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Photo Finish Foundation Primer Water by Smashbox

Photo Finish Foundation Primer Water

staying power(371)
pore minimizing(121)
finish: natural
Variation: 1 oz
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this primer keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without allowing my foundation to seep into fine lines and keeps my makeup looking natural and not cakey ( i use the mac studio fix fluid)

- Ulta User

i love this product, it's easy to just spray on before i apply my foundation and then when i finish my makeup to go out for the day and my skins feels so light and refreshed

- Ulta User



this is the best makeup setting spray out there, holds my makeup in place and leaves my skin hydrated all day

- Ulta User

i noticed how hydrating it was and how soft it made my skin feel

- Mecca User

staying power


i helped my makeup look smoother and more natural and last all night long

- Ulta User

i'm on my second bottle of this, my makeup lasts looking brand new all day

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i first use the smashbox pore minimizing primer than spray my face with the primer water and i spray my beauty blender sponge and the finish to my foundation is life i can't believe i lived without this product before, my face is still matte but my complexion is never dull and i hardly even need to spray throughout the day or need any touch-ups but it just blends my foundation and contour flawlessly when i do

- Sephora User

it blurs my pores and leaves my face hydrated, even and perfectly prepped for makeup

- Sephora User

color correction

color correcting

it doesn't blur pores or color correct

- Ulta User

i tend to use this with tarte’s color correcting primer for a perfect look

- Sephora User



i have larger pores around my nose and chin, so i use tarte's timeless smoothing primer to blur those trouble spots, then i spray this all over my face and apply my bb cream/foundation, which stays in place all day

- Sephora User

i constantly get complements about how my skin looks smooth and flawless, and i know it’s this spray

- Sephora User



however i now use my mattifying primer first than apply my base liquid products then spray this let dry then apply my powders then spray again to set it all in place

- Ulta User

i like to spray it all over my face after i moisturize for added hydration (and it really makes the skin feel soft and hydrated) then i put a mattifying or poreless primer on my t-zone and apples of my cheeks because i noticed with just the smashbox spray primer alone my foundation slides around a little esp

- Sephora User



i feel this “primer water” version is incredible specifically for locking in makeup, making it truly last all day while looking naturally radiant, dewy & freshly done

- Sephora User

i have more dry skin and once i mist this all over my face my foundation and all the products on my face look sooooooooo natural and this makes my makeup look good every time

- Sephora User
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Macy's userSeptember 23, 2016

2-drops of skin-loving goodness for women and men!

As Skincare: This is quick-absorbing, lightweight oil, that can be used as a solo daily moisturizer or added to your existing moisturizer for an extra boost (especially to during the cold winter months). I did buy this for my husband to stop eczema that he had on his face (the eczema created dark patches on his cheeks), because heaven forbid that he puts anything "girly" or "like makeup" on his face. He used it for a month 2x a day (morning and night). His dry patches did not "look" dry for at least 12 hours, and by the end of the month we noticed that the dark patches were starting to fade.With Makeup: I started using primer oil (only 2 drops) on my face to prep my skin after moisturizer and before liquid foundation and bb/cc cream. I have combination skin (very oily T-zone and very dry everywhere else). I also stopped using regular primer just to see how it affects my foundation. Immediately noticed no skin reaction, no excess greasiness, and it did not break up my foundation after several hours of wear. Itried it without setting my foundation/bb/cc cream with powder and saw a natural finish to my look. Again my makeup did not separate. I have also used this with my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit to make it more blendable and it did not add any excess oil either.Other uses: I have used it as cuticle oil and also as a hair mask with great results.Best product hands down! Less

- Macy's
ulta.com userJune 21, 2019

My New Holy Grail of Primers

I have used so many different primers that I actually have an entire drawer full, from low end (ELF) to high end (YSL) and they never really did what they promised. I suffer from combination dry skin and my makeup always seems to crease or crack throughout the day, especially on my forehead and my smile line area and this primer has changed my life! I know that sounds cheesy but it is seriously a game changer. I thought that no way an oil primer would do much but my face is now so dewy but not oily and smooth. I apply my regular moisturizer in the morning, let is absorb then I rub in the Primer Oil and let is absorb for about 10 minutes and by the time I start applying my foundation (with a sponge) it just applies like a dream. And I use all different types of foundation depending on the mood I'm in, but it applies beautifully which each foundation and it lasts all day. I'm recommending this to all of my friends. Not sure how it would effect people with oily skin but my regular t-zone oily areas are no longer an issue either, if I start to feel dry, I'll just mist my face with some water (Evian spray) or a dewy mister (Tatcha) and I feel so refreshed and beautiful. I'm so happy that I finally discovered a primer that works so beautifully for me, worth every penny. Less

- ulta.com
Birchbox userMarch 18, 2016

Why, Smashbox? Why?

Let me preface this by saying that the Smashbox Primer Water is a part of my everyday makeup routine. I was skeptical about using this oil on my combo skin but I was skeptical about the primer water as well and now I cannot do my makeup without it (I have back ups). Unfortunately, this primer lived up to my greaseball nightmares! This never dried down, made foundation application more difficult and my makeup just smeared across my face. Even my beloved primer water could not save the situation. If you have combo or oily skin and plan on reaching for this; go for it. Reach for this primer oil and then drop it in the nearest trash can. Awful product. Wonderful brand. 

- Birchbox
Sephora userJune 29, 2016

Love it

I received a deluxe sample using my BI points.I was skeptical since I do everything I can to keep my skin from being oily, and I also just can not get on this "Dewey makeup" train. I don't like my makeup to look wet, so I just don't understand this fad. I decided to try this because while I have pretty oily skin, I also have some SERIOUS dryness around my nose and a few other spots, to the point where my makeup looks flakey. My skin is also very sensitive and I have to be careful what I put on it or I break out like crazy.To my absolute delight, I discovered this stuff is a dream. I exfoliate, moisturize, then apply this oil and let it sink in. My makeup goes on flawlessly, and stays flawless almost all day. I should say I DO use a finishing powder over my foundation, as well as UD De-slick mattifying powder, so that helps. But because of this primer oil, the dry spots have completely disappeared and everything goes on perfectly even.Can't say enough about this stuff, I love it, I've ordered a full size bottle and I plan to continue! Less

- Sephora
ulta.com userFebruary 20, 2016


So I received this product as a sample from one of those monthly things and was skeptical to say the least. the idea of putting oil on my face frightened me. I am in my 30's and have long surpassed my years of breakouts and did not want to go down that road again. On the contrary, I suffer from the combination skin rhelm; one day oily, the next day so dry my face literally itches. When I received the sample it admittedly sat on my vanity for a few days, taunting me, daring me to just give it a try. And then, I caved. I ran out o fmy trusted daily moisturizer on a day that I was pressed for time and my face was dry as could be. I used it and prayed to the heavens that I did not have a huge pus filled nodule on my nose by lunch. Soon I forgot that I even used the product, but then people throughout the day started looking at me funny. I was forsure I had a pimple smack dab on my forehead. But then a co-worker looked at me and said "My God your skin looks amazing!" Dumbfounded I ran to the bathroom and actually looked at myself in the mirror. Even I, who looks at myself on a daily basis, noticed a difference THE VERY FIRST DAY! My skin was so smooth, so soft, so buttery, wasnt shiny, looked radiant. I walked around with my nose in the air the rest of the day, I will admit it (haha). By the end of the night when it was time to wash my face, I found myself looking in the mirror yet again amazed by how well my make up stayed throught the day. I didnt look tired, my makeup was smudged or worn. It honestly looked like I just applied it.The next night I bought TWO bottles, just in case they sell out or they stop making it. I have never been more thoroughly impressed with a facial product before. Its been a month since I've been using it and guess what? Not one single blemish. Some of my old acne scars have actually gone away and I find my skin looking so amazing I prefer to no longer wear foundation. It is well worth the money, your skin will thank you. Less

- ulta.com


Polysorbate 80hazard

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SensitiveSensitive Skin
I asked this a few days ago but no one answered so I thought I’d try again. I need a recommendation on a good setting spray. I’ve been using NYX setting spray and although I love the brand, the setting spray does not keep my makeup from disappearing before the work day is over. I have to reapply my bronzer, blush and highlighter at lunch. What’s a good spray that will last all day? I can’t afford more than $20. Please help me!!!!
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Best. Setting. Spray. EVER!!! I go swimming with a full face of makeup on and I know I’m not gonna end up with raccoon eyes or my face melting off because this setting spray has your back. It also doesn’t have denatured alcohol in it either which I love cause that dries out my skin in a snap! I hope this helps! :)
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Would combination skin work better with dewy or matte setting spray ? I’ve been using the Mario badescu rose water mist as setting spray but it just doesn’t set anything..
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Beth Jansen
SensitiveSensitive Skin
This helps my makeup last through anything!! It even holds up through sweating and swimming!! Hope this helps! :)
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Hey :) I am looking for a good primer to go under my makeup that isn’t silicone based and won’t make me oily at the end of the day but isn’t too mattifying or drying. Does anyone have anything that works well for them? Preferably from the drugstore or affordable :)
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Love this one!!!
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What’s a good setting spray to stay 8 hours for someone with acne and oily skin and large pores?
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Any other really great setting sprays bedsides the Urban Decay All Nighter ?
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What is the best setting spray to use? I’ve been using the morphe setting spray and I love it but I ran out and I want to try something new! Any suggestions?
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For the drugstore, try @Matte Setting Spray For a reasonable price, try @Morphe x Jeffree Star Set & Refresh Mist And for high end, try @Photo Finish Foundation Primer Water
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Anyone have any recommendations for water based primers? I’m currently using a water based foundation (for combo skin) and looking for a primer to match.
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My holy grail💖