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Pro Blush Brush #96 by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Pro Blush Brush #96


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sephora user
March 19, 2020

Of the set of ten I tried, this one surprised me the most. I use a natural hair (gray squirrel) cheek brush normally, which I love for the very sheer amount of product it applies. My expectations were pretty grounded, as I am partial to natural hair. It was such a lovely surprise to find the Pro Blush 96 gave my skin a soft flush with little effort. I found myself beginning to reach for this more and more often, as it consistently gave me great results. The taper of the bristles is somewhat steeply-domed, which I think lends to such a natural finish. For someone who is committed to vegan brushes and favors a soft ‘look,’ this is an excellent choice.

sephora user
March 17, 2020

very soft brush!!!

Amazed by how soft this brush is!!!! Love the fact that these new brushes come with color coded packaging so you know what area of the face and for what purpose the brush was made and designed for. Each box comes with easy to read instructions and details about the brush. Love that. The magenta color belongs to the face category. I LOVED this brush!!!! It was so easy to use and the application of blush on my skin looked flawless. It was easy to lay the product and blend it on my checks without it looking harsh and without looking like Anabelle the doll.y blush looked so soft and it blended to perfection. The brush has a nice weight and the handle is long enough that you can grab it when you want to. The bristles were so so so soft that I kept on applying brush just to feel it on my face. I received this #Gratis from @TeamBIC

sephora user
March 19, 2020

My Favorite Blush Brush

This is my favorite blush brush for a few reasons. The shape is a little different than all my other blush brushes. It is not just a round ball like brush, it is cut in a tapered way so that it has somewhat of a point in the center. What I love it about is that it covers just enough area where your blush belongs and doesn't apply it too heavy in any one area. I used it with my Lancome compact blush and it picked up just enough and applied perfectly to my cheeks. I also found this worked equally as well with bronzer because you can get it right up to your hair line around your face due to the shape of the brush. There was no shedding of bristles after using it many times and many washes. Just like the rest of the brushes in the Sephora Pro Collection, the bristles are extremely soft and each brush is labeled with it's number and what it is for, this one is the Pro Blush 96. I received this brush free from Sephora in exchange for my honest opinion.

sephora user
March 19, 2020

AMAZING for under eye setting and soft blush

Handle L: 6.25" Bristle L: 1.5" Brush W: 1.5" Brush D: 1" Material: 100% Synthetic fiber & "sustainably managed" wood Brush Head: Incredibly soft. Tapered diamond shaped bristles that are thin and fluffy at top but build in density closer to the brush handle. Durability: Handle is very well constructed and no shedding of bristles. It is constructed of three main parts; bristles, wooden handle, and joining piece that may be metal. This kind of design historically has had issues falling apart, however this one is very sturdy. Even when trying to wiggle it, it wouldn't budge. It seems like it will hold up well. Use: Great for blush if you are a fan of large soft blushy look. I love using it to set my under eye area. The tapered diamond shape of the brush fits exactly in the under eye area. Due to the density of the bristles it also works great to buff out other face products. Cleaning: This brush was very easy to wash with liquid soap in the palm of my hand. I would recommend rinsing more than you think is necessary just like any other loose powder brush as they like to retain soap. It took 1.5 to 2 days for the brush to fully dry. The bristles completely retained their softness, shape, and fluffiness once dry. Price of comparable synthetic foundation brushes sold on sephora's website (not including new Sephora Collection): Range: 20-78 Mean: 42 Median: 35 Mode: 32 Opinion: I absolutely love this brush. It has many uses and it does all of them expertly. I would absolutely repurchase this brush. This brush was gifted to me from Sephora so that I may have the opportunity to leave a honest review. While it was a free gift I reviewed it as if I had paid full price.

sephora user
March 24, 2020

was not really loving this for all over face brush but more as under the eyes setting there brush i felt like it was too dense to apply powder all over the face