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Skincare Tips While Wearing a PPE mask

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
Skincare Tips While Wearing a PPE mask

Keep your skin safe and healthy while wearing a PPE mask with these tips.

To say that things are different in 2020 would be an understatement. We’re working from home, holding Zoom happy hours, and need protective PPE masks in public as we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic. Masks and cloth face coverings are strongly recommended in many (if not most) shops and essential businesses, while medical and essential workers are required to wear these masks every day on the job. Despite being a necessity to keep others safe, these masks can cause a range of skin issues.

Those who wear PPE masks daily have reported pressure marks, sores, and cystic acne - caused by pressure and friction as the fabric rubs against the skin, along with the general stress that comes with this pandemic. While it may not be realistic to refrain from wearing a mask right now, especially for essential workers, there are ways to gently care for your skin while wearing a PPE mask, helping you come out of this crisis with clearer skin and a clearer mind.

Don’t wear (face) makeup

Source: Milani

This is one of the most important skincare tips to follow as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, for a variety of reasons. Since the fabric of your mask is already risking irritation to your skin, adding face products like foundation and concealer can just make things worse and start causing breakouts. Not to mention that makeup will likely be covered up and/or rubbed off by your mask anyway, and going bare-faced will give your skin a much-needed break. If you really need to be creative and play with makeup, try going for a simple eyeshadow look instead.

Protect the skin’s moisture barrier

Garnier Skinactive Moisture Repair
Source: Garnier

Hydration is your friend. Moisture is what keeps your skin from becoming dull or acne-prone under your mask, especially when you’re constantly moving around or sweating at work. In addition to your regular skincare routine that’s (hopefully) packed with hyaluronic acid, the Skinactive Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream is a lightweight, ultra-affordable daily moisturizer with powerful antioxidants and minerals to lock in hydration and protect the skin’s moisture barrier against environmental factors and daily stress… like you know, a global pandemic.

Wear a hydrating face mask

Source: Summer Fridays

That’s right, the good kind of face mask. The best skincare tips make you look and feel your best, especially in times like these, and that means a vacation from the stress with the Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays. This cream features a 100% clean and natural formula that pumps your skin with a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, and antioxidants, plus it’s just a major self-care moment.

Apply Vitamin C

Source: Mario Badescu

Vitamin C is one of the top skincare tips that we all need in our routine, yet is not produced naturally by the body. This nutrient boosts collagen production to accelerate the healing of wounds, while treating discoloration and dullness in the skin caused by your PPE mask. Oh, and it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles to help skin look younger and fresher. Need we say more? Drop a bit of the Vitamin C Serum by Mario Badescu into your daily moisturizer, or wear it alone, for a gentle boost of radiance and skin health.

Use healing ointment

Source: Aquaphor

While prevention is key, it’s not always realistic. You may find yourself with a mask breakout that moisturizer alone won’t fix, and need to take a stronger approach to skincare. Why not use the top-rated Healing Ointment from Aquaphor that Beyonce herself once admitted to wearing every night? This ointment is gentle and effective on all skin types, and has been known to treat conditions like eczema or chronic acne.

Keep your skin healthy and happy as you stay safe by trying some of these community recommended beauty products listed above.