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African Black Soap Bar Soap by SheaMoisture

African Black Soap Bar Soap

uneven skintone(15)
pore minimizing(30)

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good for acne

this black acne face soap is absolutely fantastic

- Sheamoisture User

i truest believe it has helped my chest and back acne unbelievably

- Sheamoisture User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

restore natural oils:balance natural skin oils to deliversan even toned, glowing complexion

- Sheamoisture User

another great tip for acne suffers is: after you wash your face with this soap, cut a lime (or lemon) and apply it all over your face (for exception of under eyes and nose area) it will help you banish dark spots overnight

- Target User


redness relief

its really helped tone down my breakouts and help reduce pain and redness associated with them

- Sheamoisture User

the package says it's great for reducing acne scars, and i definitely need help in that area

- Sheamoisture User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i have acne prone skin and i get blackheads and blemishes once in a while and once i washed my face a few days with this soap, my blemishes literally got extracted from my skin onto the surface and eventually the soap cleansed my entire face leaving zero blemishes

- Sheamoisture User

ive never had acne or too much trouble with pimples or blackheads

- Sheamoisture User



i would recommend this to anyone who wants clear and smooth skin

- Sheamoisture User

weirdly enough i also like it for my armpits, kinda weird but it really makes my skin nice and smooth and the scent is very light its almost unscented

- Sheamoisture User


good quality

#sheamositure products are known for their quality

- Sheamoisture User

its very affordable and good quality

- Sheamoisture User



i have super sensitive skin and i usually use another brand of gentle soap on my skin but i loved that this has little oatmeal exfoliants in the bar and it makes your skin super soft

- Sheamoisture User

i love the small and it helps clear my skin without irritation

- Sheamoisture User



the soap makes your face feel incredibly soft and hydrated

- Sheamoisture User

okay first let me explain my face is always super dry, very dry in winter so bad soap always worry me when it comes to my face

- Sheamoisture User



its doesnt strip your skin of all it's natural oils like most bar soaps do, it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and luminous

- Sheamoisture User

it takes away the redness and dullness from acne/eczema sooo amazing

- Sheamoisture User
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sheamoisture.com userMay 23, 2016


I read the reviews for Shea Moisture African Black Soap and was hesitant to believe all the glowing praises. Granted, there were maybe 1 or 2 one star reviews. I figured I've tried just about everything else, why not give this product a shot? First, a little background information. I've had acne since I entered puberty. Unfortunately, it never went away for me as it does for some people. So at 38, I was near my wits' end and decided that facial acne was something I'd have to accept and live with until death. Every few days there were new whiteheads or blackheads or red spots getting ready to form into a whitehead. Sometimes these little monsters would all come at once in groups! It seemed no matter the frequency of washing or product I used, the results were the same. More pimples...more embarrassment! Tomorrow, will be two weeks since I began using the SM African Black Soap. And....my face is SO MUCH CLEARER! My face is brighter and my skin tone seems to be evening out. I have had minimal new whiteheads...like maybe 1 to 5 small, shallow white heads that can be easily removed with a fingernail scrape (I know it is not a best practice for pimple removal). Compared to the groups of whiteheads (sometimes painful) I've experienced in the past 25 years, I will gladly take the few whiteheads that surfaced over the past 13 days. Quite honestly, SM African Black Soap has been a miracle worker for me. I wish I discovered this soap years ago! I strongly suggest this soap to anyone who has oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin, which is what I suffered with until recently. Before this soap, I envied people with clear healthy skin. I can now say that I'm well on my way to being one of those people I once envied. I have normal-looking, nearly acne-free skin. I can't wait to see what my face will look like after a month's time of usage. TRY IT!!!! Less

- sheamoisture.com
Target userDecember 22, 2016


Ok, where to start?. I NEVER write reviews. But since this soap helped me so much maybe it can help someone out there. I have combination skin, specifically a super oily t-zone and the rest super dry. The last months I have been suffering from big, red, inflammated acne, due to this I always pick on the pimples thinking that they will go away overnight, leaving me with ugly dark scars, and I end up spreading bacteria all over my face. I have gone to the dermatologist, I have tried their expensive face washes, but they seem to work at first then then over time they tried me out. Due to dryness my skin looks dead and patchy, with ugly acne scars. I have tried almost every over the counter product, nothing works. I have seen reviews about this soap, so I gave it a shot hoping that it would work, and it sure did! My forehead acne banished in about a week, or less I swear! My acne scars are slowly (but faster than creams) fading away, my patchyness is starting to fade making my skin look 1 color not 3. However, I decided to use the oxy acne fighting bacteria face wash, to kill all the bacteria before I used this soap, maybe it's not necessary but I have found this routine PERFECT. I usually ONLY USE the oxy face wash and the black soap before I go to sleep, because it is a bit drying (but in a different way). So beware! Use sunscreen if you're using in the morning. And when I wake up I use a light face wash (cerave) just to wake up the skin. Another benefit that I saw, was the control of oil my face makes over the day, i still do have a slight t-zone but much better than before. Another GREAT TIP for acne suffers is: after you wash your face with this soap, cut a lime (or lemon) and apply it all over your face (for exception of under eyes and nose area) it will help you banish DARK spots overnight! Make sure to only do it overnight, because lime and the sun do not go well. I swear on my life that this will solve your acne. I was there 2, no product seemed to work. « less

- Target
vitaminshoppe.com userOctober 14, 2016

I don't use this phrase often but... holy grail

First off, I just wanted to say I have the most problematic skin ever. Eczema, cystic acne, rosacea, when it's at its worst and oily with large pores yet dehydrated and sensitive at its best. I'm only 22 yet I have pores the size of someone in their 30's or 40's and I have prematurely aging skin. Anyway, I have been using this product for about two weeks and I just have to say wow. I stopped using my Avené products and just stick to this. I hope they never stop making this stuff. My pores have significantly reduced somehow and my face is clearing up. I don't know how this is working better than anything else I've used but somehow it is and I'm thankful. I love that it has natural ingredients too. So far, I haven't had any breakouts even though my skin reacts to everything. I hope it continues this way, plan on repurchasing forever. Less

- vitaminshoppe.com
Target userJanuary 12, 2016

I love it!

I have sensitive skin, very very but very sensitive skin! I use this soap and my skin gets irritated with blumishing spots which is normal it's part of the process. My skin gets a rash easily on whatever I put on my skin. So if you are a person like me us a little bit of Vaseline it helps it go away! When I use this This soap is great for your head to toe! This soap cleared my face completely! My scarfs, pores, acne, inflammation, & discoloration are gone when I use this product. It's just a great product specially the size, ugh, it will last you! I use it in the morning and at night time. Whenever I feel dry because your skin naturally gets dry specially on the winter. I just use a little bit of Vaseline on my face just a small amount. The reason why I use Vaseline is because it's not a harmful product. Since I'm using something natural on my face I don't want to use a moisture that has chemicals and that can affect the process of what the magical Black African Soap is doing to my face. My sister Miya got me in to this product and now I have my boyfriend using this product. I so recommend it to everybody. Less

- Target
sheamoisture.com userMay 20, 2019

So I was really excited to try this even though I normally dont love bar soap. I have sensitive/ dry skin so I usually go for a moisturizing liquid soap. This bar smells like a cherry icee in a great way but as soon as I started washing with it in the shower my skin felt itchy and uncomfortable and used another soap to wash off the redefine which immediately helped. This is for more acne prone skin so maybe it works better for oilier skin types but this soap is not for me. 

- sheamoisture.com


Overall safe Ingredients

vitamin Eacneirritant
Glyceryl caprylateirritant
Dimethyl sulfoneirritant
Glyceryl Undecylenateirritant
Spiraea Ulmaria Extractirritant
Salicylic Acidirritant
Sodium cocoateirritant
Butylene Glycolirritant

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