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Profile picture of Miriam Grace
Miriam Grace
CombinationCombination Skin
I’m interested in buying either a silk pillow case or silk hair wrap, one or the other due to the expense. What I’m hoping to achieve: less breakage in my hair. The pillow case additionally should help with my skincare. Does anyone have an opinion about a silk pillowcase vs. silk hair wrap? #silk #hair
Profile picture of Sara Hernandez
Sara Hernandez
CombinationCombination Skin
I get cheap silk pillow cases from Ross and it has helped my hair and skin (I have psoriasis)
Profile picture of Olivia
CombinationCombination Skin
Why am I (for the first time) breaking out on my cheeks and temples?? This isn’t where I normally break out :/ I don’t ever talk on the phone and I use silk pillowcases. I’ve been battling these new breakouts for a couple months now, have used everything and they’re not going away, SOS!
Profile picture of destinee h
destinee h
OilyOily Skin
i was just in the same boat! personally i started taking some biotin high in vitamin a for oiliness, washing my pillowcases/sheets often, limiting my dairy & sugar intake due to the location of my breakouts, and double checking my hydration levels. i still have breakouts and stuff bc i stress a lot but it’s much better due to these couple of simple things.
Profile picture of Kaitlyn Herron
Kaitlyn Herron
OilyOily Skin
I need some help! I’ve been struggling to find a good foundation. My pores are huge and I have combination but mostly oily skin. I have tried porefessional primer and tatcha silk canvas. It seems like nothing is working and my pores always show through or my foundation slides off. Anyone have any recommendations? #pores #oilyskin #foundation #primer #skincare
Profile picture of Anna-Lei Jones
Anna-Lei Jones
DryDry Skin
I would definitely recommend this product. It’s light weight ,medium coverage (but buildable) , And it hides my pores nicely!it’s not very expensive and a great formula for the price!