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Good for sensitive skin

"...i have tried many cleansers for adult acne treatments, but this one is definitely the best hands down..."

- Kate Somerville User

"...i have used many acne products over the years, and this cleanser is the best i have ever used..."

- Kate Somerville User
acnegood for acne
"i am now using the whole acne collection and my skin looks great thank you kate"
- Kate Somerville User
"i have combination, acne-prone skin and this stuff clears off my makeup and leaves my skin looking fresher and keeps blemishes at bay"
- Sephora User
Good for oily skin

"...i feel this product was targeted especially for me and my combination/oily skin to treat my blackheads and blemishes so they will disappear in a timely manner..."

- Birchbox User

"...i have really big pores and oily skin and this really helped make my skin softer and worked great on the pores..."

- Birchbox User
"i love how soft and gentle it is"
- Birchbox User
"i really liked how gentle this scrub was"
- Birchbox User

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Ella Clavadetscher
combinationCombination Skin

FOURTH RAY BEAUTY. What do we think? I’m looking at their good mood moisturizer, after hours detox oil, rainfall serum, and glisten up vitamin C mist. Any reviews of these/other products/ the brand in general? #newskincare

combinationCombination Skin
I’ve used the after hours detox oil and the rainfall serum! I love the detox oil for when I’m having a break out, moisturizing but helps calm my break outs. The rainfall serum is lovely! Super hydrating and plumping, I like to used a water based facial mist after for the hyaluronic acid to bring into the skin! I live fourth rays products. I also like their soak it up mask and their face milks!

Strawberry Face Milk

Fourth Ray Beauty
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Madeline Hayes
oilyOily Skin

Skin Care night✨ lately I’ve been so busy and everything has been so hectic, and my skin has really been showing it. But tonight once I got home I decided to take the time to treat myself a little bit and relax with a little skin care routine. I took my makeup off with my FaceHalo (as daily), then followed with the African Black Soap mud mask. I really needed that detox, and I think I forget how good this mask is sometimes. I left it on for about 25 minutes. Then I applied the eye brightening serum to my delicate eye area, used a hemp brightening serum not listed on areas that I didn’t put the eye serum and patted it in. My eyes still felt worn, so I used Kylie Skin eye cram under my eyes. I finished with a little bit of the Murad acne clearing serum on areas other than my eye area, and the hangover setting spray. My skin feels super refreshed and is glowing like it hasn’t in weeks, so I wanted to document what I did🙃. I also used a lash serum, I’m not sure if the one tagged is the right one but it seems like it. I have a travel size that was given to me.

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