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chapped lipshydrates lips
"amazing formula, non drying on the lips"
- EstéE Lauder User
"my lips are moisturized and plump"
- Esteelauder User
staying powerlonglasting
"it's exceeded my expectations in that it has nice longevity; it stays put and like the description says, the prisms in it reflect light in a lovely and flattering way"
- Nordstrom User
"it's creamy, long lasting, the colors are beautiful, and the packaging is elegant"
- EstéE Lauder User
staying powerlonglasting
"price is great on a product that beats the high priced items, i use ysl lipstick (not cheap) but this liner is better and stays on longer than most big names alternatives"
- Ulta User
"this is a great, long lasting lip liner that's very easy to apply"
- Ulta User

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Kelly Ashe
dryDry Skin

hi guys so i want to know opinions on lip liners!! i dont wear lipstick or liquid lips, but i do wear a tinted lip balm by milk makeup & sometimes a clear gloss. any opinions or tips??? ALSO: what are good lip liners?

Samantha Black
dryDry Skin
I really like the bite lip lab liners. They are thin and can be found in the exact shape as your lipstick.

The Lip Pencil

BITE Beauty
10 replies
Nicolette Goetz
dryDry Skin

Trying to get into lip liner! Any recs for a good every day color from the drugstore? #lipliner #drugstore #lookingfor

5 replies
Bethany Zarcone
combinationCombination Skin

Lips 💋 What do you guys think about lip liner ? Is it necessary for everyone ? Or simply depends on the look and the lip ?! I’ve personally never used it 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 replies
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