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Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation by Smashbox

Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation

water resistance(17)
staying power(1213)
color accuracy(122)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: 0.1

Top Reviews

water resistance

water resistant

this foundation matches me perfectly, is cruelty free, doesn't break me out, controls my oils, photographs beautifully, lasts and entire freaking day, is sweat-proof (i live in az), waterproof (i went swimming and to the beach and it didn't budge

- Sephora User

this foundation matches me perfectly, is cruelty free/vegan, doesn't break me out, controls my oils, photographs beautifully, lasts an entire day, is sweat-proof (i live in az), waterproof (i went swimming and to the beach and it didn't budge

- Sephora User

staying power


it's so creamy n it lasts literally all day i was amazed

- Sephora User

i am very oily and this does a great job of keeping me matte, gives me full coverage, and stays on all day

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

all the others i've tried are too pink, or too red, or too grey or oxidize

- Sephora User

does not oxidize or move throughout the day

- Sephora User


not creasing

it stays put all day, and doesn’t settle into my pores or smile lines

- Sephora User

i really loved how it went along with my skin and actually matched and lasted the whole day with not creasing

- Ulta User



this lasts all day, thru heat and sweat, its buildable medium/full coverage, it has a beautiful skin like finish, evens out my skin and covers amazingly, overall it is beautiful and the best foundation i have tried

- Sephora User

great coverage, buildable to full coverage

- Sephora User



my oils break through the most expensive and mattifying foundations within hours but this foundation stays on all day, if you set it with a good powder you will have a healthy glow but i never found it took look oily or greasy on me it always looked healthy and glowy

- Macy's User

i am the oiliest person i have ever met in my life and despite using good skincare, the most mattifying primers and setting powders out there, and even foundations like estée double wear i always without doubt end up a greasy mess at the end of the day

- Sephora User



i am a non matte kind of girl, matte finishes just doesn't look good with my dry skin and fine lines, this hydrating foundation is absolutely gorgeous and has the prettiest satin demi matte finish to it and never dries me out

- Ulta User

it actually does what it says; is long-wearing, hydrating without being heavy or greasy, giving skin a flawless, fresh look long after its first applied

- Sephora User



i like how it feels and it doesn't look cakey or feel heavy

- Sephora User

i love the full coverage and how lightweight it feels

- Ulta User



it feels very smooth on my skin and i love it

- Ulta User

the texture is perfect - its not too creamy, tacky, liquid-ey, thick or thin, but very silky with the right amount of runniness and creaminess to blend into the skin like a dream

- Beautyboutique User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it keeps my skin looking so smooth and poreless (i have bigger pores)

- Ulta User

i looks amazing in every light, and blurs pores

- Sephora User

color correction

color correcting

i use makeup forever color correcting primer under this, and its a match made in heaven

- Sephora User

this foundation along with the smashbox green color correcting stick do such a good job in correcting my face color

- Sephora User



this foundation applies great, gives my skin an even texture, and looks luminous

- Smashbox User

keeps the oils very minimal and face looking soooo radiant throughout the day

- Ulta User


blends well

blends nicely with no streaking

- Sephora User

man i love how well this matches my skin tone, how easy it blends and how well it covers

- Ulta User


good quality

:) there are just not enough great things to say about this foundation, i love the way it applies (i use a beauty blender), i love that it is a "comfort-matte" - as it's matte in all of the right places and is super comfortable ( i forget i'm wearing foundation), it's long lasting- it's lasted through quite a few drunk escapades - and has looked flawless even the next day, they have an amazing variety of shades for every skin tone, and i get millions of compliments when i wear it - oh and the price for such a high-quality foundation is phenomenal

- Ulta User

if you can find a color that matches your skin tone you will not be disappointed with the quality and results

- Sephora User



i also like this foundation because it is a demi matte finish, so the natural radiance of your skin does shine through a little bit unlike some matte foundations that completely take all the natural glow away from your skin and make you look like there's chalk particles in your makeup

- Ulta User

this is a demi matte foundation, with medium to buildable full coverage

- Sephora User


medium coverage

this foundation provides medium- full coverage, feels light on my skin and blurs my imperfections

- Smashbox User

worry no more, smashbox 15 hr wear really wears for 15+ hrs, with a medium to full coverage, very buildable without looking or feeling cakey

- Ulta User
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mira userDecember 13, 2019

I used to think I had oily skin. But really my skin is more combo and gets oily in my t zone throughout the day. Because of me thinking my skin was oily i tried every matte foundation expensive and drug store. All kept oxidizing and wouldn’t stay on all day and be patchy. Once i found this, it was life changing. The only thing i have to say is a little goes a long way. 2 and a half to 3 pumps on my damp beauty blender is all I need otherwise can look heavy. LOVE LOVE LOVE

- mira
Sephora userJune 22, 2017


Ok so I'll start by saying ive tried or sampled almost every foundation that sephora carries so I can honestly give a good comparison of this foundation to others. I'be been a makeup artist for 9 years I've been searching for my holy grail foundation for years. Typically I find foundations that are just good enough. My favourite foundation was the lancome teint idole 24hr ultra and the bobbi brown liquid foundation but they werent perfect they were about %75 perfect. and the other %25 was bad because it didn't last all day as they said and it wasnt fully transfer-proof and the lancome did oxidize and they have small colour selections. So I have been on the hunt ever since to find the perfect foundation for all skin types for clients and for my own personal use for daily. So then I tried a sample of this and I am hooked. It literally lasts 15hrs, transfer proof smudge proof didn't move all day. It stayed in place even in my chin area and nose which always wear off. Its a satin finish which means its not matte and its not dewy its the perfect in the middle finish for all skin types. It leaves the skin looking healthy and natural while still being medium to full coverage. This is all full coverage as you want trust me. You can def make it medium coverage or full coverage which is great for my brides. Its perfect for photography because there is no flash back and its HD approved by my standards so its undetectable. Because this foundation is long lasting my blush and bronzer do not melt off my face and the rest of my makeup looks the same as when I did it in the morning as when I'm washing it off at night. If you have a problem with your breaking out from clogging pores than make sure to use a deep charcol cleansing soap like the one from lush. I cant see why anyone wouldn't love this foundation its perfect. I'm combination skin so oily on forhead chin nose and normal to dry on the rest of my face. I also use 1.1 for colour which is the perfect yellow base for a caucasian girl who tends to be more yellow <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="2580719730016445834-full" data-show="2580719730016445834-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
Macy's userApril 9, 2018

This is an AMAZINGLY GOOD Foundation

I have been on a mission for a while to find a foundation that I wanted to stick with using and it has been hard! I have very, VERY, pale skin all year round so finding a light enough shade is hard and then, when I think I've found a Snow White-light shade, many times it oxidizes and turns me orange. I'm 41 and still get breakouts (ugh...really, wrinkles AND pimples?), my skin tends toward oily but because I am using prescription retinoids right now, it's more combination. I like medium coverage - not too sheer, not too full. I need a long lasting foundation. Transfer is one of my biggest pet peeves - I want it to stay on my face, not on my clothes or my husband's shirt or my phone. I don't like powder to set because then I turn cakey and dry looking. Setting sprays, ALL OF THEM, make me shiny. I use sunscreen every day (another never ending search - to find one that I don't hate at least one thing about) so that makes foundation wear kind of hit or miss. I use primer every day and apply foundation with a flat panel brush or beauty blender.THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It does not transfer, AT ALL which is huge for me. It doesn't seem to settle into fine lines, thankfully. It doesn't make me itch like Estee Lauder, it doesn't seem to look dry on my skin but it's not shiny either. It works over my sunscreen (with primer, of course). It seems to last a long time to me - I apply around 6am and take off around 8pm and it's still wearing well at that point. It doesn't feel as light as Urban Decay Naked Skin on me but it doesn't feel as heavy as Estee Lauder Double Wear or Double Wear Light which I found incredibly heavy. It DOES NOT change color on my skin which is such a big deal when you're this pale - I do not have the luxury of going a shade or two lighter than what I need so that the oxidized shade matches me - there is nothing lighter than the shade I need in any foundation.So far, no breakouts or irritation. I clean it off really well at night (micellar water, oil cleanse with a hemp seed & sunflower seed oil cleanser followed by a gentle gel cleanser). It covers everything I need covered without use of concealer. It does not cling to dry patches. So far I am loving everything about this. It is a little thick out of the bottle which had me scared but it seems to blend well. It does dry down pretty fast so do NOT dot your whole face and then blend, work one area at a time or you will get patches / streaks. It photographs really well and doesn't seem to have the flashback that many foundations with SPF have; however, I'm not the best judge of that since I'm so pale to begin with - my regular skin tone looks like flashback!All in all, I am loving this foundation and it is my replacement for Estee Lauder Double Wear for long wear. I do love my Urban Decay Naked Skin but that one DOES transfer an go shiny on me so it may only be suited for certain times of year or it may be replaced by this product provided everything continues to go well with it. **In spite of it being labeled hydrating, do not let that scare you oily skin types away - it's not a greasy or heavy foundation. I don't think it adds moisture to the skin, honestly, so it's not hydrating in that sense for me but I do find that it doesn't crack or settle into lines like more matte foundations do. It's a very good wearing makeup for mature but well cared for skin (I've always been diligent with sunscreen so I don't have a lot of wrinkles going on but the fine lines are DEFINITELY there). « less

- Macy's
mira userFebruary 4, 2020

This isn’t the best foundation I’ve had and I would not recommend it. It’s make my skin very dry and patchy. I also noticed that it didn’t stay on for long at all with in the first 3 hours of wearing it 95% had already come off.

- mira
mira userNovember 15, 2019

This is my all time favorite foundation so far! I’ve been using it for 3 years now and had not been able to find a better one, is really light weight, hydrating, not cakey, buildable, doesn’t crease or oxidize, and it would last the entire day perfectly.

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Sorbic Acidhazard
Bis-PEG/PPG 14/14 Dimethiconehazard
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard

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Profile picture of Madi M. Lee
Madi M. Lee
DryDry Skin
best medium-full coverage foundation for dry skin?! maybe even concealer too???!!!! any drug store foundation i use almost always is patchy on my skin, and doesn’t stick under my eyes. help!!!!
Profile picture of Amanda Dawson
Amanda Dawson
CombinationCombination Skin
I switched from Estée Lauder’s Double Wear to Smashboxs foundation due to the same issues. Patchiness and flaking from my eczema has gone away. I also added Benefits Boing concealer to my routine as it is hydrating too!
Profile picture of Madison Koehn
Madison Koehn
CombinationCombination Skin
I have oily combination skin and am in need of a long wear foundation. Currently using Clinique stay matte and it just looks cakey to me and doesn’t last well. Opinions on any high end foundations for oily skin? Thinking about trying out Chanel.
Profile picture of Jenni Shamon
Jenni Shamon
CombinationCombination Skin
My own face is dry but throughout the day gets a bit oily after a good 6 hours so with foundation on, my face gets shiny and my pores look huge. I used to use Dream Liquid Foundation with Fit Me Loose Powder and it looked extremely cakey and I pretty much settled as though I thought you couldn’t get much better than that for my type of skin. Until I tried Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation ($36 @Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation ). It is pretty full coverage but it’s buildable, also using it with Smashbox Radiance Primer ($39 @Photo Finish Radiance Foundation Primer) is always a plus as it’s tinted so it gives my skin a blank canvas as I have redness in some areas. Sometimes I even only use the primer if I just want something quick and natural. But because my skin does get oily I now set my face with Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder ($8 @Baking Powder ). Don’t get the translucent powder as it has flashback, but I seriously upgraded with my foundation and powder. This powder glides on so smoothly and it’s as if my pores disappear! It holds really well and never gets cakey. But I hope I helped! I know these are pricey but trust me these products will last you. I wear makeup about 3-4 times a week and I’m sure these products could last me a good 2/3 months 🥳
Profile picture of Justina Telega
Justina Telega
CombinationCombination Skin
What are good foundations that are medium-full coverage, natural or matte finish, and not super cakey???
Profile picture of Rae Ann Cantrell McLain
Rae Ann Cantrell McLain
SensitiveSensitive Skin
My favorites are BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer. It’s buildable but not full coverage. My other full coverage favorite is Smashbox. I love it and keep purchasing it again.
Profile picture of abbriella mae
abbriella mae
DryDry Skin
My skin is super dry and i’m looking for any foundation and a primer that will make my skin look natural and dewy. Any recommendations??
Profile picture of Destiny Analise
Destiny Analise
DryDry Skin
This product is extremely hydrating and still looks dewy with setting powder and some highlight💋
Profile picture of Arleigh Ison
Arleigh Ison
CombinationCombination Skin
What is a good foundation I want a medium to full coverage 🥰 drugstore or high end it doesn’t matter
Profile picture of Shelby Townsend
Shelby Townsend
CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve recently started using this one & it’s buildable & it doesn’t look cakey either 🤗
Profile picture of Layla Paugh
Layla Paugh
DryDry Skin
Foundation I need a good foundation for extremely dry skin. i’ve tried Too Faced Born This Way, Makeup Forever Ultra HD stick, Anastasia foundation sticks, none of them work :/ I don’t wanna spend more than $45 help !
Profile picture of Vivian Hurtado
Vivian Hurtado
CombinationCombination Skin
The smashbox foundation is very hydrating and last 24 hours. $38
Profile picture of Jessie Braun
Jessie Braun
DryDry Skin
Do you guys have any recommendations on good foundations for dry skin. Preferably hydrating ❤️ also I’m very fair so a good selection of light shades would be amazingg!
Profile picture of McKenzie Blake
McKenzie Blake
DryDry Skin
This one is hydrating. Has a great shade range and dries down matte but isn’t heavy or cakey.
Profile picture of Kayla
DryDry Skin
What’s the best foundation for dry skin? Preferably full coverage
Profile picture of Bethany Morgan
Bethany Morgan
DryDry Skin
TL;DR: Cheap-Wet n Wild Mid-Smashbox Studio Skin RCMA Foundation High-YSL Touche Éclat Luxury-Chanel Sublimage I also have very dry skin and I know everyone’s skin is different and foundations work differently for everyone, but I’ve tried quite a few foundations and here’s what I thought of them: Sephora Foundation- was fine as far as dryness went but oxidized BAD. I was orange. Lorac Porefection- a little too heavy/dry and oxidized, though not as bad as the Sephora Smashbox Studio- good for dry skin, doesn’t look cakey or dry or flakey, no oxidation, decent coverage Too Faced Born This Way- cracked. I’m sure it would be fine for normal or slightly dry skin, but too dry for my skin. Good coverage though Fenty Pro Filt’r- excellent shade range, great match, just a little too dry for me Wet n wild Photo Focus- great coverage, looked good, just a little too heavy and a tiny bit dry/matte for my taste. I haven’t tried the dewy version though so that could be great Chantecaille Future Skin- mostly looked good and felt good, coverage is more buildable, but it was a teeny bit dry (most people probably would notice but I’m picky) and pilled a little between my eyes RCMA- This stuff looks amazing and stays well if you have dry skin. You barely need any because a tiny bit goes a LOOONG way, very buildable, you can even use it for concealer if you want. I had some other friends try it and one said it felt heavy to her and the other said it’s the best her skin has ever looked, but she has very oily skin and it slipped on her Chanel Sublimage- My favorite foundation ever. Dear. LORD. this stuff is amazing. It’s not super great coverage but it doesn’t matter. It somehow just makes it look like you have great skin. It’s your skin but better. And it looks better as the day goes on. It also has skin care treatments in it so your skin feels good for days after you wear it. Unfortunately it is ridiculously expensive. Chanel Les Beiges- Decent. Skin looks good, medium coverage, doesn’t oxidize. I’d say comparable to the smashbox in terms of how good it is for dry skin. It is cool-toned though. It may look great in some lights then you see yourself in the car mirror and you’re pink/orange. MAC- too dry. I only tried what they tested on my at the counter and didn’t like it. YSL Touche Éclat- Another foundation that looks better the longer you wear it, held up well at the gym, medium-buildable coverage. This one is my current favorite. Also, for dry skin a game changer for me was using a face wash for sensitive skin, a cheap hyaluronic acid serum, and Garnier Skinactive moisturizer.
Profile picture of Lil Nena
Lil Nena
CombinationCombination Skin
Do i guys know a foundation for dry & oily skin? Thats expensive but not too much $20-39ish?
Profile picture of Delia Zhou
Delia Zhou
OilyOily Skin
this foundation is good and looks natural on your skin.
Profile picture of Jennifer Preciado
Jennifer Preciado
DryDry Skin
What is a good full coverage foundation for dry skin? Drug store or high end. I would be open to try both :)
Profile picture of Shelby Townsend
Shelby Townsend
CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve recently started using this one & I like it. It’s a light coverage but it’s buildable, so you could make it as full coverage has you like. It also doesn’t cling to some dry patches I can have on my face.