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if you have normal / combination skin and find this is too heavy for your every day moisturiser as it is for me then this is perfect as your night cream, a little goes along way

- Nk User

i love this light balm, it’s perfect for my combination skin

- Spacenk User



texture is light and easily absorbed by the skin - the effect was almost immediate, my skin felt comfortable and hydrated, soothed and calm

- Nk User

feels very moisturising and luxurious on the skin, i apply in the morning before getting in the shower and then once i'm out and look in the mirror my skins feels clean, smooth and hydrated, none of that tight dry feeling you can get with cleansers

- Spacenk User



i love the mild scent, how gentle it is (doesn’t sting eyes), and that it emulsifies to rinse cleanly away

- Spacenk User

it's very soothing and gentle and makes short work of removing all eye make upone bottle lasts about 3 months so well worth the moneyi'm sure it helps me look more radiant and improves my pores but i can't be sure

- Nk User



my face brightened and it helped even out my tone

- Ulta User

i love how plump and radiant my skin looked after using this moisturiser

- Beautyboutique User



the plumping effect was significant, fine lines diminished and an overall look of well-being

- Nk User

i have been using it as a night cream (i usually use charlotte tilbury magic cream) and have remarkably noticed that my fine lines are less noticeable in the mornings, it can only be this cream

- Nk User


redness relief

i have adult acne, and i liked it because it reduced my pore sizes

- Spacenk User

open pores are diminished and lines slightly reduced

- John Lewis User


bad for acne

i’d worry about this blocking up pores and causing break outs with long-term continued use

- Spacenk User

it only take a few applications to see a severe break out where my pores became blocked

- Spacenk User



i often find that more intensive moisturisers prove too heavy under foundation causing it to separate and slide

- Spacenk User

i completely understand this cream may be to heavy for my young skin however i gifted this to family members in their 50's and they had the same issues

- Spacenk User
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Heavy Price Tag for Cheap Ingredients

I am glad I only had a travel size pot of this cream. I completely understand this cream may be to heavy for my young skin however I gifted this to family members in their 50's and they had the same issues. I tried this cream once and it felt oily and greasy. It only take a few applications to see a severe break out where my pores became blocked. It was only then I looked up reviews to see that the ingredients were full of shea butter which often cause issues. I can't get over the price for this range. Bee Venom is the last ingredient on the list so the quantity must be minuscule. userNovember 21, 2016

Perfect for Combination Skin!!

I got this product because it was the only cleansing balm I could find with Salicylic Acid. I have combination skin and tend to get minor hormonal breakouts on my chin and between my eyebrows. Cleansing balms without any BHA's have done nothing to help with the occasional breakouts in the past thats why I was looking for one with Salicylic. The issue is if I use regular face wash with no oils the rest of my face dries out and gets flaky! This face wash is literally a miracle sent from heaven! It moisturizes the dry areas and fights any bumps I might have! Plus the Vitamin C helps brighten up the skin! I'm addicted and have been using daily for almost a year now and I won't be stoping any time soon! Also, you only need half a pump to get enough product to cover the face so despite the price tag you will have this for at least 4 months! In the end its cheaper than buys my previous face wash for $20 every month. Try this! You will love it! Less userSeptember 4, 2018

Good moistureriser for spot prone 50 year old skin

I use this moisturiser at night. I have adult acne, and I liked it because it reduced my pore sizes. As it is years since I have been comfortable using a moisturiser, I was delighted with the way that my skin glowed and it looked more plumped. I am on my third use of it - I was surprised the first time with how little moisturiser there is in such a large pot. I was assured by the staff in the shop that there was no harm to bees. userOctober 21, 2017

I would recommend this cleansing balm to most people. It suited my acne-prone, oily skin perfectly.It removed makeup thoroughly, did not irritate my eyes or skin, and had a brilliant consistency for skin massage.The 20ml size lasted me around 3 weeks of daily usage, so I would guess the full size would last around 4-6 months (I am generous with my product amounts) userApril 5, 2018

Very happy with this moisturiser

I received this as a sample, I have never used Rodial before and I am a skincare junkie, I love to try new items and how they work on my skin as it tends to be a mix of sensitive-dry-normal. I have been looking for a good moisturiser I use Creme de la Mer soft cream which does the job but I don't think it really has the anti aging technology behind it and I feel it is lagging behind as new skins care breakthroughs have been developed.I have in the meantime tried various skincare moisturisers but nothing that I ended up loving. So tried this sample, didn't have many expectations and was skeptical due to the high price tag.But, I used it and First of all its very hard to get the texture, fragrance and how it feels on the skin right, this feels wonderful, it has the right texture which is quite rich but it melts away into the skin, it's very quenching and hydrating, my skin does not feel pulled after use which it does with some moisturisers. The fragrance is mild, pleasant but not heady or something that will give you a bad mouth feeling. I have been using this for about 4-5 days now and I have noticed my skin as more radiant, clear, looks nourished and there's a certain glow and evenness in texture. It also feels so quenched. I use it day and just before I go to bed and I have to I am impressed with the results. I was told at Space NK that a brand SARAH CHAPMAN is superior to Rodial in every way as one product does it all. I have yet to try that before I make a purchase but the results of this Rodial moisturiser are definitely evident.Hope this helps and I will try the sample for a few more days and if it works then I am wiling to splash out £160. Less


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Cetyl Alcoholacneirritant
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
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