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"right after usage, my face felt clean and soft"
- Bed Bath & Beyond User
"i just purchased this brush today and used it once and it made my skin so soft and smooth with the very first use"
- Kohl's User
Bad for sensitive skin

"...i bought this device and used it as explained but it ended up increasing my acne drastically..."

- Silkn User

"...when i have a lot of breakouts i sometimes wish i would have just bought something like the neutrogena light therapy acne mask so that i could treat my whole face at once, but i do..."

- Macy's User
acnebad for acne
"i think it only made my face break out even more because of irritation and the fact that the head of this treatment is not sanitary since you cannot take off the head to wash it after each use"
- Ulta User
"i constantly deal with my face breaking out and thought this would be a good acne treatment"
- Ulta User
"they are very very rough"
- Walmart User
"scratch up my face, they are nothing like the real ones"
- Walmart User