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Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set


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sephora user
January 12, 2014

High quality tools

I received one of these brush sets as a birthday gift back in 2011. The only difference between my set and the current one is the handle color, my brush handles are all red. For the price of these seven brushes, you might only get two brushes elsewhere if you buy them individually. The brushes are of excellent quality! I want to point out that the bristles are synthetic but very soft, with the exception of the brow brush which has firm bristles for the purpose it serves. My only complaint about this set is the brow/lash brush duo. A little over one year after getting the set, the entire brush head popped off the handle while I wash washing the lash comb. I guess the handle hadn't been glued on properly. Other than that incident all my other brushes are still in great condition. Overall, this set is a great starter brush kit for anyone who is a makeup beginner or anyone who likes to keep their makeup routine simple by using minimal brushes.

sephora user
April 07, 2013

Wouldn't Recommend

I bought these brushes mainly because I saw they were antibacterial and I'm a big germaphobe. However, when I recieved the brushes, I was a little disappointed. The case it comes in, overall, looks very cheap. The main thing about this kit that I'm so unhappy with is that the foundation brush is ridiculously small. My roommate was convinced that it was a concealer brush until I showed her the printing on the brush that said that it was indeed a foundation brush. 2 of the brushes I didn't even see a use for...the small eyeshadow and the brow/lash comb. I wish that instead of including these, a blush brush was included because that seems way more important than another eyeshadow brush. I ended up returning these and got a nicer quality brush set that included more brushes for a cheaper price from somewhere else.

sephora user
March 22, 2010

This is an awesome brush set, and perfect for travel. We're on a trip at a beach resort. Not knowing what to expect in advance, except knowing that we'd be getting dressed up at night, and involved in a lot of beach activities during the day, this seemed like the perfect brush set to take along. I knew I'd be changing make up a lot. I wanted this set specifically because the brushes are anti-bacterial and because they're packed in a travel case specifically for them. It's a great set of seven high quality brushes. The neat thing about this anti-bacterial brushes, is that unlike some other anti-bacterial brushes which use chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, these brushes are also hypo-allergenic, so they should be good for everyone. This set includes a great powder brush, an eye shadow brush that angled, so it's perfect also for contouring, an eye blender brush which is great for shadow, a brush that can be used for either as a liner for lips or eyes (but please don't use it for both without cleaning it well), and a brow brush/lash comb combo. There's also a foundation brush. It also comes in a great case, which folds up to protect my brushes. My brushes stay right in place no matter if my suitcase ends up sideways or upside down, once it's in the hands of the airlines. The first time I traveled with make up brushes, years ago, I packed them in a brush case similar to a pencil case. I didn't realize that a more specialized case would protect the brushes better. Some of those brushes in the brush case (pencil case) became crushed and the bristles deformed from laying on top of each other, while a couple, which apparently ended up upended when the luggage was stored in the baggage compartment of the plane, fanned out and wouldn't revert back to their original shape. I couldn't use them again. Since then, I've always protected my brushes by storing them in an appropriate brush case. Spending a little more on a set like this saves over the life of the brush. In this specific situation, however, this set is a great value, with an excellent protective case and the seven brushes all for $60. You can't beat that price. The brushes, in addition to being hypo-allergenic, and antibacterial, are also top notch make up brushes. Although this set is, in part, made for travel, this is really the only set of brushes anyone needs for regular everyday makeup application. You can add an occasional brush here and there to build up your brush collection as needed, but this set has all the basics you need. In addition, this is a really healthy set of brushes to travel with. Many people are concerned about bacteria lurking in strange hotel/resort rooms, since nobody knows how well the rooms are cleaned in advance and kept clean during a hotel stay. I was also somewhat concerned because I was told to expect very humid hot conditions which is the ideal environment for bacteria growth. (Fortunately, it hasn't been as hot or humid as anticipated). I want to do everything in my power not to let my brushes become contaminated with any germs. Even though I clean my brushes regularly, that doesn't automatically guarantee that bacteria won't talk hold on a brush. That's why taking this set of antibacterial brushes was important to me. (And before anyone assumes I'm overreacting, I know of people who have gotten fairly bad eye infections while on trips and one who ended up in the hospital twice while on vacation because of an eye problem contracted while on a trip). I'm really pleased with this set of brushes. The brushes have performed well and are top quality. You can't beat the price. Seven professional quality brushes with ideal bristles, and a great case suitable for home or travel. I highly recommend this set.

sephora user
September 12, 2017

You Never Forget Your First Brushes!

This was my first brush set EVER. I bought it back when it had orange coloured handles a couple of years ago. Guess what? They are as good as I first bought them. They have survived $1 eyeshadows, cleaning experiments, you name it, they have survived it. They have shed only two, max 4 hairs on SIX, yes, SIX years. I have done entire looks using just this set. It is perfect for absolutely anyone, but I specially recommend it to people that are just starting to use brushes. For almost $9 per brush, this covers all the basic and the quality is simply amazing.

sephora user
April 07, 2010

great set

This is a really beautiful brush set. The brushes I use the most are the powder brush (I use it with mineral foundation because I find most kabuki brushes too scratchy), the concealer brush, and the eyelash comb. They all work great and are really soft and gentle. I'm not sure when and if the antibacterial properties wear off, but it's not a big deal to me -- I wash my brushes with baby body wash once a week and blowdry on cool. I've being doing this since I first bought them over 4 months ago, and they still look like brand new! I'm not much of a brush junkie (I don't own many others) so unfortunately I can't compare with other lines. As far as I'm concerned though, these are great quality brushes, and worth the $60 if it includes all the brushes you'll need. My only (minor) gripe is that I wish it included a slightly stiffer eyeshadow brush, since I don't use the blender much.

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