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Bumble And Bumble Thickening Creme Contour

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it gives my hair a light-weight hold that keeps my hair styled throughout the day

- Bumble And Bumble User

it's light weight and smells nice

- Sephora User
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Sephora userApril 3, 2013

Not for my long fine hair

This did not help give my hair thickening or volume at all. Actually, it made my hair feel dirty and greasy and weighed it down! I have a lot of hair that is long, but the hair itself is fine. I was really hoping that this would work better after reading the first couple of reviews, but it failed to give me any sort of volume or thickness. If you have really short hair and want to achieve the dirty hair look, then this is for you. Otherwise, I do not recommend this product.

Sephora userSeptember 22, 2016

Great for Thick Hair!

This was a recommendation from a Sephora associate. I needed something to help my long, thick, heavy hair hold a curl better. It has a little wave to it naturally, but it's so long and heavy that it wasn't curling well anymore. This is a great product for adding texture and hold for curling and updos! It smells nice as well, and you don't need to use much to get good hold. It feels a little tacky when you put it in your hair, but once you add heat and get it curled, it looks and feels fine, not crunchy. I like it!

Boots.com userNovember 2, 2013

Smells divine and Works like a dream.

This thickening creme is a dream to use! The cream itself isn't as thick as I thought it would be and blends into a lighter creme between your finger tips then literally rub into your roots for lift. The creme can be 're-activated' if you feel the boost your hair has been given is dipping by literally rubbing to bounce hair back up. The product doesn't leave hair gunked up and neither does it make your roots greasy. I found this product worked great for me and I reckon the jar will last a very long time as only a small amount of creme is used. It certainly make my hair feel and look thicker. Well done Bumble and Bumble!!

Sephora userApril 1, 2016

Totally awesome!

I have tried at least a dozen texturizing sprays and every single one, without exception, has been incredibly sticky. They left a strange coating on my hair and weighed it down. So I posted a question on makeupalley asking for recommendations for a product that would give me that piece-y separation of my layers that's so on trend right now. I got several recommendations for Creme Contour so I went to the Bumble and Bumble website and posted a photo of the style I'm trying to achieve and the SA said that this product would be perfect for the look I want. So I bought Creme Contour at my local Sephora and I really love it. It gives my hair some nice volume and delivers the piece-y-ness I've been looking for. It also gives my hair incredible shape and some light hold and my style lasts for several days when I use it. It also has a thickening effect and makes my hair look a lot fuller. It only takes about a dime size dollop for my shoulder length hair, which means this jar will last for months. I warm the product in my hands and scrunch it into my hair. However, you'll want to use a little bit every day so don't use much at first. I use a tiny amount on the 2nd and 3rd day to revive and refresh my style. If you use too much initially, subsequent applications will make your hair look dirty. This product also adds some nice shine. I really like everything about it. It gives my hair the exact look I'm going for without the slightest hint of stickiness. I highly recommend it for all hair types. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

Sephora userApril 10, 2014

Love this product!

I have a graduated bob haircut, with choppy bangs. And this product has made all the difference. It really defines the style, without making my hair looking greasy. And it lasts all day. I have tried many other products that claim to do the same, but this is the best. While the price might seem a bit high, it lasts a very long time. A little really does go a long way. I would highly recommend this product.

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