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Good for mature skin

"...roc max resurfacing anti-aging facial cleanser dried my face a little bit but some face cream helped with that and my face felt very soft and clean, i haven't been using it long en..."

- Walmart User

"...i'm 45 so am dealing with fine lines/wrinkles so i need an exfoliant to help regenerate cells and this is my fave so far..."

- Ulta User
"roc deep wrinkle has been the best facial product i have ever used"
- Ebay User
"paired with the roc eye cream, i feel like i have seen a noticeable difference in my fine lines"
- Target User
Good for dry skin

" dry skin absorbs this like the desert absorbs water, and it keeps my skin supple, moist, and the best part: glowing..."

- Nordstrom User

"...ever since using this, my other products feel so amazing on the skin, my rosacea has calmed, and my dry skin has been transformed..."

- Sephora User
rednessredness relief
"it feels smooth and resurfaced every day, the tone is completely even, i have seen reduced redness (very sensitive skin), and it even has a slight brightening effect"
- Sephora User
"it looks like the redness has calmed and like another person i noticed my pores look smaller"
- Sephora User
Good for sensitive skin

"...i have sensitive skin which tends to be a little dry in the winter and this cream exfoliates very well without upsetting my skin in any way..."

- Nordstrom User

"...recommend this one scrub for sensitive skins and for any other type..."

- Nordstrom User
"i’ve been a sisley fan for a number of years and this gentle facial buffing cream has been one of my fav’s, it’s great for my combo skin and with the new formula it’s even better, i love it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it"
- Spacenk User
"this buffering cream is very gentle and effective"
- Saksfifthavenue User
Good for combination skin

"...i've used this product for a year now, and my 40 year old combination skin is the smoothest and clearest it's ever been..."

- Lookfantastic User

"...perfect for my combination skin as it really cleans deep down without drying out the skin..."

- Mankind User
"great product, i use it as a second, treatment, cleanser every evening and it has transformed my complexion, leaves skin smooth and not tight, recommended"
- Treatyourskin User
"my skin is smoother and any acne scarring/marks i had have now disappeared and my complexion appears more even"
- Debenhams User
Good for oily skin

"...i would not recommend this for someone with oily skin but if you have dry and/or sensitive skin like me its the perfect cleanser..."

- Nordstrom User

"...had issues for years with oily skin and someone suggested switching my cleanser/toner to alcohol free and my skin has never looked better..."

- House Of Fraser User
"best non drying cleanser"
- Bloomingdale's User
"it's non-drying and non-greasy, though it leaves a nice light serum-like residue (though i don't like that word), but it absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft"
- Nordstrom User