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Microsmooth Baked Blush Duo by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Microsmooth Baked Blush Duo

staying power(79)
pigmentation: pigmented

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blends well

this blush is seriously amazing, i use rose emotion and it gives nice pink-y glow, it's super blendable and ends up looking very very natural

- Sephora User

these blushes are amazing super pigmented, blendable, and best of all buildable

- Sephora User

staying power


easy to apply and lasts all day

- Sephora User

a little on the brush goes a long way & lasts all day

- Sephora User



i love this blush, it stays fresh all day and it's very light weight

- Sephora User

it goes very nice and light on the skin and you can easily control intense of the color

- Sephora User



best pigmented blush

- Sephora User

they're really pigmented, apply effortlessly, and last around 10 hours for me (i do use ud setting spray)

- Sephora User
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sephora userJanuary 20, 2013

Smooth and Pigmented

I am so impressed by this blush. I usually dont dish out this sort of money for blushes, but it was well worth it. Texture is buttery smooth, pigmentation is fantastic, so I know this will last me a while. Blends really well on the skin and I love that it gives me a subtle glow on the cheeks for a luminizing effect. Will purchase another when I can!

- sephora
sephora userJanuary 08, 2013

Beautiful Blush

Aahhh, I just love it! I bought this blush in Fuchsia Flushed, and it's perfect for my very pale skin. I think it'd suit darker skin too, I'm just really pale and always like to go for a 'just walked in from the cold' cheeks look to give me a bit more colour! The pigment is really strong, so I just give it a little light dab, and it's really easy to build up to a more striking look. I love the luminous pearly sheen; the look is really bright and glowy, without the feeling that you've just covered your face in glitter. The best thing about this blush is that it's not too powdery, doesn't flake one bit, and stays bright all day. Such good value for 20 bucks! It will be a long time before I find better blush than this!

- sephora
sephora userApril 13, 2014


I've tried the Sephora Collection products with a varying degree of success. The Mircosmooth Baked Blush Duo in Mangobeam has been one of Sephora's products that's really wowed me and has become a staple for my everyday makeup. When I was first shopping for a blush my very first instinct was to look at some of the more higher priced lines. But the last blush I got from Nars was a big flop. Then I saw the Microsmooth Baked Duo Collection and I thought perfect! I'll be able to get a blush and a highlighter all in one! It was definitely well within my price range. In fact because I was able to save some money on blush I was able to buy some super cute nail polish for my spring look so I'm really happy. The blush and highlighter are both really smooth and creamy, I had absolutely no problems blending either of them out. Mangobeam is a very unique color, somewhere between an apricot mauve and a brown, but leaning more towards the red side and not quite as orange. The matte side is quite close in color to the shimmering side. I've been using the matte side as a blush and the shimmer side as a highlighter. The matte side is gorgeous, the color is quite flattering on me. I have very dark brown hair and brown eyes along with fair skin. I have red hyperpigmentation spots on my cheeks from photo sensitivity. The Mangobeam blends really well over my powder foundation and it doesn't accentuate my red cheeks. The Mangobeam gives me a nice, subtle flush that looks completely natural. The shimmer side of the Mangobeam duo is also high performing! I love using highlighters so having a side of the duo I could use as a highlighter is awesome. I'm happy with this multitasker in my makeup box. The shimmer isn't glittery or chunky, it's extremely smooth and easy to blend. The color works well with the blush but is definitely a different texture due to the shimmer. You could probably use the shimmer side as a blush but I prefer my blushes not to shine. As a highlighter it's excellent for daytime. Both sides of the duo are easy to apply. I've used my fingers, a fan brush and also a large powder brush and each time I was apply to apply both the blush and highlight quite easily. The results are quite natural looking, providing a healthy flush with a lovely, low key glow. I was extremely pleased with the Microsmooth Baked Blush Duo, so pleased I decided to try two other colors. I can't wait to try them, but I'll definitely still be using Mangobeam in my daily makeup routine.

- sephora
Sephora userJanuary 14, 2016

hidden gem!

Bought this after trying and returning Tartes Amazonian clay blush. That blush had practically no pigment, I had to roughly swipe my brush in the palette numerous times to get any color deposit and when I did, it blended horribly. This is a true hidden gem and so much better than other pricier alternatives. I like bright pink/rose colored blush for my medium beige skin; rose emotion is good, but very pigmented. I may go for one of the lighter ones next time. However, the lasting power and blend ability is VERY impressive. It stays on longer than other blushes from prestige brands (cough bare minerals and Tarte), is very blend able and not glittery with just the right amount of slight shimmer. I HIGHLY recommend trying this blush out. Sephoras own in house collection just keeps on getting better and better. Now, I'm always willing to try their products out and don't immediately jump to the pricier alternatives. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5820537086633805759-full" data-show="5820537086633805759-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
sephora userAugust 29, 2014

Disappointing color

Looking fir an everyday soft blush to work with cool fair skin and cool toned hair. Nice texture, very creamy powder, but color went orange immediately. Shame the salesperson couldn't take an extra minute to try it on me as it would have avoided my return trip. Or, maybe that's their new way of getting you back in the store .... Hmmm.

- sephora


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