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Phyto Levres Perfect Lipliner by Sisley

Phyto Levres Perfect Lipliner



Sunflower Oil 葵花籽油, 葵花油, 向日葵籽油, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 雙-二甘油多脂酰己二酸酯-2, ..., Polyethylene 聚乙烯, Hexadecanoic acid 2-ethylhexyl ester 棕櫚酸異辛酯, 棕櫚酸乙基己酯, 棕櫚酸鹽, vitamin E 生育醇, 生育酚, 維他命E, 維生素E, ..., Diisostearyl malate 二異硬脂醇蘋果酸酯, Synthetic wax 合成臘, 合成蠟, Stearyl dimethicone 硬脂基二甲基聚矽氧烷, 硬脂基聚二甲矽氧烷, Zeolite 沸石, 硅藻土, Buxus Chinensis Oil 荷荷葩油, 荷荷巴油, 荷荷芭油, 霍霍巴油, ..., Iron Oxides 氧化鐵, Red 7 紅 7, Safflower Oil 紅花油, 紅花籽油, Squalane 角鯊烷, Titanium Dioxide 二氧化鈦, Barbados Aloe 吉拉索蘆薈, 庫拉索蘆薈, 翠葉蘆薈, 洋蘆薈, ..., Mica 雲母, Hydrogenated Polydicyclopentadiene 氫化聚二環戊二烯

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Debenhams user
February 20, 2017

Stunningly beautiful

I can't believe how sensational this lip liner is....After reading fantastic reviews on other sites, I am so pleased that I decided to spend that little bit extra and give it a go..My lips have never looked so perfect.. I purchased in coral and used the pencil to cover all my lips..The brush on the pencil is brilliant and assists in giving the lips a professional outline...My YSL lipstick went so smoothly on top and lasted all night and I received so many compliments..This product has a celebrity seal attached to it and I can't praise it highly enough..

Nordstrom user
June 5, 2018

eye twist

The Sisley rep used this to line my eyes. It's starts out great., however, once the tip flattens there is no sharpener and it is very difficult to apply. The line will be thick and most of the product goes onto my eyelashes. Brushing off my eyelashes, now results in flakes all over my face. So, once all is cleaned up and line tweaked, it does look nice and last all day. No problem with removing. My color is Marine and I noticed last week that Chanel has a sharpening eyeliner in the same color and I am now wearing with no application difficulty. user
October 16, 2018

Wonderful versatile waterproof colour

I had the opportunity to use this product as a SpaceNK gift and I dare say I was very pleased with the results. I have it in shade 1, Topaze. It is very easy to apply, it glides on like butter, it has a very smooth texture, it is indeed long lasting, and it has multiple uses. I am so pleased about the formula that I intend to purchase several other shades. It ticks all the boxes. Just lovely!

Nordstrom user
October 4, 2015

Love These

I have one in khaki which is a pretty green that works beautifully with my brown eyes. I also have the topaz which is a pretty golden brown. I am also thinking of purchasing the Havana. I have oily lids and use a primer under these. I use them as shadows and apply on lid and use a brush to blend. They have not creased on me, and last all day. I find they apply evenly and blend nicely. I do use a separate eye liner to finish my look like I do with other shadows. These are great if you like this type of shadow. The tip is a little large and not really sharp, which I don't mind as I use them as a shadow and only as a bit of color on lower lash line. I have read mixed reviews but these work beautifully on me. They are perfect for travel as well. I hope they keep adding more colors! user
December 4, 2015

A lovely high end, high gloss product. Good coverage and a cooler nude shade with more of a cool pigment/tone than some of the nudes that have a warmer pigment.Goes on well, is moisturising rather than drying and is a robust gloss with a slightly tacky feel but not as bad as some out there that feel like jam on your lips.Does it last all day? No it's a gloss and will require re-application if you want your lips to look like the paint job on a newly sprayed sports car.I love it but have started to use it as a top coat over darker lipstick for the winter season - Sisley lipstick Rose Cashmere.

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