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Nicole Chantharangsy
combinationCombination Skin

I have really dry skin and I’ve been breaking out all over my cheeks and forehead and they leave dark spots/scars I can’t get rid of. I also have really sensitive skin and there’s eczema around the eyes and mouth area usually during the winter/spring time. Any recommendations for face washes, lotions and something to get rid of dark spots?

Ashli Booker
combinationCombination Skin
So this lotion is great, it’s dermatologist approved or actually prescribed by them. Great for sensitive and dry skin, not necessarily for dark spots but you can always add a serum to it. I’ve been experimenting with Bio oil for my scars and we have roughly the same skin type. Both of these can be found in a drug store, I particularly got mine at Target.

Daily Moisturizing Lotion

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Faviola Jimenez
combinationCombination Skin

Waterproof eyebrow products? Does anyone know a good waterproof eyebrow pencil or product because spring is coming up and I’m for sure gonna be swimming a lot but I’m to embarrassed for people to see me without my eyebrows!

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Melissa Jean Bobby
sensitiveSensitive Skin

Best SPF that will not break me out. Want to start looking for next spring\summer.

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