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Bad for sensitive skin

" skin is not the least bit sensitive..."

- Walmart User

"...have sensitive skin so wont use this..."

- Walmart User
"this stuff is amazing, i have large pores and i actually saw a different in the texture of my skin overnight it was smoother, brighter and the dark spots diminished in color"
- Walmart User
"smells good feels good on your skin and make sure skin feels smooth in the morning"
- Walmart User

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Meadow waterhouse
combinationCombination Skin

Hey ladies, soo can y’all help a girl out?? My face has been breaking out, in between my eyebrows and under my nose🙄 can any of you lovely gals please suggest a good face wash!! i have school less then a month and i don’t want to go to school with my face all broken out... Thank you so much!!

Syd the kid
sensitiveSensitive Skin
Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap! (Target) There is so many different ones but i use the peppermint for thay refreshing feeling after washing my face :-) I use that soap in the morning and a gentle bar soap at night! Also, you can use the Clean and Clear Salicylic Acne Fighting lotion (walmart) after washing your face :)
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Kim Martinez
combinationCombination Skin

soo i been using this foundation and noticed i’m starting to get bumps and a lot more acne any good foundation that wont break me out or starting giving me bumps drug store preferably

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Danni Calliope
combinationCombination Skin

New I’m soo excited Norvina from abh has teased a new glow kit which exciting and colourpop just released their own mascara in 7 different colors including black which is exciting , is there anything you guys are excited for and expecting this year?

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