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Good for oily skin

"...it's amazing, i have dry/oily skin & it worked perfect..."

- Ulta User

"...this is the best face mask i've ever used, on my combo/oily skin that gets random breakouts..."

- Ulta User
uneven skintoneevens out skin
"used it before bed, rubbed the extra in, and noticed my skin felt very smooth and clean and moisturized the next morning, and my very uneven skin looked brighter and more even"
- Ulta User
"this is one of the best sheet masks i've used, its great for reducing my breakouts and brightening/evening skintone"
- Ulta User
Bad for combination skin

"...i have combination skin with little to no blemishes and barely any discoloration but this broke me out terribly..."

- Sokoglam User

"...the foundation sits well on my oily combination skin & the colour is not too grey (unlike the missha bb cream)..."

- Yesstyle User
color accuracydoesn't oxidize
"it oxidizes well with the skin, so the initial whiteness goes away and blends in with the skin very well"
- Yesstyle User
"the grey tone actually oxidizes and blends beautifully with your skin"
- Yesstyle User

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Naomi Skeer
sensitiveSensitive Skin

What setting spray is a must-have?? I’m struggling with finding the right setting spray. I’ve tried MAC, Elf, Maybelline, Colourpop, and Wet n Wild and I don’t like anyyyy of them. Helppp

Melissa Vickers
combinationCombination Skin
Nyx-matte finish setting spray they have , matte and dewy as well both by nyx. you can get them at Walgreens or online on Amazon for cheaper and in a bigger bottle just a little tip hee hee😉☺️✨ I’ve only tried the matte setting spray I have not tried the dewy kind but I’m sure it works just as well the matte one does. It’s amazing my make up stays in place all day love love love this product!!!!

Matte Setting Spray

NYX Professional Makeup
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Marlene Donohue
oilyOily Skin

Thoughts?? Have any of you guys tried the wet n wild photo focus foundation? What are your opinions on it?Thank you!

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combinationCombination Skin

I use the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and I really want to upgrade it to something better because it creases so bad and makes my skin look.. bleh 😖. Y’know?? I would like to find a foundation that is cheap yet has some decent quality to it. That is smooth and doesn’t crease so terribly ✨ I will greatly appreciate any other cheap brand recommendation 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

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