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PRO Foundation #47 by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

PRO Foundation #47


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sephora user
August 07, 2016

Seriously, best, brush, seriously

I have 2 holy grail products, and I don't even like using that term. The first one is the (now discontinued) Sephora brand Pore Perfecting Primer Spray, because it literally leaves your makeup looking airbrushed if you use it after you've applied foundation.. and the second one, is this brush. I for some reason do not get the best results with beauty blenders and beauty sponges. I use them the way you are directed to use them, but it just does not leave a natural blurred finish that I like. This brush does it all. It was created beautifully to blend the makeup on your skin to mimic a pro MUA who would apply your makeup flawlessly. It makes my pores invisible under foundation, where the blender/sponges would make it look just a tad cakey. It also spreads out the makeup, so you are using less product, therefore, saving money. When it spreads it out, you looks less cakey, and your makeup stays put. I have tried paddle brushes, beauty sponges, and multiple shaped brushes, and this is it. At minimum, just go to your sephora, and ask a beauty pro to let you play with one of their's, and pick up a foundation within the store and try it. Seriously, just try it. If you have a hard time with getting a perfect foundation application, and you want that blurred effect, this is it. And I have tried many many foundations, thinking it was the makeup. Its really true that the brush can make the difference. Try it and see for yourself. I'm glad I finally bought it...

Sephora user
July 21, 2017

So happy with my finish!

Iv went through tons and i mean TONS,of foundation brushes and i thought my cheapest one surprisingly,was HG(ELFs ultimate blending)solved my issues with the constant shedding. ..but nope! Anyway i ask my girls on MUA their HG foundation brush and almost EVERY one said "Sephora #47!" and that very night i ordered. I absolutely LOVE this brush! It's density it's shape to get the spaces in between and around hard to get areas and my fav thing ab this brush is it works Sooo great with my foundation STICKS! ALL my others left me greasy looking but this one spreads SO good i can dot 3 or 4 spots on my entire face and im fully covered bc it spreds THAT good and evenly! If you are like me and 2nd guessing,DONT,this is also perrrrfect for beginners to pros and you NEED it! lol'i sound like a salesman,but really-it really IS this great and i thank you Sephora once again for always delivering me the best if the best ❤ « less

sephora user
August 09, 2012


I never really used foundation brushes as my hands/fingers always worked just fine. I recently purchased this along with Bobbi Brown Skin foundation because I wanted to get more flawless and even application. I was originally going to buy the Bobbi Brown foundation brush but it was more expensive and the sales rep told me this one had better coverage because it was more dense. Unfortunately when I got home and tried it out, it left my face streaky. I tried several times with more or less foundation but the brush was too dense and the bristles made streaks all over that I had to use my fingers to blend in anyway. Maybe if the foundation was thicker it would work better but for me it wasn't worth it...will be returning.

Sephora user
June 9, 2016

a great liquid foundation brush

Let me start out by saying the whole Sephora Pro line is wonderful. I own several brushes from the line, both eye and face brushes, and they all are five-star, high quality, awesome brushes.This foundation brush is my favorite foundation brush I have tried. I wear a sheer to medium coverage liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer, and this brush applies and blends them both perfectly. No streaking or caking, just a natural, yet flawless, finish. This brush is easy to wash and air dries pretty fast. I haven't experienced any shedding from it yet, and I have had it for about two months and wash it weekly with makeup brush shampoo.

sephora user
June 18, 2013

Perfect for flawless liquid foundation application

I really like this brush. The slightly chiseled tip makes all the difference. It gives even coverage by blending without leaving striations, resulting in a flawless air-brushed look. High-quality - will definitely last a long time.

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Kayla Byrd
Kayla Byrd
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

for those who use the Fenty Foundation, how do you apply it? I have considered buying the foundation brush, but was curious if it applied the foundation better than a sponge. Thanks 😊

Profile picture of Veronica Baker
Veronica Baker
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

this is my fav brush to use for foundation because it gives a nice airbrush effect. a sponge will give you a lesser amount of coverage but i prefer using a wet sponge do matte foundations so it doesn’t dry while applying!