24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox

24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer


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staying powerlonglasting
"i use it with my urban decay makeup palette (sorry smashbox but ud has better eyeshadows) and it makes my eyeshadow last through 12 hour + hospital shifts,late night dates, and sweaty workouts"
- Ulta User
"this lasts all day long and stands up to moisture"
- Ulta User
"keeps eyeshadow; powders and creams in place and doesn't dry or flake"
- Sephora User
"i also love the silky, smooth texture of it, it feels moisturizing"
- Ulta User
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Sephora User
Hydrating, longlasting
I got a sample of this, and I'll definitely be buying the full tube when it runs out. It works incredibly well when it comes to keeping your eyeshadow in place - I've used it several times on 90+ degree days and everything stays put. My one complaint is it will sometimes leave white spots if I don't blend it super well, or if I accidentally get a little dab next to my eye or something. Of course those spots don't turn white until the stuff dries, and then it's IMPOSSIBLE to wipe them off. But if you're careful, that shouldn't happen.
Sephora User
Hydrating, longlasting
I have ONE hooded eye, it is so annoying. I blame it on the fact that I am half Japanese and half Mexican, haha. I have dry skin, but for whatever reason my hooded eye is always really oily. There has not been one day of my life (since I started wearing makeup) that I haven't had my eyeliner end up on my eyelid or my eyeliner on the outside corner of my eyes. If i don't catch it in time, it'll look like my eyeliner is melting off my face. I felt like I had tried all eyeliners that claimed to be waterproof and smudge proof, but none ever left me satisfied. Not even Stila's #1 Best Selling Liquid Eyeliner (that's what I'm currently wearing these days). Walked into Sephora earlier this weekend and the MUA suggested this to me. ALL PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN SOLVED. I put makeup on around 6:40am, leave for work, and I don't get back from work until around 5:30pm. I work out afterwards for about an hour, and I'm talking HEAVY sweat, and my eyeliner now stays put. I LOVE IT! The tube might look small for $20, but it is mighty and you don't need a lot because a little goes along way. I am so happy with this product! I would recommend it to everyone
Sephora User
Hydrating, longlasting
As other reviews have stated, a little goes a long way. Letting this primer rest on your eyelids for a few minutes helps the products you put on top of them look better and have better staying power. A make-up artist told me each layer of product needs to rest. Since I started following that advice, my make-up has looked better and had better staying power. The one thing about this product is in the container. I have had two in a row where the seam on the back of the tube starts to separate. Since I need to use so little, the tube gets used a lot and starts to split. Then the product dries out. So an improvement for that would make this product perfect.


Compared to other eye primers, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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