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Pro Crease Brush #19 by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Pro Crease Brush #19


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4.896% of 60reviewers recommend this product

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sephora user
March 17, 2020

excellent for the crease only

Personally I found that this brush is great for precisely apply shadows on the crease. It also blends the shadow on the crease so it does performs to its intended use. It will not work it’s best if you use it for blending out the lid or placing product on the brow bone. The brush has a nice weight to it and the bristles are very soft. It doesn’t shed. This brushes come in color coded boxes so you know what area of the face the brush was intended to use it on. The box comes with easy to follow instructions on how to use and care for this brush. I did enjoyed using it and thank you so much @TeamBIC for this #Gratis

sephora user
March 18, 2020

Beautiful blending crease brush

Love love love this crease blending brush! I think the length of the bristles are so perfect for blending in concentrated areas. I love it honestly it makes me look like a blending pro when I’m only just ehh lol the bristles are so soft and clean really easy to clean while still being able to hold shape and structure. The price is fair for the quality and I would recommend to anyone looking for a crease brush for blending or even just a good place to start for a brush in blending.

sephora user
March 21, 2020


Handle L: 5.75" Bristle L: 0.75" Brush W: 0.375" Material: 100% Synthetic fiber & "sustainably managed" Brush Head: Small, tapered diamond shamed, and pointedly fluffy brush. Durability: Handle is very well constructed and no shedding of bristles. It is constructed of three main parts; bristles, wooden handle, and joining piece that may be metal. This kind of design historically has had issues falling apart, however this one is very sturdy. Even when trying to wiggle it, it wouldn't budge. It seems like it will hold up well. Use: Great precise color placement in the crease area of the eye as well as slight blending. Cleaning: This brush was very easy to wash with liquid soap and a silicone scrub pad. It took 1 day for the brush to fully dry. The bristles completely retained their softness, shape, and fluffiness once dry. Price of comparable synthetic foundation brushes sold on sephora's website (not including new Sephora Collection): Range: 8-36 Mean: 25 Median: 24 Mode: 24 Opinion: I am OBSESSED with this brush. I have hooded eyes and I struggle daily with trying to place and blend out crease colors but due to the shape of this brush it is soooooo much easier now. I really can’t exaggerate enough how much I love this brush. I am definitely buying another one. This brush was gifted to me from Sephora so that I may have the opportunity to leave a honest review. While it was a free gift I reviewed it as if I had paid full price.

sephora user
March 18, 2020

was just okay, could be fluffier

If you are looking for a fluffy crease brush this will not be for you. It’s more on the dense side which works great for packing on a dark color in the outer corner of the eyelid and blending it out with another brush. Or just using one color to blend out harsh lines on the lid. Since It is tapered you really get into the crease/eyelid fold. I don’t know if this would be the brush to use to transition from light to a darker shade color as I feel it’s not soft enough and it could pack on too much color at once if you are not careful and be a pain to blend out. It felt stiff compared to other crease brushes I own and I also couldn’t get the chemical smell out after washing it.

sephora user
March 19, 2020

Nicely shaped crease brush

I'm extremely happy with the PRO Crease #19. The tapered shape allows for very precise application along the crease and also the outer v area. I'm also impressed with the quality. The bristles are so very soft and the brush doesn't shed at all, even when washing it. If you're in a big hurry in the morning, this brush is such a time saver.

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