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10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm by stila

10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm

staying power(107)
pore minimizing(38)
finish: natural coverage: medium coverage

Top Reviews

staying power


feels light, blurs imperfections, helps my make-up last all day, and reduces the oil

- Sephora User

this stuff is awesome not only does it make my skin look flawless it stays on thru swimming

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this stuff is truly wonderful: lightweight, minimizes the appearance of my pores, reduces my rosacea, and gives a little glow to my otherwise pale complexion

- Sephora User

you can hardly see my pores, and the color looks nice and even

- Ulta User


blends well

this is my favorite bb cream in terms of texture, blending and lasting well, and the high percentage of non irritating mineral sunscreen is a huge plus

- Sephora User

i guess that it's magic because it blends in perfectly with my complexion

- Ulta User



what i love is the lite coverage and how it illuminates the face

- Sephora User

i'm in my early 40's and this bb fills in fine lines, doesn't make my skin dry, lasts, and the illumination helps diffuse minor imperfections i

- Ulta User



i am 55 with normal to dry skin and fair to medium skin tone and the color is so perfect i am amazed, plus it lasts and makes my skin glow without heavy make up so my skin looks much younger

- Beauty User

no breakouts, no dryness, or itching

- Sephora User



used alone, this product is light-weight and leaves my skin feeling great

- Sephora User

if you like heavy coverage it won't be for you but if you just want to even out your skin tone a bit and moisturize skin and add a little glow this is great

- Ulta User



it does not lay in the lines in your face infact it is so lite and silky it makes your face have a youthful glow

- Sephora User

my skin looks glowy and radient, i've gotten a few compliments on my skin since i started wearing this bb cream saying that my skin is glowing

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

also is waterproof and stays on all day

- Sephora User

she said this is good for oily skin because it's water resistant

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it lasts all day and doesn't turn orange or feel greasy

- Ulta User

however it does infact change the color of your skin if your lighter then it, it makes u look tan or "bronze" so this is not going to work for anyone with pale "fair" or light skin tones

- Sephora User



i love that it helps my face match my natural skin tone

- Sephora User

the beauty balm side, evens your skin out, lasts all day, gives a nice finish and looks natural just like it says

- Sephora User


medium coverage

this provides light to medium coverage and evens out my skin tone w/ a nice "glow

- Sephora User

it’s got a medium coverage and gives you this radiant glow

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJanuary 21, 2013

Wow, moisturising, glowing, just beautiful

This product for BB bronzing creams is hands down amazing, I've used claim to be bronzing bb creams and let me tell you what a waste of money. Stila actually delivers with this product + spf 30 & water resistant (Yes Please). If you have dry to very dry skin make sure you put either serum or a very light moisturiser before applying this BB cream, I found with this product its on the thick side so you have to concentrate blending it thoroughly into hairline, jawline. I also found using a buffing foundation brush gave me extreme ease with application. I also primarily use this product as a bronzing base/primer (I really enjoy the natural full coverage perfecting look) and its absolutely stunning. NOTE: I am also very particular with my skincare and makeup regime, everything has to be perfect and flawless, and this product was beyond my expectations and I have pretty high expectations. I am also a professional skincare consultant and makeup artist and I approve :) If you have oily skin I would skip the moisturiser and put this product directly on cleansed skin. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
ulta.com userMarch 28, 2013


I currently live in (extremely hot and humid) Southeast Asia and when I was back home visiting my family last summer I needed to stock up on makeup since most things here have whitening agents. At that point I had never heard of BB Creams, but I told the sales-lady that I was looking for something light with decent coverage that wouldn't melt off me like most foundations do in this heat. The caveat though is that due to the intensity of the sun here my facial skin tone tends to change frequently (a few more hours in the sun and I'll tan a bit more, even with sunscreen). So its difficult for me to pick a color because my tone changes. Then she insisted that this Stilla BB Cream actually changes to match your natural tone. I didn't believe her at first and was nervous when she rubbed it all over my face in the store, but its true! It takes just a few minutes and it blends perfectly. It leaves a soft silky finish and my pores are significantly smoother and more refined after I rub this on. And it lasts! Even when I'm outside in the heat and sweating, it lasts! I brush on Mineral Veil to set it and it does the trick. I've tried the Boscia one and the Clinique one and this is definitely the best. It also has helped my (admittedly mild) acne. I'm never looking back :) I think the main problem is that people have unrealistic expectations on BB Cream. BBs are for people that want a light natural coverage (a lot like tinted moisturizers). It will not be as comprehensive as your foundation, but thats not the point. If you want something easy for daily use, this is for you. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- ulta.com
ulta userNovember 06, 2019

So glad I didn't pay full price!

I am fair with yellow/neutral undertones and have combination skin (oily in the t-zone, dry cheeks) still break out monthly (hormonal) and also have some hyperpigmentation left over from previous breakouts. I am 37 with almost no wrinkles but slightly larger pores and I wanted a foundation replacement that was natural looking and offered light to medium coverage and didn't cake or settle into fine lines. Honestly this barely evens out my skintone on areas without hyperpigmentation which means I still need to use a concealer or foundation on top so for me this is nothing more than a glorified primer with no coverage. I also dislike the scent (I prefer unscented makeup) and am really surprised this doesn't have sunscreen. This also means I have to apply another product with sunscreen protection. I can not say yet if this has improved my skin since I've only been using it for a week but I might give it another star if it improved the texture of my skin. Overall I was very disappointed with this product and am only grateful I paid half price during a promotion instead of the full price. I will use up what I have left but would definitely not purchase again or recommend unless you already have almost perfect skin.

- ulta
Sephora userDecember 23, 2013

Dewy and radiant

I have a friend who's been supplying me with her favorite BB creams from South Korea for a couple of years now but I've had two problems with them: 1) I'm caucasian and have very pink undertones so the colors have been difficult to match and 2) I have pretty dry skin so the thickness does not make me look the most radiant. So I was pretty excited when this idea finally made its way to the states and they started popping up in Sephora. I randomly came across this one and I have to say, I really love this product!! It glides on, doesn't set into creases and gives my skin a wonderful dewy radiance. If you have dry skin, I recommend this. If you have oily skin, not so much. It feels great, moisturizes well and just makes your skin look fresh. The coverage is in the medium range so know that if you're looking for something more. It's a nice step up from a tinted moisturizer without going into foundation territory. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userMarch 27, 2013

No need for sunless tanner!

I was shocked how well this product worked when I received a small sample. I loved it so much I had to go out and buy the full size immediately. I had been using Clarins sunless tanner forever but as I age I found it was making me looking older and setting into my fine lines. This product is my new 'go to' in terms of adding that sun kissed glow without the sun as it has made me look and feel more youthful in appearance. It blends well into your skin, it lasts all day, it doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles and it is versatile. You can wear it alone or under foundation and it blends well with high-lighting creams as well as other products I have layered upon it. I also love the fact that it has a relatively high level of SPF. I personally did not notice a smell and would recommend it to anyone who wants a little color as long as you aren't extremely fair as the color may not work for you. I would also like to note that I have very sensitive skin and I did not have any issues. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethiconehazard
Sodium Hydroxidehazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant

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