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Profile picture of Bethany Simpson
Bethany Simpson
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Good serums for dry skin and redness? I have tried the ordinary but it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin enough
Profile picture of Tammy Dawn Lockhart Wierwille
Tammy Dawn Lockhart Wierwille
MatureMature Skin
There’s an essence you mix with your moisturizer I love it - the ingredient urea in it!! I can’t live without this stuff It’s affordable too
Profile picture of Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller
DryDry Skin
What’s the best cleanser ? Can be high end or drugstore , I have acne prone skin! I’ve been using cetaphil but found it it’s not the best on your skin and my skin has been worse since using.
Profile picture of Kaitlyn P
Kaitlyn P
DryDry Skin
I use this cleanser and it has worked wonders for my dry, acne prone skin!
Profile picture of Mahealani 🌔
Mahealani 🌔
OilyOily Skin
Anyone know what a good overnight pimple treatment is for oily acne prone skin? I’m using Shea moisture drying lotion but it’s not quite taking care of my bumps and pimples overnight or in three nights actually
Profile picture of Callie Cox
Callie Cox
CombinationCombination Skin
^ whats above OR a general salicylic acid. Clinique has one i used to swear buy (its def pricer but it erased my pimple over night somehow, especially when i was a hormonal teen) and The ordinary has one as well thats good and a fairer price! if your feeling like splurging peter thomas roth has a sulfer mask that is amazing for acne! you can use it as a spot treatment or put it where you need it, mask 10 mins then wash off!