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Bio Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream by Sobel Skin Rx
Sobel Skin Rx

Bio Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

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i normally have dry skin and this helps keeps it moisturized all day and the antioxidants protects it from other irritants and environmental pollution

- Sephora User

i am happy with the results and recommend sobel skin rx bio hyaluronic moisturizing cream to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of your skin

- Sephora User



so far i enjoy using this, it hydrates my skin leaves it feeling soft and lightweight, doesn’t leave an oily feeling nor thick feeling after use, the smell is subtle so even my husband enjoyed using it

- Sephora User

i love that it is a rich and heavy cream that makes my skin smooth and glowy

- Sephora User



this cream has hyaluronic acid so it helps minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkle

- Sephora User

i can even see a difference in my fine lines

- Sephora User



i love this moisturizer it makes my skin feel tighter and radiant

- Sephora User

my skin looks younger, brighter, and smoother

- Sephora User


good for acne

sobel skin rx has left me with softer more moisturized skin without clogging my poor or creating any breakouts

- Sephora User

i have oily skin and it’s kept it to a minimum and no breakouts

- Sephora User
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sephora userFebruary 26, 2020

Great nighttime moisturizer for oily skin!

The cream is packaged in a heavy, appealing glass jar and I didn't find it to have any noticeable fragrance. It is on the heavy side but it spread easily upon contact with my skin. My skin felt moisturized and dewy but not greasy. I thought it might be too heavy for my oily, aging, dehydrated skin but it wasn't. It took a bit of time for it to absorb into my skin. I found this to be a fabulous nighttime cream for me. In the morning, my skin was wonderfully soft and NOT GREASY! Those with dry skin could probably use it day and night. In addition to the hyaluronic acid, edelweiss (leontopodix) extract and red algae (chrondus chrispus) extract, it contains peptides, ceramides, and fatty acids - all of which help strengthen and repair the skin barrier. I love everything about this cream and highly recommend it for all skin types.

- sephora
sephora userFebruary 18, 2020

no breakouts!

Tried this out for a week and it has helped my skin so much in these winter months with the dryness. I have oily skin and it’s kept it to a minimum and no breakouts!! My skin is super sensitive and gets a bad reaction with a lot of products but not this one!

- sephora
sephora userFebruary 16, 2020

This is a wonderful cream! I have really dry skin in the winter and this is heavenly! I apply it at night and my skin will instantly absorb it. It does not leave any greasy residue behind. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after using it. I have noticed since using it fine lines and wrinkles seem to be improved. I hope with continued use to see even more improvement!

- sephora
sephora userFebruary 26, 2020

This Bio Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream by Sobel Skin RX is amazing. I love that it is a rich and heavy cream that makes my skin smooth and glowy. It has a creamy white texture. Since it is rich, you have to massage it into your skin to make it fully absorbed. I love that it gave me a younger looking skin. It also lightened my skin a little bit and decreased the appearance of pores. Unlike with other moisturizers, this decreases the redness on my skin too. It doesn't have a strong scent to it. The packaging looks premium. I'd definitely recommend this product to everyone.

- sephora


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