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Photo Finish Foundation Primer


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Okay for combination skin

"...i have moderate combination skin, no acne, no scarring and this is the best primer i've used because it is matte and my foundation blends flawlessly with this..."

- Sephora User

"...i have very sensitive combination skin and this is by far the best primer i have ever used..."

- Ulta User
"i am absolutely in love with the foundation primer my makeup lasts all day and i love how smooth my skin feels"
- Smashbox User
"i like how soft and smooth this makes my skin feel after spf - adds to the natural look i am comfortable with"
- Sephora User
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"i love how lightweight this product is"
- Ulta User
"i love this primer for face, its texture is very soft and absorbed completely, leaving a very light finish on the skin, when we apply the base is very accurate and perfect"
- Sephora User
staying powerlonglasting
"it really helps my foundation go on more evenly and stay put all day"
- Birchbox User
"it will create an awesome base for foundation, even out lines, and stays for 8+ hours"
- Ulta User
"enter the smashbox photo finish primer: unscented, mattifying, smooth, easy to apply texture, and my foundation in my t-zone area stays in place all day"
- Sephora User
"i can't believe how mattifying this product is for my skin, and it makes that freshly-applied-makeup look last almost all day, with very little touch up needed"
- Sephora User
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Sephora User
Longlasting, hydrating, pore minimizing
I've been using this facial primer for years now and have used up three tubes. This stuff is truly amazing. Why is a face primer so crucial? You apply it onto your face before makeup and after skincare so it creates a base between them. This makes sure that your makeup doesn't go on to moist skin which can ruin powder textures. Face primer also minimizes OIL, PORES, and FINE LINES. This is amazing if you have aging or oily skin - but works just fine for dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, etc. Finally (this is why I mainly use it) this keeps your face products staying on all day. It's blend of silicones causes my thickest concealers to apply like heaven and it makes sure that my foundation looks gorgeous, not a dark spot to be seen. I applied a pea size amount onto the forehead and a bit under the eyes and around the nose. I have normal/dry/slightly combination skin so I'm not as worried about oil. I also am relatively young so my skin has not gone through much of an aging process yet. Nether less this primer is crucial in any makeup routine if you want to achieve skin that looks and stays FLAWLESS ALL DAY LONG. Personally I like the packaging with the pump better because this allows you to use up every single drop, but for some reason I only saw this in a one ounce size in a tube. The tube packaging is good also, but you might end up wasting a bit that sticks to the sides of the tube. I like to use the shade Original, or the clear one but the tinted shades can help even out skin tones or brighten up your face, so notice those while choosing what to buy. « less
Sephora User
Matte, hydrating, lightweight
I have been looking for a good primer for some time now. I was extremely excited earlier this year when Sephora sent me a lab sample of the original Smashbox Photofinish primer. While the primer worked wonders for my makeup it was very cakey and dry for my combination skin and as much as i loved the flawless finish it gave my skin, it just didnt work for me. I was upset. So i had gone back to my old standby, the Velvet Skin Coat from DHC. While I love how it makes my skin feel and the moisture it gives it, I need more of a dewey look as opposed to the flawless matte finish the Velvet gives. So yet again I made a trip to Sephora to ask for help. And I see the Smashbox set-up and go over to take another look at the Photofinish. And then I saw this! The Lighter Luminating version. I called over an associate and he told me to definately try it, that it was for dryer skin and a light dewey bright look. I trust Sephora and its associates so I bought it without hesitation. And I have absolutely no regrets. Best primer I've ever used, hands down. Definately get it or at least make a trip to Sephora to use a try-me and see how it works for you.
Ulta User
Not smooth, drying, heavy
I received this primer in a beauty subscription box. I wanted to like it so bad, but it just made my makeup look horrible. I have dry skin and this accentuated pores I never knew I had. My skin is usually pretty clear and smooth, but this made it look bumpy and clumpy and cakey. Especially on my nose. My friends who have oily skin love this primer, but it just did not work for me. So sad. If you have dry skin or kp stay away from this product!


Compared to other face primers, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of hazardous materials.
45 ingredients

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