it on its own), satiny, non-matte finish, pleasant, barely there taste, very nice, light scent, little goes a long way (I just tap a tiny bit on top and bottom lips and smooth it with my ring finger). Just feels like a silky slip for my lips, really the best way I can describe it! « less

Sephora user
February 14, 2018


It's not a bad product but this is an example of a product that does not do what it claims. I cannot claim it makes my lipstick last longer because I already use long-lasting lipsticks from Stila itself, Kat Von D, Jouer, and Anatasia Beverly Hills and I've noticed no difference in the longevity of my lip products. In addition, there is absolutely no lip plumping. I can make my lips plumper with my poor lip-lining skills than with "this lip-plumping" primer. For the price point, I think it is better to invest in a good lipstick that will last long anyway as I've noticed no difference between wearing and not wearing this primer.

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