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Simple Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Know About

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 14, 2020
Simple Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Know About

Keep it simple with these casual makeup looks

If you’re just getting started in the beauty world, the makeup process can seem a bit intimidating at first. You’re constantly exposed to glamor shots and 20-step makeup tutorials on social media, and even the “no makeup” makeup looks usually require 10+ products to complete. Like, what? But there are plenty of simple makeup looks that let you express your creativity in a beautiful way, while staying within your comfort zone and not spending too much time trying to prevent eyeshadow fallout. Because that’s the worst.

You may have heard the more basic and simple makeup tips, such as not applying too much blush or choosing the wrong shade of foundation… but it goes way beyond that. Did you know that you can use old eyeshadow to create a gorgeous colored eyeliner look? Or that you can make your liner basically invisible through an underrated technique called tightlining? Real queens fix each other’s foundation, and you’ll always be feeling beautiful in your own, extremely natural-looking skin with these simple makeup looks you need to try.

Mint Eyeshadow

Prismatic Eyeshadow in Mermaid by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

In reality, just about any wash of a single eyeshadow color can be considered a simple makeup look. And a gorgeous one, at that. But we’re obsessed with mint green, an underrated color that looks sweet on everybody. It’s refreshing and radiant when swiped across your lids, giving off summery vibes no matter what season it is. And while mint green is technically a pastel color, it’s vibrant enough to make you look bold in the most subdued way. You’ll definitely turn a few heads, but you’ll still fit in when doing everyday or simple makeup looks. After applying the best eye primer, sweep on a mint green shade like the Prismatic Eyeshadow in Mermaid by NYX Professional Makeup. It’s one of the best simple makeup tips that remind you of all the best things in life: mint ice cream, spring days, and macaroons. And now, mint green makeup looks!

Bare face and red lips

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncensored by Fenty Beauty
Source: Fenty Beauty

If you just read the header and instantly thought “French girl,” we like the way you think. Indeed, these naturally glamorous women are known for their ability to look incredibly put-together without even trying… thanks to simple makeup looks that generally highlight only one feature on the face. In this case, it’s the lips. French girls love to leave their face and eyes mostly bare, while swiping on a red lipstick for a boost of glamour and confidence. And while red lips are a cult favorite trend that have graced dozens of magazine covers and red carpets, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it while waiting in line to get your coffee. Use one of the most iconic beauty products of all time to create your best simple makeup looks, as it only takes a few minutes to apply while creating an instant sense of sophistication and style. Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncensored is a Fenty Beauty favorite that will help you channel your inner French girl, mixed with Rihanna, for your best simple makeup looks.

Dewy Skin

GLOWSTARTER Mega-Illuminating Moisturizer by GLAMGLOW

Luminous skin is always in, and there are about a million beauty products and simple makeup tips to help you glow all out. Maybe you’re a fan of the GLOWSTARTER Mega-Illuminating Moisturizer by GLAMGLOW, which features pearl particles for illumination, plus a blend of jojoba oil, shea butter, and ceramides to restore the skin’s moisture balance… making you look that much more glowy. If you’d rather get a literal drop of radiance, the Rainforest Of The Sea Radiance Drops by Tarte will help take your glow to the next level. Infused with coconut, maracuja, and jojoba oils along with Vitamin E and squalane, you just need to place a few drops into your moisturizer or foundation to get the dewy skin of your dreams. Simple makeup looks never go out of style, and you’ll always be ready to radiate with these makeup and skin care favorites by your side.

Tightlining your eyes

Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil by Essence
Source: Essence

The ultimate lazy girl makeup hack is here, and it’s called tightlining. One of our favorite simple makeup tips, this technique consists of applying liner inside the lash line, on the waterline, for a subtle and chic effect that instantly brightens your eyes. Similar to the inner corner shimmer, this beauty effect can barely be noticed by others… yet somehow still takes your look from simple to striking in just a few minutes. You’ll need a flat eyeliner brush, which can be found in the Sculpt and Blend 2 set by BH Cosmetics, and black eyeliner pencil to get started with tightlining your eyes. Begin by looking into the mirror on your vanity and tilting your chin upwards, before lifting your upper eyelid with your finger to hold it in place. Next, take your black eyeliner pencil and gently trace your upper waterline. Move across the eyelid with your pencil, stopping before the inner corners for a more subdued effect. Or add a coat or two of mascara when you’re finished tightlining to be a bit dramatic. Tightlining is one of our favorite simple makeup tips to instantly lift your eyes and make them look bigger and more beautiful, and it’s easy to accomplish with the Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil by Essence.

Inner corner shimmer

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo by Fenty Beauty
Source: Fenty Beauty

A dab of shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes is quite possibly the most simple of all simple makeup looks, but undeniably powerful. It brings out the color of your eyes, helps you fake the awake look, and simply puts a little shimmer into your minimal makeup routine. And it takes literally 2 seconds to do… so there’s no excuse not to dip into your favorite highlighter each morning. Or glitter. Or sparkly eyeshadow. There’s no 5-step technique here, either. All you need to do is take your finger or makeup brush, scoop up a bit of sparkly powder, and press to the inner corners for an instant eye lift that enhances one of your best features. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo by Fenty Beauty is available in a range of shades to make your eyes sparkle, from the champagne shimmer in Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny to the gold glimmer from Trophy Wife.

Neon eyeliner

Vivid Brights Eyeliner by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Some of the best simple makeup looks give the illusion that you’re a risk taker with beauty, or put a ton of effort into your appearance. Little do they know that neon eyeliner only takes 5 minutes and a solid eyeliner pencil. Or liquid. Totally up to you. Swap out your typical black eyeliner for a vivid hue like green, purple, blue, or red, and get as creative with your eye effects as you desire. Whether you’re a cat eye enthusiast or just like to do a straight line across your upper lid before heading out the door, this pop of color makes a major difference in your simple makeup looks. You can even choose multiple shades, creating a double wing that definitely makes a statement, without being too OTT to wear at school or work. Vivid Brights Eyeliner by NYX Professional Makeup is available in a vivid spectrum of shades that lets you show your true colors when doing simple makeup looks.

Color Corrector

Under Eye Brightening Corrector by BECCA
Source: BECCA

Color corrector isn’t exactly a “look” per se, but it is one of the most underrated simple makeup tips that can completely transform your beauty. Some people don’t even know that this product exists, which is truly a tragedy… as it evens out your complexion, erases dark circles, and hides discoloration from the moment you blend it into your under eye area. Or cheeks. Or jawline. Applied before your concealer or foundation, a color corrector generally comes in a variety of hues, and works to camouflage a variety of skin issues. Green conceals redness, acne, and rosacea. Pink is for the fair-skinned individuals who deal with dark circles, while orange fixes eye bags for those with deeper complexions. And then there’s yellow, which can make even the most visible purple bruises and visible veins disappear under your concealer. Adding a little color corrector before your face makeup goes a long way in making you look brighter and much more awake, and will become your holy grail when doing simple makeup looks. Use the Under Eye Brightening Corrector by BECCA, which MIRA guests say is blendable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

Faux Freckles

Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

This simple makeup look is exactly what it sounds like. For those who weren’t blessed with adorable freckles around their nose, you can create them easily with your favorite brow products, preferably a pencil. However, you must be precise. Choosing a pencil that’s too light or too dark will look strange and unnatural on your complexion, and you’ll need a color that’s one or two shades deeper than your skin tone to achieve your most fabulous freckles. After you’ve applied your face makeup, grab a brow pencil and simply apply a few dots along your nose and cheek area. After you’ve placed them strategically, use your fingers to blend them out and blur them into your skin. Don’t skip this step, otherwise you’ll just end up with a bunch of chunky, unblended dots across your face. Not one of your best simple makeup looks. But when done correctly, a few faux freckles always looks cute and captivating on minimal makeup days. Try the Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil by BH Cosmetics, which 99% of MIRA guests love for its staying power and another 94% report is ultra-volumizing.

Use lash primer, and go to great lengths

Voluminous Lash Primer by L'Oreal
Source: L'Oreal

But first, lashes. A set of long and luxurious lashes is everything when doing simple makeup looks, and you don’t even need falsies to achieve them… just a lash primer. Wait, that exists? It certainly does, and this product gives you a major lash moment on the days you’re feeling lazy. Voluminous Lash Primer by L’Oreal is your mascara’s new best friend, conditioning every lash to lift them up and add volume to all your simple makeup looks. After you’ve curled your lashes, apply a swipe of this primer before your mascara to watch them go to great lengths and frame your eyes in a beautiful way. Lash primer is an underrated beauty product, and one of the best simple makeup tips you need in your routine.

Feathered brows

KUSH Clear Brow Gel by Milk Makeup
Source: Milk Makeup

Goodbye, influencer brows… hello to this feathery beauty that takes half the time and creates simple makeup looks like the models. Feathered brows are a runway favorite, and this trend encourages you to show off your natural arches as much as possible. Let them grow and become a bit feathery, resisting the urge to create the blocky, ultra-arched brows you’re used to seeing on Instagram. Now don’t get us wrong… you’re still allowed to trim them as needed, and lightly fill in your brows with a pencil or highlighter if you absolutely need to. But the overall vibe of this simple makeup look should be untamed in the most cool way, just like you. Don’t forget to apply the KUSH Clear Brow Gel by Milk Makeup to give your feathery brows a cool twist.

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner

Foil Eyes 2 Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

The best simple makeup tips appeal to all types of beauty enthusiasts, and this is definitely one of them. Using eyeshadow to line your eyes can be a major lifesaver on the days when you’re just dying for a pop of purple eyeliner, but don’t have one on hand. Or maybe you’re a black eyeliner girl for life, and just want to set your look to make it extra matte. You can always rely on eyeshadow. It’s an extremely simple process, as all you need to do is dip your angled eyeliner brush in water before placing it into your favorite shadow. This creates a thicker, creamy consistency that you can then sweep across your lid just like you would a liquid eyeliner… only much more long lasting and beautiful. Our suggestion? Invest in an affordable, versatile palette like the Foil Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics. It has all the colors you’ll need to try this simple makeup tip when you’re out of liquid eyeliner, or you’re just feeling adventurous.

Less is more. Shop more beauty products for your best simple makeup looks on MIRA BEAUTY.