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Izzy Stewart
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i’ve heard that st. ives apricot scrub isn’t good for your skin (can cause wrinkles) is that true? i use it all the time

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Belinda Goldsmith
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Chemical exfoliation is better than a physical exfoliator. This video should help explain why.

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Katlyn Swigert
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Has anyone tried these together?? I’ve been using the st Ives green tea black head as a daily cleaner and my skin is SO dry now!! I have dry skin but during 🦈 week it’s super oily!!! What products are good to use to clean my face with?? Clean and clear don’t work on me I break out bad! Anything good for acne due to birth control???

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aracely san
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i’ve never tried that St.Ives product but the soap and glory one was okay. if you don’t have sensitive skin i would recommend it but since i did, it dried me up and i ended up using it as a body wash. st.ives is known to be bad so maybe stay away from physical exfoliants and use a chemical one. for skin issues this cleanser made my face a lot better and it’s really gentle while having some exfoliation beads (that aren’t rough btw) and a lot of ppl compliment my skin now. i recommend it (:

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I love LOVE my St. Ives Apricot scrub for my large pores, blackheads and acne but am worried about the apricot granules. I have read that the granules will cause premature aging and I use this scrub a lot. Are there any alternatives that work as well out there??

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ella g
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i like the murad pore rescue scrub.

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@Ella G this one!