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for me, having really dry, mature skin, the thing i like best about this product is that it is an excellent moisturizer

- Lovelyskin User

keeps skin fresh looking and helps combat wrinkles

- Complete Skin Care User



i love how gentle it is

- Drugstore User

i love it it is very gentle and does a great job

- Skinceuticals User



i recently purchased the advance brightining kit and have been using it for 2 weeks and so far i love it

- Walmart User

i use it every morning before my sunscreen and moisturizer and i truly believe it has brightened, moisturized and evened out the tone on my dull/damaged skin

- Walmart User



this is the best product i have ever used for my hyper-pigmentation and, additionally, it left my skin very soft and smooth, despite not using the whole recommended amount

- Walmart User

i love this product, it has helped my melasma and makes my skin clear, smooth, protected and lovely

- Drugstore User



#antiageinghydration #amazing #smoothskininabottle #betterskintomorrowfromtoday #skinceuticalsdeliversresults

- Skinceuticals User

skinceuticals epidermal repair has been a facesaver for me through the past winter following laser reatments, keeping my skin hydrated and protected, moist and youthful

- Dermstore User



my wrinkles were in fact lessened ovee night

- Skinceuticals User

with use, i have a decrease in fine lines and “plumper” texture to my skin

- Lovelyskin User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

my skin feels great and my pores look better

- Walmart User

i am in love at how well it smooths the skin on my face and helps my pores to shrink

- Dermstore User


good for acne

i was skeptical because i have literally tried everything on the market; i have combination skin, am prone to breakouts, and while fighting fine lines and age spots

- Walmart User

i need to search no more, and have finally i found it - best blemish control on the market

- Activeskin User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

this serum has really evened out my skins texture

- Skinceuticals User

this has improved the texture and tone of my skin, and i'm very impressed

- Drugstore User


redness relief

i am on my second bottle of the redness neutralizer and it is the first product for redness that has actually worked for me

- Lovelyskin User

love this skinceuticals redness neutraliser

- Dermacaredirect User



my skin just feels healthier and i love how lightweight and gentle this product feels on my face

- Skinceuticals User

this is lightweight, yet has great effects

- Skinceuticals User


reduces puffiness

my eyes looked tired from bags under the eye and dark circles and dry patches

- Walmart User

after the first time using this eye cream, my eyes look vibrant, no dry patches, it helped the fine lines and the dark circles have diminished

- Walmart User
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May 29, 2014

Better than CE Ferulic!

Why is it better? Because Resveratrol can actually promote collagen synthesis and doesn't oxidize like crazy how L-Ascorbic acid does. By the time you get your CE Ferulic and most other liquid L-Ascorbic acids, the stuff has already oxidized to a degree. It should be clear if it hasn't been oxidized yet! Its usually a shade of yellow by the time you get it and then turns brown.If you are applying oxidized CE Ferulic to your face you are also applying free radicals to your face. Leading to further inflammation, damage, and definitely a decrease in collagen production. You may get some UV protection from it, but its not going to boost any collagen.For the price, there are better options that protect and boost collagen! Don't get hung up on a name brand, because they sometimes rest on their laurels once they have a big following going.That being said, their new Resveratrol BE is a very good product. Its a very potent Anti-oxidant that is less prone to oxidation and is also being protected by the vitamin E in it for preservation.This stuff shrinks your pores, has evened out my skin tone after a few weeks, and after using it a month, I have noticed the fine lines around the side of my eyes fading to almost nothing!For the money, I would go with this Skin Ceuticals Resveratrol BE over their CE Ferulic any day. You wont have to worry about sticking it into the refrigerator either to slow down oxidation. To me the best vitamin C form, bar none, is the Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. It has an 18 month shelf life from the dreaded oxidation, it penetrates deep, and binds in with the lower lipid layer in the skin so it can do its work.Also, some people are resistant to attaining the collagen synthesis benefits of the L-Ascorbic form of vitamin C for some reason. Those same people have achieved the collagen synthesis benefit, from the THD form of C. It is also much less aggravating to the skin compared to L-Ascorbic acid.All I am saying is, after much personal trial & error, money spent, and research done, there are better Vitamin C serums out there for UV protection AND the boosting of Collagen Synthesis. Do your homework first, before spending the money on a hyped product.Rant over!, The SC Resveratrol serum is a great product. To me it is similar to the Premier Cru Caudalie line, but has a highly potent concentration of the vital Resveratrol ingredient in the SkinCeuticals product. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="172256251626328119-full" data-show="172256251626328119-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

walmart user
February 19, 2019

I wish I started using this years ago!

Phenomenal skin almost instantaneously, I kid you not! by I am a skincare junkie and I tend to do massive amounts of research before trying any product. I am also 29 years old and I have oily, acne prone skin but I also smoked from the age of 18 to 28, thankfully I have been able to quit but it was too late since I have smoke lines near my lips and wrinkles on my forehead. Anyway like I mentioned, I have tried a decent amount of skincare products in my day and lately I have been using several “trendy” brand name AHA/BHA products with moderate success but I swear they are the cause of some breakouts I have been getting on my chin, and I have never thought about using a vitamin c based product before. My mother, who is 67 years old but looks only 50 years old, has amazing, smooth and clear skin. I asked her what her secret was and she told me that all she really uses is skinceuticals ce ferulic each morning. I had never heard of skinceuticals before but I finally tried the ce ferulic two days ago and I think I found one of the most miraculous skincare products I've ever used. I usually wait to review items until I feel like enough time has passed to give them a proper chance but after the first day of using this my nasty smokers lines look diminished and what I'm really excited about is that it faded old acne scars significantly, in just two days. Also the exsisting pimples I had on my chin are clearing up, my pores look tighter, it gives my skin an instant glow. This is the only new product I've added to my regimen recently so i have to attribute the past two days significant progress to ce ferulic. Like the other reviewers mentioned, it does smell kind of like hot dogs when you first put it on but I can get past that because it's incredibly efficient. So far it hasn't caused any pore congestion or irritation,and it's formula is not greasy, gives you a glow. Everyone's skin is different but Let's just say I have been using other brands for two months and have yet to review them, I have been using skinceuticals ce ferulic for two days and I cannot stop raving. user
October 22, 2014

:( Sorry to report

Sorry for the bad news about his product, however I have extremely sensitive skin. The cream turned my face fire engine red with puffiness. My skin felt hot to the touch like a sunburn and it really stung for about 5 hours. I do not recommend anyone with perioral dermatitis, rosacea, or any other type of irritating skin problems to use this cream, however that does not mean that it might not work for others. We all have different skin types. Lovely skin does understand that and this is one reason I love doing business with them. They are fantastic and so loyal to their customers! 

walmart user
March 18, 2016

One of the best skin treatments out there

This is such a wonderful serum. Application is straighforward but you need to alway put on sun block before stepping out. This serum has helped brighten my Asian skin tone tremendously! I will turn 40 this year and my skin looks better now than ever before in my entire life! Pores and lines have minimized exponentially. My freckles and uneven skin tone have disappeared. Acne scars are gone. I must add that I was using retin A for about months before adding CEFerulic to my daily regimen. I love love love it! Those who Are complaining that it leaves a sticky feeling on skin... It goes away after you apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Don't skip moisturizer!!! I've only using this product for about 1 month and since then I have received countless compliments on my skin. Strangers, especially women, would come up to me to tell me that my skin looks fabulous!). I feel so bad about the women who experienced severe burns to her face after using it under the sun. I have never sunbathed with his serum but i been exposed to the sun and have never experienced anything close to skin irritation. I always wear sunscreen even when I am indoors. But everyone's skin reacts differently so we should definitely take caution. Another word of advice to you ladies out there-- If you want good skin, don't sunbathe---at least not for too long. Your skin will thank you especially after hitting 30's and beyond! Never get lazy with sunscreen! user
March 11, 2012


I admit it: I'm way too obsessed with trying out new skin care products, even when I find one that works well, so it speaks volumes when I actually stick with one. A.G.E. Eye Complex is a staple, and one that I've repurchased several times. I actually use it only at night so I can try others out for daytime use (this satisfies my weird craving to try new things while still reaping the benefits of A.G.E. Eye Complex). Even with once daily use, this has given me utterly new, glowing, firm, milia-free, dark circle-free, bright skin around my eyes. I've stuck with this for almost two years, which is a record for me, because it absolutely does what it says. As with any product, it takes a few weeks to see full results, but it's totally worth the wait. It's so gentle and applies smoothly, hydrating intensely to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. My fine lines have become invisible since I started with this product. It's a little pricey, but you really need such a teeny tiny bit as it's very rich while still feeling light. So, that's my humble opinion. I hope it helps if you're trying to decide to take the plunge with this little gem of an eye cream! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="866262962199151291-full" data-show="866262962199151291-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

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