Hot Line Brush Tip Liquid Liner by Sephora Collection

Hot Line Brush Tip Liquid Liner

Sephora Collection

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precise application
not smudging
luxury, vegan, cruelty-free

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precisionprecise application
"i've used gel liner for years but was really impressed by how precise the line is on this one"
- Sephora User
"absolutely love how precise this liner is"
- Sephora User
"also is truly waterproof, and stays on all day"
- Sephora User
"it's waterproof - which is amazing to use for a bridal party and its price point is unbeatable"
- Sephora User
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smudgingnot smudging
"amazing liner that doesn’t smudge"
- Sephora User
"also, it stays put throughout the day and doesn't smudge"
- Sephora User
staying powerlonglasting
"best of all, it stays in place all day long"
- Sephora User
"it lasts all day and feels comfortable"
- Sephora User


Sephora User
Waterproof, precise application, longlasting
I tend to be very particular when it comes to my black liquid liner pens. I like flexible yet stiff felt tips and I enjoy a liquid that dries matte. Having used other SC liquid liners that I didn't care for, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The tip is amazing, I experimented with 4 different precise lines and dots and was able to achieve each look without dry out or issues. I usually grab for Stila "Stay All Day" waterproof liner but I'm now happy to reach for a cheaper alternative that delivers the same results, if not better! Product was gifted to my to try but my review is truthful and authentic and I truthfully stand behind this statement :)
Sephora User
Precise application, not smudging, waterproof
The brush is astonishingly precise. I tried it 3 times now and the tip still is precise (I even hit it on the cap once and it got back to it previous form). It's really waterproof (I draw it on my hand before going to swim for 1 hour in a public pool (I forgot to take it off) and it was still there, not as much intense but still there, no smudging. It's not rub proof, I do sometimes rub the inner parts of my eyes and it was gone in those spots after a day of wearing it but all liners do that on me, even Marc Jacob's. It's not matte but it never claimed to be but it's not too wet looking either. I would say it's between both. I will update my review if the tip goes bad earlier than expected but I don't think it will honestly. It seems pretty resistant (in a good way). And, it doesn't leak! That was the best part!
Sephora User
Smudging, not longlasting
I had problems with this eyeliner. One eyelid the color would stay on and the other eyelid the color smudges off. No matter how many days I tried it was the same - not sure if it is due to me placing the eyeliner on top of my eye shadow and above my falsies when I wear them but the color would not stay on one eyelid. Other than that the color was dark when you kept on going over the line. Great packaging though and pen tip.

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