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Good for dry skin

" great for dry skin and makes skin so smooth after..."

- Sephora User

"...i really liked the mascara, i have dry skin and this product did miracle..."

- Sephora User
"i recommend this product to anyone who wants baby smooth skin"
- Sephora User
"it feels good when it’s in and makes your skin smooth"
- Sephora User
chapped lipshydrates lips
"the brazilian kiss lip butter is a very high quality product with an intense moisturising formula and a divine scent <3the product packaging is pleasant to the eye and a generous sizing"
- Mecca User
"moisturizes really well and lasts a long while"
- Sephora User
"it lasts well with a soft rather than sticky texture"
- Mecca User
"pros: the texture of this lip butter is really nice and smooth- not at all waxy like other lip balms"
- Sephora User

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Elle H
sensitiveSensitive Skin

Bronzer help pls!! I’m very pale and need a bronzer that won’t make me orange. I’ve tried hoola (both the regular and light shades) & soleil tan de Chanel. They all make me orange and look super patchy by the end of the day. The only makeup I wear is mascara and bronzer. Thank you in advance (:

Arshana Acharya
combinationCombination Skin
This bronzer is really good, it blends out easily and it isn’t too expensive. I’m not sure what their shade range is but I hope you can find one that works for you!

Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula
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Tabitha Asher
dryDry Skin

What are the ladies with EXTRA dry skin using as a serum before their moisturizer at night and/or morning? When I say dry, I mean I put The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid and then I layer on the THICK Vanicream with DE Protini and wake up feeling TIGHTTTT 🙃 No cost maximum— I need Jesus and serums since winter is coming!

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Madi Scott
combinationCombination Skin

I have awful under eye bags! My concealer hides them great but looking for a cheap-ish undereye mask or patch to apply in the morning to just de-puff and brighten! Any ideas?

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