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O-Gloss by Smashbox


staying power(110)
chapped lips(258)
pigmentation: sheer
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not sticky

i'm not a big fan of plumping but this does give me a nice natural plump and the gloss goes on smooth and is long lasting (not sticky at all- love it

- Sephora User

i really love how it feels on your lips as well never sticky or tacky just light and airy and very nice overall

- Viewpoints User

staying power


this gloss "stays" on for a long time-helps to keep lips moist andhas a great shine

- Sephora User

i know it doesn't have super long lasting stay but it is such a simple product, made with great stuff and gives your lips a perfect pop of color

- Sephora User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

it does make your lips look more plump w/o being overbearingly shiny or pouty

- Sephora User

what i adore is this moisturizes and makes my lips feel and look wonderful

- Sephora User



its super glossy without feeling sticky or heavy on my lips

- Sephora User

this gloss comes out as a heavy clear gloss and turns into a shade of darker pink that is perfect for me, so it really works

- Smashbox User



the texture is nice and creamy, not sticky at all

- Sephora User

the texture is perfect — thick and luxurious and smooth

- Sephora User



the texture is smooth and glossy, perfectly natural - just better

- Sephora User

not sticky at all, but almost a creamy texture that lasts and lasts

- Sephora User



a simple sheer pink that beautifully blends with your natural color

- Beautybridge User

it goes on clear, but then creates a personalized shade of sheer pink that's so beautiful and complements my skin tone perfectly

- Sephora User
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sephora userJune 01, 2011

Great in-between gloss and color

I am a bit of a lip-product junkie, but really hate wearing heavy lipsticks or stuff that dries my lips out, so I am always on the hunt for a good gloss. Usually glosses are too sheer or too gloopy, and this one is neither; it adds a nice amount of color, yet doesn't leave a dark stain when you kiss someone. Hydrates lips well, and lasts a reasonable amount of time to boot.

- sephora
Sephora userJuly 20, 2012

gimmicky and only average

doesn't really "reacts with your personal skin chemistry" ... it turns pink even if you put some on a tissue (without letting it touch your skin)! not hydrating or long lasting, there are much better glosses out there. disappointing because I love many other Smashbox products. the only real "plus" i can think of -- it's not sticky at all. 

- Sephora
viewpoints.com userFebruary 23, 2011

Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss gives you the perfect color

Env: developmentSmashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss is this wonderful little tube packed full of goodness and magic inside! Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss starts out as a clear gloss and when you apply it to your lips it suddenly transforms in a couple seconds into the perfect shade of pink just for you! It looks different on everyone, on me it shows up as a deep bold pink whereas on my sister it is a pale but very shiny pink color. Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss really hydrates your lips and it never feels tacky or sticky, it does give you tons and tons of high shine though while it is busy hydrating your perfectly colored pout. For a while Smashbox was giving this away as a sample with orders online but I do not think that they are anymore. It might seem a bit pricey at twenty-two dollars for a tube, but a small amount goes a long long way with this wonderful product and after you use it once you'll see that it's worth the price because of how little you use and how long lasting that it is.Env: development Less

- viewpoints.com
Sephora userDecember 11, 2013

HG Pink Gloss

This is the perfect gloss for Summer. It's completely transparent, has a beautiful pink glow, like a stain, and is literally the least sticky gloss I've ever felt. It coats the lips and then just- stays put. It's like magic. It doesn't dry or set, but my hair doesn't stick to it, and I can rub my lips together forever and just feel gloss gliding across gloss (instead of that weird tacky feeling, or greasy transfer most glosses give). It's hard to explain exactly how good this gloss is without actually using is. I try to find replacements, but nothing compares to this moisturizing, smooth product that gives the illusion of perfect pink lip with a clear gloss. 

- Sephora
Sephora userSeptember 17, 2010

The Perfect Gloss!

I was a little wary of this product because I was afraid that it might turn my lips bright hot pink (I think I was having scary flashbacks to those "mood" lipsticks that were popular in the 80's!) Well, let me tell you, this is a lip gloss for the new millennium! It goes on clear and then turns a really nice, natural pink - kind of a natural lip shade, only kicked up a notch. (at least on me - you may want to try in-store before buying this because the color is different depending on the PH of your skin). The texture is nice and creamy, not sticky at all. This stuff lasts for a while, at least for a gloss, and seems to moisturize pretty well. There is no detectable scent or taste. Can't wait to try the new berry shade that just came out. This really is one of my favorite new products! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2074834676722287806-full" data-show="-2074834676722287806-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Soybean oilacne
Avocado oilacne

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