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Beauty Water by Son & Park
Son & Park

Beauty Water

uneven skintone(72)
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uneven skintone

evens out skin

i love this toner and my skin has been amazing

- Sephora User

i use it morning and night after cleansing and it just refreshes and tones my face perfectly, without leaving any residue or making my face feel dry or stripped

- Sephora User



my skin has been acting out lately and this toner cleared me up and makes my skin look radiant

- Sephora User

it does an amazing job at hydrating and brightening my skin and preparing it for the rest of my routine

- Sephora User



ever since i tried this from the son & park introductory set i had to get more, i use this everyday and it has never irritated my skin like past toners i've bought from my local stores

- Sokoglam User

the beauty water from son & park was recommended to me by a friend and this is by far the most gentle and effective toner i have ever used

- Sephora User



can be used daily twice a day with no overly dry effect, smells pleasant, is a decent volume for the money and gives that nice, tingly, clean feeling

- Sephora User

son&park beauty water is a step in my routine i really look forward to everyday am/pm because of the lovely scent, the great refreshed feel on my skin, the moisturizing effect it gives after cleansing and that i can feel my skin being exfoliated

- Sokoglam User



this made my face feel so refreshed and smooth

- Sephora User

" in comparison to toners like clinique that feel like your skin is stripped after application, the "beauty water" gives skin a very refreshed, smoothed and nourished feeling

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

when i use this with my moisturizer and the no poreblem primer under my matte foundation man the foundation application is so flawless and looks so hydrated and more like "skin" love it

- Sephora User

i have combination skin and this has made my pores smaller, my skin is brighter and softer, its just amazing

- Sephora User


good for acne

my acne prone skin is loving life right now

- Sephora User

i struggle with acne-prone, dehydrated skin and once i started using it i saw a huge improvement in my skin and even my acne has gone away

- Sokoglam User


redness relief

i have this product with me, and all i want to say is that this stuff works like a dream and it is not drying at all and it clears away all that unwanted trash from your skin instantly and you don’t need a whole lot honestly

- Sephora User

i think this gives skin a fresh glow and diminishes redness

- Sephora User
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Sephora userMay 20, 2018

This is IT

This is instantly my holy grail. I was skeptical since there was such a big hype about it... but when I started shopping around for a toner to replace an all-natural brand I was previously using, I meticulously went over the ingredients list and found this to be the most similar in terms of ingredients, with a better price tag AND available at Sephora.My combo skin is acne-prone with an oily T-zone, and this works amazingly with all areas of my face. It doesn't have much scent to it, and feels lightweight on the skin. It doesn't cause my dry areas to feel tight, and my oily areas feel instantly soothed afterwards. Everything feels balanced and refreshed.After a double cleansing, besides toning this also whisks away any residue from the oil cleanser and spots of foundation I miss sometimes by my hair and jaw line. I also use this at times when I'm too lazy to fully wash my face. It's a fantastic makeup remover. Despite looking like plain water, it packs a serious punch against all things that irritate the skin and cause acne. Yet, it's still gentle with your skin and eye areas--I have never felt discomfort or stinging when I use this around my eyes.The last thing to note is that you get so much for what you pay for. The bottle is huge! You don't need much product to soak a cotton pad. I can see this lasting a very long time. I've been using this to replace a few products (makeup remover wipes, my morning cleanser) that I reach for this frequently and have barely put a dent in it.At times when my skin is stressing out, it is begging for me to run home and use my Beauty Water. I should probably invest in a little mister so I can carry it around with me wherever I go. You don't understand how much I love this product; I've had dreams about it, too. From the Korean skincare geniuses Son & Park, they are doing the good lord's work by perfecting this formula. Thank you for making this easily available at Sephora! « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJanuary 4, 2017

Game Changer

For a while I had been suffering from white heads. I hadn't had this issue before but I noticed that whenever I used an oil based product, I would get them. After I stopped using the products that I believe exacerbated my skin issues, the whiteheads continued to show up every single morning and throughout the day. You guessed it: my skin and pores were completely congested. Just as a point of reference, my face is combination-oily. I do get severe dry patches in the winter months but my T-Zone remains exceptionally oily. I was using my regular cleanser, charcoal masks, and nothing worked. Until I tried this. I was in the market for a toner and when I visited the Sephora store a team member recommended I tried this. She tested it on the back of my hand and it instantly felt cooling and mosturizing. I decided to give it a try thinking that it would feel nice, but wouldn't do much. I was SO wrong! My face cleared up within a couple of days and my whiteheads have since almost completely cleared! I use it twice a day after using a makeup remover wipe and a face cleanser. Once my face is clean and dry, I use a cotton round wipe my entire face and neck with the Beauty Water. It has been incredible for my dry skin and it truly does exfoliate the skin extremely gently. This has helped keep my redness at bay and my skin feels soft and mosturized. I cannot recommend this product enough! « less

- Sephora
sokoglam.com userMarch 1, 2019

Skeptical sensitive skin

I was super skeptical about this product.My skin type is- dry- sensitive- red- eczema & hormonal acne proneWhen I saw this was a "micro exfoliant" I got nervous. I decided I would pick this up and use it as a toner.IM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS!!It smells heavenly, but in a very light scented way, it is very fresh, and doesnt bother my sensitive skin.Second, I did not feel ANY exfoliation when i used a cotton pad and put this on my face. It just felt like a nice toner. It is so soothing and calmed my redness ( more so than the licorice root ph balancing cleansing toner by Acwell )It also comes in a HUGE bottle, I love that I know I can either wipe this on my face with a cotton pad or just pat with my hands and it doesnt hurt. Literally feels like a nice, fresh, (lightly) rosey scented water.Again, it did not irritate my skin, it helped soothe my redness, and didnt make my dry patches any more dry. I dont know yet if it helps with moisture but it doesnt make me more dry, so either way I'm very happy.-I HIGHLY recommend if your skin type is like mine. This stuff is amazing, take the plunge! It's worth every penny and I can see this lasting me for many, many months.Xoxo ♡ « less

- sokoglam.com
sokoglam.com userMay 19, 2019

Miracle Water

I have pretty sensitive skin and for a while it was pretty clear, but one day I had some pretty bad breakouts. I scoured the internet to try and find something that could help with the active acne and the scars I had. Upon seeing all the hype about this product I decided to give it a shot. I was pretty nervous because people said that the alcohol in the water was a pretty bad irritant. For the first three days my skin started to get a bunch of whiteheads in patches. My skin felt kind of dry and itchy too. I just hoped that this was the purging stage, and not actually me breaking out. After that, my skin became so soft and smooth! I still have some scars, but I'm hoping that they'll fade with the gentle exfoliation from the water. So if anyone is wary about the product, just give it five days before you quit.Some details about my skincare:Morning + Night:Oil cleanseWater-based cleanserBeauty WaterTriple C SerumFace MaskMoisturizerSunscreen (Morning only)I just use my hands to apply the water because I don't want to waste any of it! When I rub it into my skin, I sometimes get white foamy stuff, and I'm not too sure if it's dead skin or just foam but it hasn't caused any problems so far. It leaves the skin a bit tacky, but the feeling goes away after layering moisturizer on top. Also bonus, it smells nice. Less

- sokoglam.com
sokoglam.com userNovember 30, 2017


I heard all the outstanding reviews and multiple uses for this product, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. I was so excited when it got here, because I had been looking for something to use as a refresher throughout the day, and this seemed like the perfcet fix.I have combination skin. In the summer, my skin tends absorb products better and usually is not too oily, but in the winter it tends to be more dry. I got this product at the end of summer and the beginning of fall--around October. The first time I used it, I used it as a toner. After swiping it across my skin after cleansing, my skin felt tingly. I figured it was just the water removing any oil/leftover product, so I did not think too much of it. I continued on with the rest of my routine, but my skin felt oddly tight and uncomfortable. I waited a few days later to use it again (because I didn't want my skin to freak out on me and develop acne), but I got the same result. I continued using it for a couple weeks, but it never improved. Then, I took it with me on a trip. I figured that since it had multiple uses (toner, refresher) that I could use it and replace one or two other products. That was obviously a mistake. When I started to use more product more often, I realized that the Beauty Water was giving my skin a bad reaction. On top of that, when I applied it after double cleansing and thoroughly rinsing my face, the Beauty Water was foaming a little. When I would dab it on my skin, it would look and feel as if it were soapy. This really confused me, and at first I just thought I wasn't rinsing my face well enough. So, from then on, I made sure to check that there was no soap in my pores before applying it, but it continued to be soapy and irritate my skin. No other toner/ Beauty Water I have tried has done this. I even switched cleansers just to be absolutely certain it was not their fault, but I had the same result no mater which cleanser or no mater how clean my face was.In all, I am very disappointed with this product and will not be buying it again. « less

- sokoglam.com


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-7 Caprylic Capric Glycerideshazard
Sodium Lactatehazard
Olea Europaea Fruit Oilacne
Alcohol Denatirritanthazard
Malic Acidhazard

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