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African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask by SheaMoisture

African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

good for acne(236)
pore minimizing(94)
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my skin has been pretty rough and by using this once my skin has changed so quickly and it's never felt so soft

- Walmart User

i love this, makes my skin smooth and soft

- Walmart User


good for acne

less blemishes & no acne

- Ulta User

one of the best face masks i have ever tried left my face so smooth and definitely helped with my acne

- Walmart User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

now i use it every night and my skin is baby soft, 100% clear, my pores are minimized, natural redness is gone and my dark spots have slowly but surely disappeared

- Walmart User

love how it minimizes mh pores and actually dee clean my skin while hydrating it as well

- Walmart User


redness relief

most masks leave blotchy red marks on my face for days but this was so gentle and left me skin feeling clear and smooth

- Walmart User

i already had redness of my face and small acne pimple and clogged pores and i keep picking at it it made my face worst

- Walmart User



super gentle and non drying

- Walmart User

i have dry skin, and i love how this made my skin feel - not at all dried out, but still effective and left my skin feeling soft and refreshed

- Walmart User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

clear dark spots,even your skin tone and leave your face feeling like a baby bottom

- Walmart User

this face wash is nice and light and really does a great job of evening my skin tone

- Walmart User



while it moved around quite a bit on my skin, the end result after just one use left my skin soft and the red from my skin that i'm constantly graced with was dulled

- Walmart User

it evened out my complexion, and made my skin look more radiant and clear

- Walmart User



i love how gently yet effective this product is

- Walmart User

i have sensitive skin so when i use a face mask my skin gets red and irritated but this mud mask made my face feel smooth, soft, and didn't cause any irritation

- Walmart User
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walmart userJune 20, 2018

Worth the money !!!

My face was going through it for past two months , I went to a dermatologist and she prescribe me benzoyl peroxide gel which it made my skin burn and itchy (sensitive skin) . i already had redness of my face and small acne pimple and clogged pores and I keep picking at it it made my face worst. I have large pore on my nose but never on my cheek until I use a black peel off mask which it opened my cheeks pores I was devasted. I try this and i use it almost day bc I have oily skin . It makes my skin feel soft and clean. My pores are less noticeable and my skin clearing up !!! I also use garnier green tea moisturizer after cause I was peeling dead skin off and I also have dry skin....my face reacts to everything but so far so good!!

- walmart
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

So impressed with this line of products!

I'm 24 and have struggled with acne since my early teens. You name it, I've tried it. I have very sensitive skin, so most cleansers, creams, and retinoids wreak havoc on my skin. I recently tried a retinoid treatment because I was having awful breakouts that wouldn't go away, which was a mistake. My skin was so irritated, dry, and red it just made my acne 100x worse. Being so over all the harsh chemicals, I did some research on natural products for acne. I came across the African black soap line from SheaMoisture, so I thought why not? My skin already looked horrible, so if it didn't work I could just add it to the long list of other products. I bought this mask, the African black bar soap cleanser, and the matching toner. I've been using these products religiously for about a month now, and my skin has totally transformed!!!!!! It looks and feels amazing now, and has almost gotten rid of all my horrible acne. I have never been more pleased with a line of products than these. I use the bar of soap morning and night, the toner in the morning before my makeup, and I use the mask twice a week. If you're on the fence about trying these products, do it because they work and they're all natural! If you have sensitive skin like me, you will be amazed at how gentle these products are. My skin has never looked as good as it does now, and it's all thanks the SheaMoisture!

- ulta
walmart userMay 03, 2019

Best skin of my life

The smell is easy to get used to. After using this every other day I noticed glowy, clear skin in about two weeks. Now I use it every night and my skin is baby soft, 100% clear, my pores are minimized, natural redness is gone and my dark spots have slowly but surely disappeared! This stuff is absolutely magic. I want to stock up so I never run out! When applying I wash my face with my night cleanser and then mostly dry my face and apply the mask immediately. A little goes a long way but I try to build up the mask as much as possible in my “problem areas” (thanks to this mask I don't have problem areas anymore!) and then I wear it for 15 minutes and rinse. I have combination skin, people with sensitive skin should build up their tolerance to this mask because it can have a burning sensation after washing off. I don't recommend wearing it for more than 15 minutes because I don't have sensitive skin at all and I experienced burning when I'd wear it for 30 minutes. Overall it's absolutely worth the buy and I'd give it a shot for a month before saying “it doesn't work”. It is WELL worth the patience.

- walmart
walmart userApril 02, 2017


WOW. I am in awe of this product. I was a little hesitant to try it at first granted I have been using the same Neutrogena products (pink grapefruit acne scrub and the rapid clear spot corrector) for 5 years and had satisfactory results. So yes, I wasn't thrilled about changing up my skin care routine once I found something that worked quite well for me. However; I am so glad I tried this product! This is amazing for acne prone skin. I have very oily skin with a few dry patches here and there but I really disregard those and say I have just oily skin. This mask will save your pores! I incorporated it into my skin care routine. They package says use it once a week, but I use it like 3-4 times per week right before I shower. So I do the mask, shower and use my normal face wash, and then the spot corrector once my skin is dry. I am seriously considering ditching my neutrogena products all together and use the rest of the African black soap products! LOVE THIS PRODUCT

- walmart
walmart userMay 10, 2017

Too Harsh for Sensitive Skin

I'm a huge fan of masks wether they be sheets, peels or mud I've tried them all. I was super excited to try at the Shea Moisture mud mask seeing that the only other S.M. Product I've used (toner) was much too drying for my skin. Unfortunately, it was the same story for the mask. It left my skin dry, itchy and and rough. I definitely see how this product would be great for blemish-prone skin; it just didn't work for me seeing that my skin is also sensitive. This product was complimentary for me but I won't be buying it full price.

- walmart


Overall safe Ingredients

Butyrospermum Parkii Butterirritant
Behenyl Alcoholirritant
Salix Nigra Bark Extractirritant
Glyceryl Undecylenateirritant
Sodium Benzoateirritant
Sodium cocoateirritant

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Skin Care night✨ lately I’ve been so busy and everything has been so hectic, and my skin has really been showing it. But tonight once I got home I decided to take the time to treat myself a little bit and relax with a little skin care routine. I took my makeup off with my FaceHalo (as daily), then followed with the African Black Soap mud mask. I really needed that detox, and I think I forget how good this mask is sometimes. I left it on for about 25 minutes. Then I applied the eye brightening serum to my delicate eye area, used a hemp brightening serum not listed on areas that I didn’t put the eye serum and patted it in. My eyes still felt worn, so I used Kylie Skin eye cram under my eyes. I finished with a little bit of the Murad acne clearing serum on areas other than my eye area, and the hangover setting spray. My skin feels super refreshed and is glowing like it hasn’t in weeks, so I wanted to document what I did🙃. I also used a lash serum, I’m not sure if the one tagged is the right one but it seems like it. I have a travel size that was given to me.
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