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Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash by Soap & Glory
Soap & Glory

Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash

uneven skintone(21)

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if you've been looking for something that cleans your face, leaves it smooth and feeling clean as well as clearing your blemishes id give this a try

- Ulta User

i pair this with an awesome night cream for bed and my skin is so smooth and so clear i can't believe it

- Mecca User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

it brightens and tones and has evened out my skin tone

- Ulta User

it evened out my skin tone, improved the texture, and even helped clear my skin, all while not irritating me

- Ulta User


good for acne

my skin felt great after and no break outs

- Ulta User

this has helped my acne tremendously

- Ulta User



i pair it with a gel cream moisturizer to balance any tightness and it leaves me skin looking radiant and feeling baby smooth

- Ulta User

this made my skin look so bright and refreshed

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i use this with the fab pore smoothing moisturizer and my skins overall texture and feel has completely changed, this brand is a hidden miracle for my skin

- Ulta User

at night i follow this cleanser with soap & glory beauty sleep accelerator and in the morning i follow the cleanser with the fab pore daily micro smoothing moisture lotion

- Ulta User



it's helped with blemishes, evened out my dry/oily combination skin

- Boots User

tried just about everything to hydrate my skin and this truly is amazing

- Ulta User



this product is the perfect clean and boost for my skin without irritation

- Target User

my face is easily irritated by mostly everything, so for this face wash to improve my skins general wellbeing i am very impressed

- Ulta User


redness relief

so refreshing and gives your skin a real good clean with having the tiny beads, yet leaves your face feeling cool and no redness what so ever

- Boots User

the product has significantly helped to reduce my redness and pigmentation, i was also surprised to see that it has almost completely cleared my acne

- Mecca User



the cleanser is a thick gel consistency i do not care for how it lathers by hand with a silicone facial scrub pad it works really well

- Target User

the cleanser is a thick gel consistency that does not lather that well on its own but with a silicon facial scrubber pad it works very well

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userJune 22, 2019

Life changing...

Not to be overly dramatic.First, let me say my skin is a mess. Dry in some places, oily in others with redness, sensitivity, and congestion. I've tried everything from high end to low end products with limited results. My biggest problem is that most cleansers burn or irritate my skin. The creases of my nose are especially sensitive so the skin gets dry, itchy, and irritated and I end up scratching all the makeup off my nose by lunchtime. Super attractive red nose situation.This is one of the only cleansers I've used (including those made for 'sensitive skin') that doesn't irritate my skin AT ALL. Plus, it actually cleans my skin and melts off all my makeup without over-drying. And to top all that off, it is the best product I've ever used for clearing out the gunk and congestion in my pores that I constantly struggle with. It's still there, but not nearly as bad. And this product isn't even billed as an exfoliator.It may not work as well for you, but for half or a third the price of a lot of the junk out there, it's worth a shot. This product was a game changer for me. Please don't ever stop making it. Love, love, love!! Less

- ulta.com
ulta userMay 02, 2019

I will never buy again

I used the shower in the shower every day in replacement of my normal origin face wash in hopes it would be cheap and effective. I should have just spent the extra 15 dollars, my face immediately broke out. I usually have a few small pimples but I'm talking 3 huge pimples and clogged pores that led to large blackheads. The wash didn't leave me with a clean feeling, it just felt dry and irritated. It was so bad today I had to go out and buy my original origins face wash and immediately after I used it I felt better. I don't recommend for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

- ulta
ulta userMay 02, 2019

Perfect face wash!

I have been looking for a face wash to use on my combo/dry, sensitive skin for Y E A R S, and I finally tried this. I've been using it for over a month, but I noticed results within a week. My skin is brighter, it clears out acne faster, and leaves it looking glowing and clean. A big plus is the plastic free micro beads, so it won't irritate your skin. However, I'd like to include the other products in my routine so you can get a feel of what my skin is also using besides this. I cleanse with this, follow with a rose water witchhazel toner, and then use Toly Moly Wonder Butter as a moisturizer. If I get a pimple (they are going to happen no matter what ( don't let ~ beauty gurus ~ and their flawless skin fool you) I just use the Clean n Clear spot treatment. Once a week I use the Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar clay mask. I don't eat a super healthy diet but try to drink at least 20oz of water a day, if that matters.

- ulta
ulta userMay 02, 2019

Pleasantly Surprised...

When I first read-up on this product and its reviews, I was equally intrigued and scared to try this facial wash. I have somewhat sensitive oily/combination skin and it only takes one small dose of something to reek havoc upon it, so I was crossing fingers and toes with hope that I wouldn't have a bad reaction to this. Much to my surprise, not only did I avoid any bad reactions, but my skin actually has been behaving itself better since the very first use. The scent is definitely in a league of its own; it's not good or bad, really cannot think of a truthful way to describe it other than to say it's a fresh, clean smell. Other reviews have dubbed it as harsh, and I can see where they are coming from, though it's grown on me and I don't mind it as it fades quickly. When I wash, I use a pea-small grape sized amount and rub very lightly as there are buffers already in it; some say they like to let their cleanser linger on their skin a bit before rinsing, but I do not with this product as I don't feel its necessary. After washing, my face feels so clean, fresh, and soft; since I've started using this, I have noticed a rather shocking improvement within my facial skin. It is much brighter and my pores are significantly smaller (I have naturally large pores) and possibly even a bit cleaner within since I've had less breakouts, as well. I have ended up kind of falling hard for this product, and I will definitely be buying again (though it may be a while because the amount of product you get for the price is RIDICULOUS, seriously, I'm set for a long while!). On an ending note, I would like to say that, along with other reviewers who have had bad experiences with this cleanser, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR DRY OR EXTREMELY SENSITIVE SKIN. I personally do not fall under either skin type, but feel that this would be a no-no for either/or. I would say this cleanser would be best for the following skin types: oily, oily/combination, mild acne-prone skin and normal.

- ulta
mira userFebruary 9, 2020

My go to cleanser! Gentle, controls my breakouts, minimized my pores. Leaves my skin squeaky clean but doesn’t dry me out. Takes off heavy makeup like a charm. I’ve tried seemingly every drug store cleanser and I’ve stopped looking after I found this cleanser. Love it

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 42090hazard
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
CI 73360acnehazard
Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
Cocamidopropyl Betainehazard
Lauric Acidacneirritant

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Community posts

Profile picture of Katlyn Swigert
Katlyn Swigert
CombinationCombination Skin
Has anyone tried these together?? I’ve been using the st Ives green tea black head as a daily cleaner and my skin is SO dry now!! I have dry skin but during 🦈 week it’s super oily!!! What products are good to use to clean my face with?? Clean and clear don’t work on me I break out bad! Anything good for acne due to birth control???
Profile picture of Allison Cassidy
Allison Cassidy
DryDry Skin
I’m looking for a good facial cleanser / face wash that honestly clears everything up. I feel some cleansers are so gentle that they don’t get the job done.
Profile picture of Ella Clavadetscher
Ella Clavadetscher
CombinationCombination Skin
I kinda didn’t believe this cleanser would do my skin any good because it’s kinda sensitive and usually brands like soap and glory just don’t work but I felt like I needed to try it so I got a little travel size and i didn’t even finish it before I went and got the big bottle. It cleaned, and calmed my skin SO well. You do have to be careful because it suds’ up so you can strip your skin but use a little and lather it a little and I LOVE IT. Sometimes I find that the smell can linger a little but it doesn’t bother me. I prefer my skincare to be all like clean but this is kinda my guilty pleasure. It is dermatologist tested and doesn’t have parabens! definitely recommend getting the little travel size first just because the bottle is big to just test it.
Profile picture of Michele Tee
Michele Tee
CombinationCombination Skin
Lately I’ve been breaking out and parts of my face gets shiny and dry. Idk what I’m doing wrong or what I need to start doing but can anyone help me out here. Taking a trip to Ulta soon so please help me out. #problematic #selfconcious #shinycontrol #dryskin #helpme
Profile picture of Ella Clavadetscher
Ella Clavadetscher
CombinationCombination Skin
And exfoliate! You can also try the soap and glory vitamin C facial detox, it’ll gently exfoliate your face and works super well.