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Good for sensitive skin

"...easy to apply applicator and no adverse reaction as yet, after a week of using on hand..."

- Boots User
rednessredness relief
"used in conjunction with the eucerin even brighter concentrate, this is the best product i have found for reducing the appearance of pigmentation, caused by too much sun bathing in the past"
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"unlike some products that profess efficacy eucerin rapidly reduces hyperpigmentation areas and has even reduced redness overnight"
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Katie Wildrick
combinationCombination Skin

I recently discovered this app and am super excited to have others to share my makeup question and concerns with! So excited, actually, that I’ve already asked 2 questions today andddd I have so many more but one I would like some information and insight on is tinting my eyebrows! I’m wanting to grow my brows out but I can’t go without filling them in. I want a fuller, sharper look my eyebrows are just too thin to satisfy me with right now. I went to my local Walmart looking for henna that’s made to tint lashes and eyebrows...I couldn’t find it. I know they sell it but is there anywhere else I could look and does anyone have anything thoughts or opinions on it? I’m not bad at filling them in, but I’m about to be a mama and just don’t have the patience or time to fill them in every day. Nor do I want to and I definitely don’t want to try microblading... helpppp

Chelsea Lynn
combinationCombination Skin
I recommend the Godefroy Tint kit, you can find it in amazon. It has no smell and no ammonia, I use the dark brown to tint my eyebrows and I don’t have to worry about being super precise when I use it because it doesn’t dye your skin like regular hair dye or beard dye kits. It only leaves a slight discoloration that comes off almost immediately if not with a second wash.

Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color Kit

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Gabrielle Rose
combinationCombination Skin

I couldn’t find a tag for it, but I love this gloss! It’s 1$ at Miss A. If you haven’t heard of miss a it’s basically a dollar store for makeup! This is my absolute favorite gloss it’s the Amuse Diamond Gloss in “Barbie” it’s a sheer glitter gloss but doesn’t have a heavy sparkle to it, the shimmer makes your lips look wet! And it’s not sticky at all! It glides smoothly for 1$. They also have colors to support darker skin tones to! You can order this online or find a local miss a!

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Z Jay
combinationCombination Skin

They are finally in a local PLACE! I’ve been an affiliate with Beauty Bakerie for almost a year and had been a follower of the company. If you have not gotten the opportunity to check them out please do! I had two review on my YouTube channel but one was taken down because of copyright issues. Whoops! I can say they create the most stunning packaging, the quality is great, and the claims they make are 98% true the 2% is the ease of using certain products where if you don’t read the descriptions it may not work out for you. Oh aand the place is ULTA! So happy I don’t have to drive to Chicago to Riley Rose! They also are launching some new goodies for the fall season.

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